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    Sustainable Living Space in Bahcelievler | Rams Garden

    What does “sustainable life”, one of the terms we hear frequently today, actually mean? What are the qualifications of sustainable living space and how can it be achieved? The Rams Garden project sets a good example by being one of the sustainable property projects in Istanbul. Let’s find out more about sustainable living and one of the leading projects Rams Garden!

    About Sustainable Life

    Sustainable Living Space in Bahcelievler

    Sustainable living describes a lifestyle that seeks to reduce the use of natural resources by an individual or society. Cities play an important role here. Cities are the areas that consume natural resources the most and create pollution and waste. Because of that, the concept of sustainability often comes to the fore through cities. One of the important points in sustainable urbanization is the correct planning of land use. The most important point of not ensuring sustainability in big cities is to minimize the transportation distance between living, working and leisure areas. This way, incentives for public transportation, walking and cycling increase while energy consumption decreases and that reduces carbon emissions. This sustainable layout, called compact living space, has various advantages such as;

    • Encouraging public transportation, walking and cycling,
    • Preventing the spread of the urban form,
    • Protection of arable land,
    • Reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions,
    • Easier access to urban services and opportunities,
    • More efficient infrastructure provision,
    • Renewal and revitalization of central urban areas,
    • Increase in social relations.

    A Project That Supports Sustainable Living Spaces: Rams Garden

    The Rams Garden project, located in Bahcelievler, is a good step towards sustainable living. With its central location, it is close to working areas and spots for socializing. The project is also one step away with its wide landscaping. This way, it has an important place in the “correct planning of land use”, which we know as one of the most important tools for sustainable urbanization. A nature-friendly life waits for you at Rams Garden.

    Rams Garden with Various Advantages

    Sustainable Living Space in Bahcelievler

    In addition to offering a sustainable living space, Rams Garden has large apartments. Apartments starting from 106 square meters range up to 307 square meters. It is surrounded by a long pond as well as green areas. On the other hand, it has unique social opportunities. The most prominent and distinguished ones are;

    • Hobby Gardens
    • Open-air cinema
    • Yoga- Feng Shui Garden
    • Pond
    • A Grove

    Rams Garden is a privileged project in Bahcelievler with its accessible location, unique social opportunities and nature-friendly sustainable living spaces. Please contact us for details. You can visit our website to explore other Istanbul housing projects.