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    The New Way of Living; Green Buildings

    As the awareness of the need for a better environment and nature increases, there occur new ways of providing that necessity. One way of doing that, which became popular over the past years is the construction of green buildings. Even though this term seems common, let’s look at the details and find out more about it!

    What is a Green Building?

    Green Buildings minimize their negative impact on the climate and the natural environment. Thus, they aim to create a positive effect on nature. Moreover, they increase the quality of life by protecting natural resources. Not only the houses but also schools, offices, hospitals and many other facilities can be developed as green buildings.

    Even though they have a common point, the buildings still cannot be the same since every environment has a different function. Culture, traditions, and climatic conditions affect the process. To get the best efficiency, a structure that is suitable for all conditions should be designed. Not every building can be evaluated as a green building. Certain conditions are essential for this. These are;

    • Providing recycling
    • Efficient use of energy and water resources
    • Using renewable energies
    • Having structures that adapt to the changing environment
    • Building with sustainable materials
    • Waste reduction

    What Are the Benefits of Green Buildings? 

    While the biggest benefit is to the environment, it also provides economic and social benefits. It offers less usage of water, energy and natural resource. Thus, it makes significant contributions to the climate and the environment. Significantly, buildings that can generate their own energy and use renewable energy have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally.

    Through the construction process of these buildings, energy systems are prepared at low costs. By this means, while the property value increases, the expenditure value decreases. Moreover, renewable energy sources used in the living space reduce living costs. In addition to its environmental and economic effects, it also brings positive social effects as well. Those who work or live in green buildings, feel healthier and more peaceful. Clean air is observed as a positive impact to personal benefit. Such nature-friendly structures aim to influence not only the environment, but also people by offering healthier, happier and more productive living spaces.

    The Green Buildings on Our Site and Their Details

    Projects that adapt to environmentally friendly options are emerging day by day. We summed up such projects for you, which are already on our website and included their significance as well as the details!

    MSY Nefes

    Each of the apartments with a total of 195 flats in 3 blocks located in Pendik is called as the Green Building. The gray water system offers to store and use rainwater, wastewater from sinks and showers after usage. By doing this, water savings and creating a living space that benefits both the environment and your budget are possible.

    Karmar Sakura

    There are 4 blocks and 241 flats in the project in Basin Ekspress. Flat types are 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 and are all structured as green buildings. It succeeds in being an environmentalist by using the water coming from the sink in the toilets, and the rainwater in the garden irrigation system. Structures with this title will offer you all their benefits.

    Seba Hayat

    The residences rising in Umraniye were constructed with the usage of recyclable materials. Three blocks with 176 houses have design aspects that are suitable for green buildings. Making maximum use of daylight, the project crowns itself with the LEED certificate (certificate given to a structure that protects the environment).

    Kiptas Pendik Arkatli

    The 10-block apartments located in Pendik prioritize renewable energy by using solar energy. The project, which has smart home technology using solar-powered lighting, comes to life as green buildings.

    Contact us for detailed information about these eco-friendly and energy-efficient houses.