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    Kadikoy Properties for Sale | Istanbul Real Estate Market

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    Kadikoy properties, which are preferred the most with decent and high living standards in Asian side of Istanbul, is appreciating in value with an accelerating momentum. One you become a homeowner in Kadikoy, which is the living center of the Asian side, with its modern silhouette and central location, you’ll continue to enjoy life in the district of Istanbul with the highest return on investment.

    Kadikoy Properties | Luxury Life at the Center of Commercial Activities!


    Kadikoy is located in the most important region connecting the Asian and European continents with properties options suited to every budget. It is the most valuable region of Istanbul with its high-rise housing projects, luxury villa projects, coastal houses with Bosphorus view, as well as social activities. Although real estate is the most profitable investment tool in Kadikoy, it’s the pioneer of existing sector development in Turkey.

    Regions such as Atasehir, Fenerbahce, Caddebostan offer the form suited to everyone. The recent social transformation has increased commercial activities. It brings your living needs such as shopping malls, market areas, art centers, galleries, opera houses or education centers to your comfort area. Kadikoy properties have the largest share in the Turkish real estate sector and their value is increasing every day. Besides the rental income, it is one of the most advantageous regions to live in. It is also highly preferred due to its proximity to areas such as transport vehicles, ferry docks and many alternatives.

    As the supply increases, the value of housing projects and business centers rising in the region increases. With this alternating value increase, you can convert the value of your investment to earnings every day!

    Kadikoy Population Analysis | GENERAL EVALUATION


    While examining Kadikoy properties, a population analysis about Kadikoy should be made and the understanding of the municipality should be known. Because these data will reveal the current situation of the region where you will continue your life or carry out your commercial activities.The population of Kadikoy Municipality is 451,453 according to TUIK data. Its area is 25.09 km2. The average household size consists of 2.5 people. The average age of the people in the district is 42.3 years. The average education period is 10.9 years and university graduates account for 45% of the population.

    When the understanding of Kadikoy municipality is examined, in line with the principles of good governance, it is observed that practices such as representation, participation, fairness, transparency, accountability progress continuously. These features mean that the development of Kadikoy progresses rapidly in a rising line. Kadikoy also attracts people due to its clean and tidy streets in addition to its properties.

    Kadikoy Properties Guide | Where to Buy a House?


    Kadikoy is one of the fastest-growing towns of Istanbul and has entered the road of significant development due to large urban transformation activities, in addition to new housing projects and properties. They also lead Turkish real estate market. Every year, hundreds of locals and foreigners buy property for investment in this region.

    Apart from the urban transformation, social transformation has also occurred in Kadikoy. Social activities are constantly developing due to the strong local government. Kadikoy is known as the most important and strategic region connecting the continents of Europe and Asia. The first question asked by those investigating for Kadikoy properties is which region to choose. Kozyatagi, Bagdat Caddesi, Fenerbahce, Moda are the most remarkable regions.

    Kozyatagi | Business and Trade Center


    Kadikoy, which is one of the most valuable regions in the Turkish real estate sector, is a region where you can find many alternatives for properties, flats, apartments, luxury Bosphorus villas. If you have difficulty in choosing the most suitable one among Kadikoy properties, Projescope team will offer you the best choices with its wide portfolio!

    One of the living centers influenced by globalization is Kozyatagi. The most popular area in Kozyatagi, which is shown as a business area of Kadıköy, is Atasehir. Atasehir is known for its new rising luxury housing projects. Especially preferred by young people and white-collar employees, Atasehir has residential projects that offer options suited to any budget. It appreciates in value with shopping malls, markets, training centers, business centers, gyms and sports facilities surrounding the housing projects and social activities inside luxury housing areas.

    No need to worry about the cost of real estate , the Istanbul property market has property options suited to any budget. Kozyatagi has numerous alternatives for the most suitable options for your budget.

    Bagdat Caddesi | The Heart of Social Life


    Istanbul property market has advantageous opportunities for Turkish real estate sector, which is both appealing and puzzling. Projescope team will be with you to answer the questions in your mind so that you can relax! Turkish real estate sector is notable for properties that constantly appreciate in value. Buying property is continually preferred by foreigners as well as those who want to get citizenship. Bagdat Caddesi is one of the most preferred areas. If you want to live in the Kadikoy region and your social life is at the forefront, Bagdat Caddesi will be your keyword.

    If you give priority to being close to the coast, a vibrant social life, being close to parks or gardens while choosing among the properties of Kadikoy, Bagdat Street is exactly the right option for you! Given their rich streets and vibrant living spaces, Suadiye and Caddebostan, on the other hand, are shown as the favorite living centers for those who want to live a colorful life. The transport options you can find on Bagdat Street are another factor that will make your life easier and add value.

    Other favorite areas of Bagdat Caddesi are Kalamis, Goztepe and Erenkoy. The ever-increasing value and crowded streets of the housing projects built in these regions are one of the best alternatives for those who want to watch the lively and radiant life of Istanbul from their home. If you are looking for luxury Kadikoy properties, you should check out these areas.

    Fenerbahce | Luxury Kadikoy Properties


    Fenerbahce is a region where you can find the most valuable ones among Kadikoy properties. Flats, villas surrounded by restaurants, cafes, bars are of great importance for Istanbul property market. Fenerbahce means lighthouse.

    Fenerbahce, known as the living area of the upper class in Turkey, creates a significant competitive field with its ever-increasing value for real estate market. If you are looking for the most luxurious options in Istanbul property market, you can find the most suitable options for your living standards in

    Given the projects in which you can watch the unique sea view from the houses that are lined up on the coastline and orderly streets, Fenerbahce shines like a star in the real estate market research of Istanbul.

    Newly Rising Housing Projects in Kadikoy | Kadikoy Properties


    Given their quality of life, vibrant social life, long street with shopping centers on both sides, luxury housing projects located on the coast, Kadikoy properties appreciate in value every day.

    Choose your region and choose a property in Kadikoy among the projects that are suited to you the most. Finally, contact us and prepare for your new life, while the Projescope team is preparing the most appropriate portfolio for you! 

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