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    PCR Test Not Required to Enter Turkey From 16 Countries

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    According to the announcements, passengers who will enter Turkey from 16 countries will not require the PCR test as of May 15, 2021. Countries such as the United Kingdom, China, and Ukraine are on the list. PCR test will not be requested from passengers arriving in Turkey by land, air, or sea. For passengers traveling from other countries, the obligation to present a negative test will continue.

    Here are the details of the circular issued by the Ministry of Health …

    PCR Document Submission 72 Hours Before Departure Time


    The PCR test document submission for passengers who are 6 years old and older and travel to Turkey has been obligatory as of December 30, 2020. Passengers must sample 72 hours before departure and get a negative result from the PCR Test.

    They must submit the documents showing that they are negative before the flight.

    New Regulation for PCR Test Requirement

    Now, there are new regulations for the passengers arriving in Turkey. The Ministry of Health made an arrangement request to the Ministry of Interior for the PCR test on April 22, 2021.

    The request for not requesting the PCR was approved by the Ministry of Interior. Intensive studies are ongoing for the Covid-19 pandemic which threaten the whole world.

    16 Countries Where PCR Test Not Requested for The Entry to Turkey!

    Here are 16 countries that will be exempted from the PCR Test according to the additional circular issued by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health…

    Hong Kong
    New Zealand
    South Korea
    The United Kingdom

    Effective as of May 15, 2021

    The effect of the epidemic continues all over the world and measures are renewed.

    PCR test exemption for passengers who will travel from 16 countries will be effective as of May 15th.