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    Manzara Sarıyer | Sarıyer


    Manzara Sarıyer is being implemented in Sarıyer, one of the greenest, cleanest and most valuable districts of Istanbul. It was specially designed for those who want a quiet and peaceful life, away from the chaos of the city, with its low-rise horizontal architectural concept.

    What would you like to see when you look from the window of your house? In the Manzara Sarıyer project, implemented by Karden İnşaat in the Maden region, the view you watch every day consists of forest hills and the Bosphorus. The project aims to ensure that the living space both nourishes your soul and gives you peace.

    With Manzara Sarıyer, you will be neighbors to both the forest and the sea!

    Your home, where you will feel comfortable both physically and mentally, is adjacent to the forest and the Bosphorus. Living spaces with a location overlooking the sea, intertwined with nature, promise tranquility. What you will encounter when you open your window will be a unique sea and forest view. Sarıyer’s oxygen reservoir forests and the uninterrupted sea view that comes with Manzara Sarıyer residences being located on a hill will accompany you.

    The residential area, built on an area of ​​6,534 square meters, adapts to the environment with its architectural texture. There are 6 residential blocks in the project, and they are positioned so as not to block each other’s views.

    There are 40 private flats in the Manzara Sarıyer project, which offers luxurious options both in terms of architecture and landscaping. Flats built on 2-3 floors are offered with 2+1 and 3+1 simplex, 3+1 and 4+1 duplex options. Flat sizes vary between 128 square meters and 318 square meters.

    Moreover, the residences also have large garden areas in front of them. This way, you can live a nature-friendly life and experience moments when your children spend time on the grass. The approach that brings green to your life with garden flats puts nature under your feet, both in terms of view and usage area.

    The project is located close to the center of Sarıyer. Sarıyer Madenler stands out among the flat options for sale with its location close to various social amenities. Thus, you have uninterrupted access to social activities such as cinemas, concerts, theatres, shopping malls, education and health institutions. At the same time, Manzara Sarıyer is also a short distance from the central business axis. In this way, the distance between your living spaces and work areas is shortened, leaving your time to yourself.

    Details That Provide Comfort

    If you are looking for an area where you can escape from the noise of Istanbul and rest, Manzara Sarıyer residences create places where you can find peace. Residences built with horizontal architecture offer luxurious and spacious living spaces.

    In the flats in the Sarıyer Manzara project, every detail has been considered down to the smallest detail. Functional, durable, stylish and quality materials are used in interior and exterior spaces. High-level sound insulation systems are applied to both floors and adjacent apartment walls. So you can find the privacy you are looking for here. Bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms also provide you with private space.

    Manzara Sarıyer residences, where underfloor heating systems are installed, provide comfort during the winter months. Thus, especially families with children do not have to worry. Air conditioners in all rooms, including the kitchen, allow you to spend the summer months cool and spacious.

    Electric ventilation in the bathrooms and laundry rooms and chimney hoods used in the kitchen design were planned to control the air flow of the house. Thus, bad odors and humid air do not mix with the air of the rooms. All you have to do is live in a completely clean atmosphere in Manzara Sarıyer. Ceramic and laminated flooring used in interior design also provide ease of use with an energetic, luxurious and stylish appearance in living spaces.

    Spaciousness and Luxurious Life Come Together with Manzara Sarıyer

    Offering affordable options in Sarıyer flat prices, Manzara Sarıyer project includes many different social areas. These include an outdoor swimming pool, children’s swimming pool, sun terrace, fitness center, table games area and seating area. In this way, you have the opportunity to do any activity you want without leaving your home.

    One of the prominent features of the project is its pools with Bosphorus views. While you spend time and relax on the sun terraces and in the pool, you can enjoy a unique view and enjoy a holiday in a home environment. While swimming in your pool, you can watch the picturesque view of the Bosphorus.

    The roof terraces of Manzara Sarıyer are one of the ways to watch this view and have a pleasant time. You can relax your soul while relieving the tiredness of the day on the private roof terrace of your apartment.

    Solid Ground, Durable Architectural Landscape in Sarıyer!

    Sarıyer’s Maden district is one of the regions with the best ground structure in Istanbul. Sarıyer, which has a rocky ground, also promises safety against earthquakes. However, Sarıyer Maden flat options for sale are limited. One of the most prominent among these is Manzara Sarıyer.

    In addition, the architecture of Manzara Sarıyer, among the Sarıyer flats for sale, was prepared in accordance with earthquake regulations and technical specifications. Built on raft foundation, the project is supported by high security perimeter retaining curtains and offers a safe life that you can live with your family.

    If you are looking for a detached house for sale in Sarıyer, you can get more ideas about the breathtaking view of the project by examining Manzara Sarıyer pictures. While flat prices in Sarıyer are increasing day by day, you can grab a unique opportunity by evaluating the project that offers launch discounts. If you would like to get more information about the project, you can contact us. If you want to take a look at different projects, you can examine the current housing projects in Sarıyer.

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