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    A New Breath to The Concept of Thermal Tourism; Terma Garden

    Terma Garden is coming to change your holiday understanding! The pioneer of thermal tourism is waiting for you in Yalova, in a carefully prepared living space.

    Thermal Tourism in Turkey

    The history of starting to benefit from hot, warm, and cold thermal water resources, which also have therapeutic qualities, is quite old. There are around 1300 hot and cold mineral water springs in Turkey. The usability of 229 of these sources for treatment has been determined by scientific research. Thermal tourism has a special place within the framework of world tourism. In the world and our country, the degree of demand for thermal tourism is increasing, as people increasingly aim to ensure a regular improvement in their health during holiday periods.

    There are rich and abundant healing water resources in Turkey. But the number of modern thermal facilities is very few. Thermal facilities in the modern sense were established in Yalova spa centers. Terma Garden, one of these facilities, has taken its place among the flats for sale in Turkey. Thus, it presents the thermal water, which is the source of nature, with a brand new concept.

    Projescope Terma Garden new real estate

    “Your Space, Your Peace” in Terma Garden

    Thermal is one of the most popular hot spring tourism spots in Yalova. Terma Garden is located in this location with its new concept. The project starts with the motto “Your space is your peace”. However, it brings a different approach to the understanding of thermal tourism. Spread over an area of 20.000m², the area impresses with its alcohol-free family concept. Terma Garden, which hosts 432 apartments, combines your home life with the hotel concept.

    The project, which stands out with its conservative life concept, is coming to renew both your body and soul. There are separate areas for men and women in indoor and outdoor areas. Also, your privacy is prioritized. There is a separate pool option for men and women. There is also the option of a private family pool. Thus, the pleasant times you spend with your family will belong only to you. It is among the apartments to buy in Turkey. It draws attention with its 5-star hotel and residence concept. Thus, catching a different color, Terma Garden Yalova stands out among the thermal hotel options. It provides facilities such as an aquapark, mini shopping mall, artificial lakes, and 19 family lodges. It promises to increase your quality of life with these opportunities.

    Your Taste with its Delicious Cuisine

    In addition to all these privileges, Terma Garden has a large restaurant area. This dining area, which can host 750 people, will decorate your taste buds. Both Turkish cuisine and world cuisines take plan in their menus. Thus, it is possible to find something for every taste. Meals and healthy drinks prepared by experienced chefs offer their guests a unique taste experience. Combining the delicious cuisine and conservative living space with luxury, the project blends the residence life with the hotel concept. Contact us for information about this project, which is nourished by the healing of thermal waters in Yalova and prepared to offer unique experiences, and other apartments for sale in Turkey.