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    Turkish House Sales Figures for December 2021

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    Turkish house sales figures for December 2021 were reported by TUIK, the reliable information source of Turkey.

    In December, house sales figures increased by 113.7% compared to December 2020 and reached the number of 226,503.

    As usual, Istanbul had the highest share of 17.2% with 39,026 house sales. Ankara came after Istanbul with 21,481 house sales and Izmir with 13,386 house sales.

    Turkish Statistical Institute: foreigners bought 58,576 houses in Turkey in 2021

    House sales to foreigners increased by 43.5% in 2021 compared to 2020 and reached a figure of 58,576. Turkish house sales to foreigners had a 3.9% share of all house sales in Turkey.

    In house sales to foreigners, Istanbul also ranked first with 26,469 sales. The followers of Istanbul were Antalya with 12,384 house sales to foreigners and Ankara with 3,672 house sales to foreigners.

    The chart showing house sales to foreigners between the years 2013-2021 Turkish Statistical Institute

    In December, Turkish house sales to foreigners increased by 77.1% compared to December 2020

    In December 2021, house sales to foreigners reached a figure of 7,841. Istanbul was the province with the most house sales with 3,300. Following Istanbul, Antalya with 1,827 and Ankara with 489 house sales to foreigners.

    By nationalities, Iran citizens ranked first in 2021

    Iran citizens purchased 10,056 houses from Turkey in 2021. The followers of Iran citizens were Iraqis with 8,661 house sales and Russians with 5,379 house sales.

    In December 2021, Iran citizens purchased a thousand 462 houses from Turkey

    The followers of Iranians were Iraq citizens with a thousand 39 house sales and Russian citizens with 885 house sales.

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