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    Turkish Citizenship News

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    How to Get Turkish Citizenship for Russians

    How to Get Turkish Citizenship for Russians?

    Turkish citizenship for Russians is generally applied through simple investment programs and procedures. Significantly, the Turkish citizenship program is given the same conditions for all countries. In accordance with Turkish citizenship laws, the same procedure is applied equally. Furthermore, services on education, health and many more rights are given in Turkey.

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    Foreign Residency Permits

    Districts That Are Closed to Foreign Residency Permits | News On The Changes

    According to the announcements, 8 more districts are being closed to foreign residency permits. Esenyurt and Fatih were the 2 districts that were closed for residency permits before. Furthermore, with the new regulations and announcements made, 8 more districts are added to the list.

    After the Istanbul Migration Evaluation Meeting at the Directorate General of Migration Management, minister Suleyman Soylu made statements to the press. With the new announcements made, it is revealed that 8 more regions are closed to foreign residency permits.

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    News on Turkish Citizenship Application

    News on Turkish Citizenship Application

    The property sales and their demands in relation to the citizenship application have changed. According to the news, for Turkish citizenship, the property value that is taken will raise from $250.000 to $400.000. The condition of not selling the property for 3 years also remains. The changes are in relation with the rising value of properties.

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    Avoiding Turkish Citizenship Scam!

    Avoiding Turkish Citizenship scam! There are some points to consider carefully. Turkish Citizenship Program will enable you to acquire citizenship by purchasing a house worth only $250.000. Turkey Citizenship by investment program

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    25 Reasons for Turkish Citizenship by Investment

    Turkish Citizenship is obtained by purchasing a minimum of USD250,000 worth of housing. Real estate investment is the most frequently preferred method by foreigners and investors planning to acquire Turkish Citizenship. In Turkey, hundreds of foreign investors buy property worth a minimum of $250.000 every year.

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    Get Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

    Get Turkish Citizenship by real estate purchase worth of $250,000! It is the most comfortable and easiest way to invest to real estate sector in Turkey! Freedom of travel is a dream for millions of people around the world. So, acquiring a second citizenship will make dreams will come true. Having a second passport and the opportunities of Turkish citizenship will expand your realm of ​​freedom.

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    Citizenship by Investment in Turkey: 6 Steps for Turkish Citizenship!

    Citizenship by investment in Turkey is get by purchasing an immovable property for only 250.000 USD. The interest of foreign investors has rapidly increased in the real estate sector in Turkey and the year 2020 has been the most important period for real estate investments. There are very easy steps that should be followed to get Turkish Citizenship for foreign investors.

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    How to Obtaining Work Permit in Turkey for Foreigners?

    It’s not possible for foreign nationals to work in Turkey without a work permit or exemption certificate. In order to obtain a work permit, a permit granting the right to work and reside must be obtained from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. If foreign nationals do not obtain a work permit, a temporary entry ban and administrative fines are imposed on them and their employers. The steps to take for obtaining a work permit in Turkey and the criteria for issuance to foreign nationals should be examined carefully.

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    Requirements for the Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship Program

    Turkish Citizenship is a title that can be obtained with lineage, the country of birth being Turkey or by the conditions acquired later. In this article, we will examine how foreigners will become Turkish citizens and the required information and procedures in accordance with the Citizenship law number 5901 requirements for application apart from the citizenship rights of people born inside or outside the borders of Turkish, that come from their lineage.

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