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    6 Need-to-Know Considerations: Buying House in Turkey

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    Changing laws with the increasing number of alternatives also bring to mind the question “what are the top things to considerations when buying a house”… The real estate sector is constantly undergoing transformation and development. Housing projects in the country, especially in Istanbul, are increasing day by day and thus affecting the sales of houses in Turkey.

    Location is Very Important for Buying House!


    One of the most important issues to considerations when buying a house is the place where the house is located. It will not be very useful for you to buy a house away from hospitals, schools and similar public buildings. The location of the house will affect your living standards at the same rate. Especially nowadays, it will be beneficial to take your house close to public transportation due to the development and popularity of public transportation option in metropolitan cities.

    Pay Attention to the Title Deed of the House!


    You should definitely check whether the house you are buying is registered in the land registry. Therefore, before buying the house, definitely ask the landlord for the title deed. Immediately afterwards check with the land registry office whether the residence is registered in the name of that respective person. Especially, do not buy any dwelling from a project where no construction servitude is established! Check the relevant construction servitude from the land registry and confirm the floor and number where the dwelling is located and check the same from the approved project.

    Do Not Buying House From Risky Areas!


    Always confirm whether the house you will buy is in a risky area within the scope of urban transformation. The building may be demolished shortly after you bought the house, upon being included within the scope of the urban transformation. If you buy a dwelling subject to urban transformation, even if the dwelling you buy is new, the relevant law will be applied within the scope of urban transformation and your house will be destroyed.

    Make Sure It is Earthquake Resistant!


    Confirm whether or not a ground survey of the property you plan to buy is carried out. The ground survey is very important as it determines the load rate the plot can bear in case of earthquake risk. Obtain a copy of the ground survey report from the related person or from the contractor!

    You Have the Right to Withdraw Within 14 Days!


    If you want to withdraw after buying the house, this is applicable under laws. Please note that people who bought a new house have the right to withdraw within 14 days. According to the “law on the protection of the consumer” that came into force on May 28, 2014, the right to withdraw from the contract has been determined as 14 days in housing agreements. You can benefit from the right of withdrawal within 14 days without paying any penalty.

    Learn The Net Size of The House!


    Real estate agents and brokerage firms usually tell the gross square meter area in order to make the house look larger, rather than the net square meters of the houses. The house you bought knowing its gross square meter area may not be the size you expect. For this reason, one of the most important things you should pay attention to before buying the house is to learn the net and gross square meter measurements of the house.