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    Property in Turkey | Good for Investment?

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    Property investment is the term for buying a house to earn money as an investment tool. Property investment advantages in Turkey;

    • The value of your property in Turkey can increase much more than alternative investment vehicles. Especially a house bought at the right place at the right time in Turkey.
    • House prices in Turkey usually do not decrease. So, it is a relatively more “guaranteed” investment.
    • Property in Turkey offers high rental income. It offers additional income on top of the increase in the price of the house.
    • Thanks to Turkey’s location, the value of your home constantly increases. The value of a house by the sea or in the city center will rise day by day.
    • Properties in Turkey also offer many social opportunities.

    How to Buy a Property in Turkey for Investment?

    You should thoroughly research a property that you intend to buy for investment purposes and therefore plan to sell at a later date. For example, find out if any new roads are planned close to the property you are considering buying and consider how this will affect the property value.

    Be sure to consider a number of factors, including other external factors that may affect the value of the property in the area where the property is located. For example, is the property close to schools, is there a bus stop, metro station, shopping mall, or hospital nearby, or are any of these planned in the future? Or do you have to incur an extra expense on the home now or in the future?

    After doing your research, you should be able to make the right decision about buying a property in Turkey as an investment.

    Can You Get Income from Your Property?

    Yes, you can. Thanks to a property you buy in Turkey, you can generate a high income from it. However, when we talk about real estate for rental income, there are important points you need to know.

    Properties in Turkey

    Commercial property or a house can be good properties for you to get income. In this way, you can earn regular income. Moreover, you can easily find tenants in Turkey, including foreigners.

    What Does a Property Cost in Turkey?

    A property might include a commercial or a residential one. So, the cost varies according to your wishes and needs and the types you want to buy.

    In the portfolio of Projescope, you will be able to find several properties in line with your budget. While you can buy a luxury one in nature in Uskudar for $830.000, you can find an affordable office or commercial property in Maslak for $437.000. If you want to buy a property and make it decorate, the costs will naturally increase. Contact us and have more information about property in Turkey.