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    Izmir Turkey Real Estate

    Izmir Turkey real estate is popular with its residences with panoramic Aegean Sea view, apartments with nature view, investment properties, and villas with private pools. Properties for sale in Izmir city which is one of the most crowded districts of Turkey are special with their life and investment opportunities. Izmir (formerly known as Smyrna) is a valuable touristic city. This city also attracts great attention from both Turkish citizens and foreigners for living.

    The population of Izmir is estimated at 4,394,694 people. Izmir is valuable for living due to its increasing population and housing prices. New properties for sale are more affordable than properties for sale in Istanbul. If you want to buy a property in Turkey, affordable Izmir properties will probably be suitable for you. It is easy to buy a luxury property with a sea view in Alacati. If you are looking for accessible luxury, Izmir real estate sector might be the ideal market.

    Properties for sale in Izmir will be also valuable for your real estate investment in Turkey. It is valued by increasing rental income, property values ​​and the development of social life. You can discover the Alacati villas for sale. Moreover, districts such as the city center, Bornova, Cesme, Guzelbahce, Karsiyaka, Alsancak, and Bayrakli are valuable to earn a lifetime income.

    Why Buy Turkey Property in Izmir Real Estate?

    Izmir Turkey real estate is valuable for you to make a strong investment by purchasing a property. Izmir, the pearl and center of the Aegean, provides quality living conditions with its clean air and light traffic. You can find a sea view house in almost every region of Izmir. You do not need to spend a lot of money to buy a sea view luxury house. Izmir will be an attractive living space for you if you want to buy a property in Turkey and get high living standards.

    If you want to buy one of the properties for sale in Izmir where is advantageous for living in all seasons, you can get more information about living conditions in Izmir from our expert sales consultants. Send a form to our professional sales consultants for you to buy the right property in Izmir where is one of the most decent cities in Turkey. Our representatives provide you the most attractive Izmir properties for sale at once.

    Turkey Izmir Real Estate Investment

    Real estate for sale in Izmir Turkey is both a simple investment and a special city to settle in because of its high rental income and flashy properties. It allows you to earn fast money with new housing projects or villas with private pools in addition to extensive social facilities. In order to make your real estate investment profitable, take a look at Izmir apartments for sale or Izmir villas. Get the opportunity to earn for a lifetime.

    Izmir Real Estate Investment Depreciation Period in 2021: 21 YEARS

    You can get Turkish Citizenship by purchasing one or more of the affordable properties. It is sufficient to buy a property to acquire Turkish Citizenship by benefiting from the Turkish citizenship program by real estate investment. Attractive properties that adorn dreams are sold in the Izmir real estate market.

    When we look at the housing price sales trends in Izmir, the 5-year change is 113.3%. By purchasing a property in Izmir, you can get one of the Izmir properties that increase in value.

    Izmir Average Property Prices

    Izmir Turkey real estate sector provides luxury properties that are popular among residential investors due to their easy accessibility.

    2021 Average Property Prices in Izmir: TL 456,821

    2021 Minimum Property Prices in Izmir: TL 342,616

    2021 Maximum Property Prices in Izmir: TL 571,026

    Choose Your Property Among Izmir Real Estate Turkey

    You can buy a sea view house in Karsiyaka or live in Bornova that are among the valuable districts in Izmir Turkey real estate market. You can even have a modern stone house in Seferihisar. Maybe a spacious five-bedroom Izmir villa?

    Just determine your living conditions and expectations. You can buy an apartment in Izmir where you can watch the sky and the sea from skyscrapers. Also, you can buy an apartment in one of the compounds developed for large families in the city center of Izmir. Buying an apartment that offers the comfort of a 5-star hotel will add prestige to your life. Take a look at a modern and contemporary architectural structure with a landscaped garden in Guzelbahce.

    There are several affordable houses for different lifestyles in Izmir. You can take a look at the Izmir villa with an infinity pool with an extraordinary view. If you want to evaluate all these options, just send your contact information to our sales representative with the form. Our consultants will contact you as soon as possible. Do not waste time to find the most suitable house for your lifestyle and budget among the properties for sale within the Izmir Turkey real estate market.