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    Political | Cultural Implementations

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    Political | Cultural Implementations

    Turkish Citizenship by real estate will provide many advantages to your life in an easy way!

    Strong Commercial Relation with Customs Union Agreement and EU

    Obtaining Turkish citizenship, through real estate investment is very important for your privileges! Turkish citizenship by real estate is very important for your strong investment and privileges!

    Customs Union Agreement between Turkey and the European Union since 1996 is very important and functional for your investment. Customs duties, possible restrictions and fees have been removed for commercial transactions between the parties.

    For this reason, if you are a Turkish citizen, your investment will be stronger while benefiting from commercial agreements!

    Big Regional and Domestic Market:

    Economic and social developments in Turkey create great conditions for domestic investors. Also, it has created an attraction center for foreign investors either. Foreign trade and the financial sector in Turkey has been harmonized.

    In addition to the economic policies implemented by the Turkish government, there are government incentives for flexible practices and technological transformations for private and public institutions.

    Foreign investments create positive effects on the macroeconomy. Especially, Turkish citizenship by real estate program! For this reason, while the economy is developing with foreign investments, the volume of foreign investments in the country is increasing.