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    How to Buy Property Online? | Full Guide

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    Buy property online stands out as the most frequently preferred transaction by foreign investors in recent years. Do you want to find an affordable housing project or a living space that will add value to your life?

    What about an investment instrument that will provide you with a lifelong income?

    Buy property only if you plan to get Turkish citizenship! Because, online purchasing is the ideal solution to have the best property for your budget, living standards, and family!

    You can buy property online in Turkey without feeling like a foreigner. You can take safe steps for the property that will add value to your life.

    Real estate consultancy companies develop special purchasing steps for housing investors by providing pre-sales and after-sales services. Also, you will be offered affordable housing projects, special payment plans, and significant advantages for finding the most suitable property for living standards!

    Now, send your contact details with the form in order to buy property online. Our sales consultant will contact you as soon as possible!

    Let’s arrange live tours, 360-degree residential tours, and go on a trip in the city. Many online supports will be provided for our valued customers!

    How Can I Examine The Housing Options in Istanbul?


    Real estate investment consultants offer advantages for housing investors who aim to buy property online. They also have innovative websites that provide information about many data such as the most up-to-date prices and newly developed housing projects!

    Before looking for a property in Turkey for sale, be sure to check the website contents. Get stronger with the housing options that are suitable for your lifestyle, and demands, and have opportunities beyond your expectations for your budget!

    Choose the most prestigious real estate consultancy firm!


    Then, visit the website of this real estate firm for your residence!

    Projescope real estate consultancy services have globally attracted attention due to their online power.

    Projescope stands out as the first consultancy service visited by foreign investors. Projescope will be pleased to be the first real estate choice of yours and provide you advanced services!

    Pioneer construction companies of Turkey give importance to the continuity by adapting to globalization.

    Online websites that provide sustainable services and constantly updated information should be your first choice.

    You should make a comparison before benefiting from real estate consultancy services in Turkey. You can visit other real estate companies’ websites.

    You can check the up-to-datedness of housing projects and evaluate the services provided by learning their references.

    Choose the Best Real Estate Website in Istanbul!


    Do you want to buy property online? Do you know the way to follow without feeling unfamiliar?

    Before you buy a house in Istanbul, you should visit Professional real estate consultancy companies.

    First of all, you need to visit websites! You can easily find the property you are looking for through the online websites of real estate consultancy companies! You can get a recommendation from sales consultants when choosing among hundreds of properties.

    No need to get confused while researching on the online website! Feel free to request online tours to choose from hundreds of options!

    Projescope real estate consultancy company offers superior services for its customers through online tours in Istanbul.

    Buy Property Online, But Is It Safe?


    Buying property online in Istanbul by benefiting from online services might be the safest step for your investment.

    You can continue on your way in a controlled manner by keeping in touch with your sales consultant who will explain the meaning of online services, the purchasing steps, and all other related things.

    You must find answers to certain questions in your mind before or during the purchase process!

    Do you want to live in it?

    Do you describe it as an investment tool that will provide a lifelong income for life? Such as rental income?

    Are you thinking of taking advantage of the Turkish Citizenship program in addition to investing in housing by purchasing a house worth a minimum of $250.000?

    Is Housing Investment in Istanbul a Good Investment Tool?


    Buy property online in Istanbul. We know that you want to know all the supportive details.

    You should know the advantages of housing investment before buying a house in Istanbul.

    You have a good reason to turn your funds into strong investment in Turkey!

    First of all, you can get Turkish Citizenship. The only thing you should do is to buy a property worth a minimum of $250.000. By taking advantage of the Turkish Citizenship program, you can make lifetime profits.

    Also, you will have the privileges and advantages of being a Turkish citizen in your whole life.

    You can scrutinize the advantages of Turkish Citizenship on our Turkish Citizenship page in detail. For more details, you can send your contact details with the form.

    After that, our sales consultants will explain the privileges you will have in detail.

    Investing in housing will provide advantages beyond your expectations especially in Istanbul.

    You can read our Istanbul housing investment article and get support from our sales consultants.

    What Are The Factors Affecting Housing Prices in Istanbul?


    While buying a house, knowing the factors that affect housing prices in Istanbul will be an important thing to learn about your long-term profit!

    You can get more information from our sales consultants in order to learn about the profit you will get with your real estate investment.

    Data such as the housing price index in Istanbul is important for your housing investment. Your profit will rapidly increase as the housing prices in the Istanbul housing sector increase!

    So, what are the factors affecting the Istanbul housing sector?

    • Decreasing land stock in Istanbul
    • Improving dynamics of the housing sector
    • Housing value increase
    • Transformation of the housing sector

    Radical changes in the housing sector have been undergone with these criteria which are among the basic dynamics which affect housing prices.

    Among the important factors affecting housing prices are the internal and external functions of the properties.

    Interior and exterior functions of properties significantly affect the value of housing projects. However, the most significant feature that affects the value of a house is the location of the property.

    The interior and exterior features of the property are among the most important things affecting the value of the real estate.

    How does the location which is one of the most important features affecting the Istanbul housing sector gain value?

    If you want to buy property online in Turkey, you must know why the location in Istanbul is important!

    Do you plan to buy a house in Istanbul and benefit from online purchasing services?

    • Regional transformations
    • Environmental features of the property
    • Social opportunities
    • Interior and exterior functions

    You should properly analyze the regional features, and evaluate the factors that will affect the value of your property such as real estate index data and population analysis.

    Regional features are one of the features that will add value to your life as well as housing.

    Infrastructure development works are carried out for old structures with the regional transformations in Istanbul. Urban plans are also being carried out to change the face of the city and regions by increasing their value.

    In addition to the infrastructure developments of the housing projects, exterior features are improved as well. Istanbul has become an enormous transformation area.



    There are social and cultural transformations along with the increasing urban transformation activities. Social and cultural transformations are being managed in Istanbul with urban transformation activities. Istanbul has become a transformational area in itself.

    In addition to the central points in Istanbul, there are significant works to develop the suburban areas of the city. Istanbul city has undergone radical changes from the beginning of urban transformation activities.

    The city has experienced significant changes in terms of social and cultural, and local administrations. You can find rural property for sale in Turkey.

    Buy Property Online in Istanbul!


    But first, you should determine the suitability of housing projects to your living standards in addition to examining population analysis and real estate index.

    You should examine the turnaround times and learn all the data about the house before making an online purchase. Take advantage of virtual tours in order to examine the social features which are important for your life among Istanbul housing projects.

    You can request a regional tour from your sales consultant. You can join an online tour to review all these transformations. You can take a walk around the property for sale Turkey.

    You can examine the markets, shopping centers, fairgrounds, streets, and living centers in the area where you live. You will even see the development of the region from a distance. Our sales consultants can arrange tours for you in Istanbul.

    Thanks to advanced technology, you will experience real the feeling of a conversation even if we are hundreds of miles away.

    Our professional real estate consultants will review the interiors of Turkish properties in addition to the live tours. What about having a coffee on the balcony of the house you plan to buy.

    We can breathe the fresh air of Istanbul and watch the fascinating view of your home. Almost all houses in Istanbul have a view. Fascinating city view, sea view, or forest view!

    Make Your Plans and Decide How to Live!


    Allow our real estate consultants to offer you the most suitable housing options with advanced filtering tools.

    Istanbul housing sector provides numerous different housing types. This is what makes the Istanbul housing sector so precious! You can find lots of housing options in Istanbul.

    You can find a special property for every lifestyle, demand, and budget.

    Each county is a mini-city in itself. You should consider these qualities for your preliminary research for the Istanbul housing sector.

    Advantages of Buying Property Online


    Discover the advantages of buying property online!

    What advantages will a house that best suits your living standards provide for you while purchasing a house in Istanbul?

    House for sale in Turkey Istanbul will provide you countless privileges and advantages!

    Buy investment properties, you will get many financial and life privileges.

    At first, discover the advantages of buying a property in Istanbul!

    • With the Turkish Citizenship Program, you will get the right to citizenship!
    • You can benefit from a lifelong rental income!
    • Add value to your life with transportation opportunities!
    • You will have different advantages depending on the location or functions of your house!
    • You will integrate Istanbul’s amazing and dynamic living conditions into your life!

    Buy property online in Turkey. It will provide additional advantages to your investment:

    • You will choose the house that best suits your demands, lifestyle, and most importantly your budget.
    • Your reliable consultant will help you during the whole process.
    • You will benefit from the consultancy service even for the after-sales transactions.
    • You will turn your time into profit thanks to the online purchases.
    • Above all, you will not get confused. You will manage your housing investment comfortably and easily.
    • Furthermore, you can be as spoiled as you wish. Your demands are very important to us when choosing a house!
    • The biggest advantage we provide for our customers is the feeling of confidence! You can complete your purchases with confidence without suffering from being a stranger!
    • Do not worry about your payment plans! As your trustworthy solution partner, we will also help with financial issues!

    The Steps of Online Housing Purchase


    Discover the purchasing process to buy property online in Istanbul!

    • Make a video call!
    • Take a tour in Istanbul.
    • Visit housing projects.
    • Choose the house that best suits your living standards.
    • Find an affordable project!
    • Learn Legal Procedures to follow!
    • Transfer your money!
    • Discover the pre and post-sales services!
    • Buy property online in Turkey, and get Turkish Citizenship!

    Find out about your housing purchases in Istanbul and learn all the steps that will add value to your life. When determining your online housing purchases, shape your plans through Turkish estate agents.

    There is an important situation that you must determine for online purchases. You should benefit from a professional real estate consultancy service deciding on the location of the house you will buy.

    The location is the most significant factor to determine the profit you will get from a housing investment in Turkey. According to the location features of the house you will buy, your profit and living standards will be shaped.

    Recommendations For Purchasing Transactions | Buy Property Online


    Take advantage of our special partnership for purchasing transactions in Istanbul. Istanbul housing projects have lots of factors that will improve both your investment and your lifestyle.

    Housing investment consultants are of great importance for your online housing purchases. When choosing from the hundreds of options in the Istanbul housing sector, be sure of taking advantage of the special recommendations!

    Indeed, our first recommendation will about global issues! Be aware of your lifestyle when purchasing housing. You need to have strong predictions for your constantly changing habits.

    When determining how the house which is suitable your for living standards will transform the future, you should discuss your demands with our professional sales consultants.

    When choosing the housing option that will respond to your expectations, you need to know that the price and your living standards should be parallel!

    Buy Property Online in Turkey: Online Housing Purchases


    For your online housing purchases, personal payment plans, and choosing the best solution partner are of great importance. Because your solution partner should provide special offers for your demands!

    You should find the best sales consultant for yourself when the housing option according to your living standards and expectations.

    Benefiting from a professional consultancy service that offers options that will affect your entire life among Istanbul housing projects will increase your profit!

    Keep in mind that to buy property online in Turkey will be the most important step to add value to your life!