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    Basaksehir Housing Projects | Istanbul Real Estate Guide

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    Basaksehir housing projects offer the most suitable options for housing investment and comfortable living in Istanbul. Basaksehir district provides the most affordable housing options among Istanbul housing projects. It is a very valuable region and is constantly developing.

    You can review the region analysis and investment offers prepared by professional real estate consultants of Projescope here. Ask our consultants to our professional real estate consultants in order to get detailed information.

    We will contact you as soon as possible!

    Furthermore, you can get detailed information about the loan facility in Istanbul, special offers for your budget and personal payment options. Just take advantage of our free real estate consultancy.

    2021 Outstanding Basaksehir Housing Projects:


    10 outstanding Basaksehir housing projects in 2021:

    Tual Bahcekent Bahcesehir
    Basakkent Golet  (SOLD OUT)
    Park Mavera 3
    Park Mavera 4
    Seyran Sehir
    3. Istanbul
    Mavera Comfort
    Bahcekent Flora
    Inci Villalari
    Mavera Homes 


    2021 Current Basaksehir Regional Analysis


    Basaksehir housing projects have regional analysis and real estate index data. And it will be decisive when choosing the most ideal house for you!

    You can choose among hundreds of branded Basaksehir housing projects without losing time. You will be able to find the house that best suits your budget and living standards.

    Total Population               : 460.259
    Young Population             : 44.11%
    Middle-Aged Population : 49.75%
    Old Age Population           : 6.14%

    The population of women and men are equal in the Basaksehir district. You need to review the population analysis before taking a look at housing prices if you want to find the ideal house.

    Social life undergoes a great transformation in the rapidly developing regions. Consequently, it has a more dynamic atmosphere due to the density of the young population.

    Do you want to make a housing investment in Istanbul?

    Then, Basaksehir housing projects which are rapidly increasing in value will provide fantastic advantages thanks to the Basaksehir housing projects with rent guarantees.

    Basaksehir Location Characteristics


    Basaksehir housing projects with regional factors are one of the major factors affecting the value of the district in a positive way. Basaksehir stands out as one of the most valuable districts in Istanbul.

    In addition to the regional conditions and the location characteristics of Basaksehir, other main reasons for the increase in housing prices in recent years are the link and transportation routes which have been developed with mega projects.

    Basaksehir is a county differentiated from Kucukcekmece, Esenler, and Buyukcekmece districts, it has the characteristic of a mini-city.

    Basaksehir left Kucukcekemece in 2008 and became a district. In the rapidly developing region with branded Basaksehir housing projects, the social transformation is being carried out in the fastest way.

    Basaksehir is an important location for the Istanbul housing sector. Living standards are rapidly developing and a sectoral transformation is experienced in Basaksehir.

    Basaksehir which is one of the rapidly gaining value in Istanbul;

    Arnavutkoy is located in the North
    Eyup is located in the Northeast
    Esenler is located in the East
    Bagcilar, Kucukcekmece, Avcilar are located in the South
    Esenyurt is located in the West

    Basaksehir neighboring the districts of Istanbul that host the most valuable and mega projects provides important living spaces for home buyers. Also, it is a very important location if you want to increase your brand value with commercial units, offices, and workplaces included in branded Basaksehir housing projects.

    Basaksehir county has important regions such as Bahcesehir in the Istanbul real estate sector. You can have detailed information about the regions and Basaksehir housing projects through our sales consultants.

    Besides, you can visit houses by visual tours with the help of our professional real estate consultants. You can find the ideal house and ask our consultants about the housing prices.

    Get to Know Basaksehir!

    Basaksehir housing projects are needed to have preliminary information about the region and real estate index data. There are a total of 10 neighborhoods in Basaksehir which is one of the newest and most valuable regions of Istanbul.

    Neighborhoods with the fastest and highest increase in value in Basaksehir: Basak, Basaksehir, Kayabasi, Samlar, Guvercintepe

    2021 Basaksehir Real Estate Index


    Basaksehir housing projects are appreciated with increasing housing prices. The increasing housing prices will positively impact your budget with rapidly increasing housing values along with adding value to your life.

    There is a rapid value change in housing prices in Istanbul Basaksehir.

    Housing prices have rapidly increased in Basaksehir which is one of the regions in high demand recently. Rental guaranteed and budget-friendly Basaksehir housing projects will provide rapid returns.

    Basaksehir housing prices have experienced a rapid increase in value especially in 2020.

    According to Turkey price index data, Istanbul city has experienced a rapid increase in the price index data and the demand for housing has also increased. There are significant developments especially in Basaksehir and Bahcesehir which hosts mega projects.

    The demand for housing investment has increased with the rapid depletion of land stocks and moving life from metropolitans to the mini-cities.

    If we review the change in housing prices:

    Increased by 46.61% in 1 year
    Increased by 60.75% in 2 years
    Increased by 73.68% in 4 years

    Basaksehir Housing Projects Average Return Time: 24 Years
    2021 Average Housing Prices: 4.896 TL

    According to the real estate index data, the real estate sector stands out as an important tool for you to make a large profit with the increase in demand for housing investment in Istanbul.

    1-year return increased by 52.74%
    2-year return increased by 72.21%
    4-year return increased by 94.32%

    Basaksehir Transportation Vehicles and Link Roads


    Basaksehir housing projects provide the most suitable alternatives for your standards and budget in the easiest way. You can easily reach all parts of the city through TEM Highway where the most important link roads intersect and transportation vehicles such as rail systems or buses.

    Basaksehir has important link roads and transportation axes for your life. There is the most important function that will add value to your life in Basaksehir that is one of the most valuable counties of Istanbul. Transportation vehicles such as metro and metrobus stand out as the most important factor for your life.

    Major changes and important projects are still developed with the transportation axes and link roads in Basaksehir in 2021.

    Due to its crowded population, Istanbul city also has heavy traffic most of the time. If you do not want to waste time due to crowded and heavy traffic…

    It will be logical to choose a housing project next to the link roads that provide more advantages than living in the city center. Or rail transport to minimize your time spending on traffic.

    Tual Bahcekent Bahcesehir


    Housing Type : Apartment
    Company : Dag Muhendislik – Emlak Konut REIC
    Sqm : 87 – 200 m²
    Delivery Date : Ready

    Basaksehir housing projects stand out with their location characteristics. Tual Bahcekent in Basaksehir is located at the intersection of important link roads and highways. The housing project which includes 1740 apartments and 174 commercial units waa developed in parallel with modern city planning.

    Tual Bahcekent project was carefully developed to add value to your life with its spacey living spaces in Istanbul. It is a housing project that gathers lots of functions that will add value to your life.

    Tual Bahcekent developed on an area of 190.000 sqm has been designed as a mini-city in which you can meet all of your needs.

    Tual Bahcekent gains value with its commercial units, social facilities, health, education institutions and prayer places. It is a housing project that includes important areas you will need for your life.

    Basaksehir housing projects,Tual Bahcekent project, and Istanbul European Side projects have several alternatives. It means that you should get proper information about them.

    They fully represent the concept of accessible luxury and cause transformation in the real estate sector. Contact us and let our real estate consultants contact you.

    Basakkent Golet Bahcesehir



    Basaksehir housing projects draw attention with their privileges and affordable prices in Istanbul. Basakkent Golet whose affordable houses are offered together has been developed on a land of 55.000 sqm.

    It consists of 894 apartments and 41 stores / shops. It is one of the most valuable Basaksehir housing projects in Istanbul.

    Basakkent Golet Basaksehir project provides apartments ranging from 53 m² and 122 m². This project whose many features will add value to your life offers privileges such as an indoor swimming pool, and golf court.

    Within the scope of Basakkent Golet Basaksehir project which provides many details for your life, many security measures are gathered to expand your safety and comfort area.

    Istanbul housing projects will provide affordable and luxury projects altogether. Basaksehir is an important location where you can find important functions in a single housing project. Basakkent Golet project is an advantageous project for 894 families.

    The project was developed at the intersection of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Istanbul Airport and TEM Highway. If you are looking for a privileged housing project which is suitable for your budget and living standards in Istanbul… Basakkent might be the right address which will make your dreams come true.

    You can find detailed information about the project and other Basaksehir housing projects, ask our consultants. 



    Housing Type : Apartment
    Company : Makro Insaat – TOKI
    Sqm : 125 – 255 m²
    Delivery Date : Ready

    Istanbul Basaksehir housing projects stand out with their affordable prices. The mixed-life project with 723 apartments and 120 shops / stores offers housing alternatives ranging from 125 m² to 255 m². Park Mavera 3 is a special project in which many functions are developed in a single complex for your life.

    Park Mavera 3 project developed on a land of 50.696 m² might be the right choice providing affordable prices and privileges to purchase a property. Park Mavera 3 project has an important place among the Basaksehir housing projects developed for different budgets and various standards on the European Side of Istanbul. It also offers privileges for your business with its commercial units.

    Another feature that adds value to the Park Mavera project is the elaborated landscape areas. The special areas have been designed so that you can get away from the chaos of city life. Besides, approximately 78% of the project consists of private landscapes.

    Easily meet your needs and improve your social life in cafes and restaurants without leaving your home thanks to the shopping center right in front of the project.

    Where is the Park Mavera 3?

    You will add a plus to your living standards without concern about parking your car thanks to the indoor and outdoor car parks. You can have the opportunity to gain a lifetime profit with this mixed-use project. You can examine to add value to both your commercial activities and your life.

    If you want to get closer to the city center, you can easily reach the Istanbul Airport link road or the 3rd Motorway. You can easily reach the Northern Marmara Motorway. You will no longer spend long hours in traffic thanks to the close distance to transportation vehicles such as metro and tram.

    You can expand your comfort area with the project located next to the botanical city park which is the first planned city square of Istanbul.



    Housing Type : Apartment
    Company : Makro Insaat
    Sqm : 233 – 370 m²
    Delivery Date : December 2022

    Basaksehir housing projects present Park Mavera 4 which stands out as another accessible luxury housing project. It is planned to be completed in December 2022.

    Park Mavera 4 project is a special project offering pre-payment and personal payment options. This valuable living project in Basaksehir which is an important county on the European Side of Istanbul gathers functions that will expand your comfort area.

    Park Mavera 4 project provides 133 housing options with different housing types. Park Mavera 4 project which offers different housing options with different budget options was developed with many advantages for your life.

    Park Mavera 4 project is located at the intersection of Istanbul Airport, the YSS Bridge link road, and the TEM Highway. Park Mavera 4 Lounge project which is right next to Basaksehir square gains value with its social facilities, countless functions, and units thanks to the project.

    Take advantage of early payment options by getting pre-information about the Park Mavera 4 project on the European Side of Istanbul, it will improve your life and budget.



    Housing Type : Apartment
    Company: Makro Insaat- Akyapi
    Sqm : 121 – 326 m²
    Delivery Date : Ready

    Basaksehir housing projects present Seyran Sehir project which was constructed with the assurance of Makro Insaat and Akyapi. The project provides qualified and comfortable living spaces for homebuyers who want to live in Basaksehir.

    Seyran Sehir project presents housing options between 121 m² and 326 m² stands out as the equivalent of affordable luxury for housing buyers. The Seyran Sehir project provides 220 apartments, affordable payment terms, and special payment options for home buyers.

    Among the Istanbul European Side housing projects, the Seyran Sehir project consisting of 7 blocks was constructed especially for big families. Basaksehir housing project on an area of 25.000 m² is a housing project whose numerous privileges will add value to your life. 80% of the Seyran Sehir project was allocated to green areas.

    You will get away from the chaos and noise of the city as soon as you step into your apartment within Seyran Sehir. There are social facilities and privileges where you will have a pleasant time in addition to special landscape areas.

    You can walk in nature and improve your quality of life by taking advantage of sports areas. Seyran Sehir project’s functions will increase your living standards among Istanbul housing projects. Facilities such as a Turkish Bath, sauna, steam room will entirely impact your life.

    Where is the Seyran Sehir project?

    Seyran Sehir project is also outstanding with its location because it is close to the metro station. The Seyran Sehir project which is only 4 minutes away from the Northern Marmara Motorway, is only 3 minutes away from The Ataturk Olympic Stadium and metro station.

    Besides, you can expand your comfort zone by purchasing a house from the Seyran Sehir Basaksehir project which is 2 minutes to the city hospital and only 15 minutes to Kent Park. You can earn a lifelong income due to strong housing investment.

    3. ISTANBUL | Basaksehir Housing Projects


    Housing Type : Apartment
    Company: ASAFIO
    Sqm : 75 – 220 m²
    Delivery Date : Ready

    Basaksehir housing projects offer 3. Istanbul project which provides apartments ranging from 75 m² to 220 m². The 3. Istanbul project which includes 1250 apartments is constructed on an area of 11.5000 sqm.

    The 3. Istanbul project consisting of 19 blocks includes 107 street stores and 102 bazaar shops. 3. Istanbul project also offers different types of options for housing investors with 79 home offices.

    3. Istanbul housing project provides comfort for home buyers with its transportation facilities. The project has location characteristics that will decrease the time you waste in traffic with transportation facilities.

    3. Istanbul housing project takes;
    2 minutes to Metrokent,
    5 minutes to TEM Highway,
    12 minutes to E-5,
    12 minutes to the Istanbul Airport,
    20 minutes to the YSS Bridge,
    30 minutes to the FSM Bridge and 30 minutes to the 15 July Martyrs Bridge.

    Mavera Comfort | Basaksehir Housing Projects

    Housing Type : Apartment
    Company: Makro Insaat- Akyapi
    Sqm: 93 – 202 m²
    Delivery Date : December 2023

    Basaksehir housing projects offer 705 housing options for both housing investors and capital owners who want to invest in housing. There are comfortable living spaces for the buyers.

    Mavera Comfort project is a housing project which will be completed in December 2023. The project developed on an area of 65.000 sqm provides privileged housing options for capital owners. Pre-payment options, special payment options, and affordable apartments are also provided.

    Mavera Comfort offers comfortable living standards in Basaksehir thanks to the 2 + 1, 3,5 + 1, 4,5 + 1 apartment types and alternatives. The sizes of apartments up to 202 sqm of Mavera Comfort project draws attention as the first seismic isolated project.

    Mavera Comfort project is only 2 minutes away from Basaksehir Cam Sakura Hospital which is the largest hospital in Europe. It offers many complexes that will improve your comfort area.

    Basaksehir housing projects present Mavera Comfort which is just 1 minute away from the metro station. The Mavera Comfort project has been carefully designed to improve your living standards with transportation facilities which will provide easy access to the city.

    Bahcekent Flora | Basaksehir Housing Projects

    Housing Type : Apartment
    Company : Emlak Konut REIC
    Sqm: 66 – 187 m²
    Delivery Date : Ready

    Basaksehir housing projects, Bahcekent Flora which provides the concept of accessible luxury completely to housing buyers was developed by Emlak Konut REIC.

    Basaksehir housing project present Bahcekent Flora housing project which provides special payment conditions in addition to the affordable housing options. Bahcekent Flora project provides 875 apartments on the European Side of Istanbul. It is constructed on a land area of 90.000 sqm provides remarkable opportunities.

    Bahcekent Flora project provides safe living spaces as well as comfortable living for home buyers with 875 housing options in different blocks. These blocks consist of 11 storeys and 22 storeys.

    Bahcekent Flora project consists of 80% landscape and green area. It is a privileged housing project with a recreational area on a land of 22.000 sqm. The Bahcekent Flora project which offers easy payment terms has special units for you to earn a lifelong income with its high investment value.

    The housing project has an advanced infrastructure and the investigation of ground conditions was managed. It has a wide range of opportunities for the safety of home buyers.

    You can get detailed information from our sales experts if you want to make a strong housing investment or to live comfortably for a lifetime.

    Inci Villas | Basaksehir Housing Projects


    Housing Type : Villa
    Company : Hak Grup-Som Yapi
    Sqm: 220 – 332 m²
    Delivery Date: December 2021

    Basaksehir housing projects present Inci Villalari project which is planned to be completed in December 2021. The carefully designed 46 villas will increase the living standards of housing investors. Numerous social opportunities will allow you to earn money in every field with easy terms and privileged housing options.

    Inci Villalari project offers comfortable living spaces with its 5 + 1 and 7 + 2 villa options. The villa project will embellish the dreams of housing buyers with its elegant villa designs. It will increase your living standards and have strong investment opportunities thanks to your property that is constantly gaining value.

    Inci Villalari project is the equivalent of the concept of accessible luxury with favorable payment terms. It stands out as a project that will add value to your life in Istanbul.

    You can start earning by taking advantage of pre-payment terms and expand your comfort area as of today. Increasing value with smart house systems, the Inci Villalari project contains hundreds of functions that will expand the comfort zones of home buyers.

    Basaksehir housing projects provide great options for investors. You can get service from our sales experts if you want to find the best option.

    Just send your contact information and we will find the easiest terms and the property that reflects your standards as soon as possible. No need to waste your time, start earning as of today!

    MAVERA HOMES | Basaksehir Housing Projects


    Housing Type : Apartment
    Company : Makro Insaat
    Sqm: 90 – 160 m²
    Delivery Date : December 2022

    Bahcesehir housing projects are important by having the concept of affordable and accessible luxury. Mavera Homes project is strategically important for Basaksehir housing projects. It has been developed for housing investors and homebuyers who want to buy affordable houses.

    Mavera Homes is a housing project that is affordable and privileged apartments ranging from 90 m² and 160 m².

    Mavera Homes developed by Makro Insaat is a housing project with 180 housing options, affordable and personal payment options. Mavera Homes project which is affordable also has an increasing investment value on the European Side of Istanbul. It has a special location that will allow you to get away from the traffic issue.

    It is in a location in which you will easily reach The 3rd bridge link roads and central locations. By evaluating a housing project close to one of the most important link roads of Istanbul European Side, you will save your time and gain financial gain with the increasing value of the region.

    You will be able to purchase affordable but luxurious housing on the European Side of Istanbul. With a guarantee, fast investment returns, and residential functions.

    Basaksehir housing projects will offer the most suitable housing project for you by getting detailed information. Moreover, you will add value to your life while maintaining your budget and saving your time by taking advantage of personal payment options.