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    World’s Top Luxury Homes: Billionaire Houses, Villas, Mega Mansions

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    Top luxury homes open the doors of a fantastic life. Properties adorned with 24-carat gold, mega-mansions with ocean views are much more splendid than they appear from the outside!

    So, who lives in the most expensive house in the world? What are the top expensive luxury homes in the world?

    Cinema rooms with 3-meter ceilings, squash court, 82-meter swimming pool or houses illuminated with gold-covered Brut Champagne bottles are astonishing! A mega-mansion with a car museum filled with Lamborghini Aventador Roadster and Rolls Royce Dawn on the hills of Los Angeles!

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    These shiny houses of the MEGA RICH, NOT THE RICH, will blow your mind! We have listed the 20 top luxury homes in the world for you.

    Let’s set out on a journey through the golden drip houses of Florida, Dubai or Los Angeles. Get inspired by the lifestyle of the mega-rich in these homes!

    Who Lives in These Prestigious Houses?


    Top luxury homes in the world, Antilia Tower with a value of $ 3 Billion! India’s most famous businessman Mukesh Ambani and his family live here. Those who live in the world’s most flashy dream houses are superstars, celebrities, businessmen or political leaders all around the world for sure!

    Cult films such as The Godfather and The Bodyguard were filmed in the houses developed by the super-rich people for themselves. They also spared a few million dollars per square meter.

    If you look at those who live in top luxury homes, you’ll see the homes where Jay-Z and Beyonce, Victoria Beckham, Donald Trump, Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates, the famous television producer Aaron Spelling, or an Indian steel king.

    Would You Like to Live in the World’s Top Luxury Homes?


    Do you look at the visuals of top luxury homes for sale or imagine the interior while passing by?

    Now, you can buy almost anything. Money might be the only tool to buy furniture for your great mega-mansion.

    Indeed, if you buy one of the largest and most prestigious houses in the world, you need to spend at least as much money as the value of your home.

    As you step inside your thousands of square feet of super-large house, the crystals and gold particles are sprinkled almost in dust from the ceiling. Of course, you need a lot of money for this. However, you don’t need money to dream.

    Imagine the glow of the night or the time spent in an ocean hot tub watching the stars in a super – luxury top homes in Cape Town. Also, imagine watching your giant screen TV in the infinity pool located in the huge garden of one of the mega-mansions on the LA hills. It is not possible to be bored in such a house!

    The super-rich people of the world compete for more luxurious living conditions! While some fill their garages with the most luxurious vehicles the others cover their champagne collections with gold and exhibit them.

    You’ll encounter people designing huge garages for their cars worth more than $ 40 million. Others sprinkle candies for their children in playrooms. The richest people in the world do not neglect to park their helicopters on heliports of the houses…

    Who Lives in Turkey’s Most Expensive and Luxurious Houses?


    Top Luxury homes belong to the super-rich people. Turkey’s mega-expensive prestigious luxury homes are purchased by world-famous stars. People are curious about the houses of Turkey’s super-rich owners…

    If you look for the most expensive and luxurious homes Turkey for sale, check out the Istanbul Bosphorus mansions, mansions or ultra-luxurious villas on the hills of Bodrum. You can find several cheap luxury homes for sale in Istanbul Turkey.

    Sehzade Burhanettin Efendi Mansion which is located on the Bosphorus Coast of Istanbul is worth € 150 million with its grove!


    The villa that has a value of € 50 million in Istanbul Bebek is stunning with its garden and Bosphorus view. Search for property Turkey now!

    Prestigious villas and top luxury homes in Turkey always enchant the buyers! We can ensure you that you will find the best luxury villa in Turkey.

    Bosphorus mansion having a value of £ 210 million belongs to Colakyan family that has one of the Turkey’s most valuable brands, Jumbo. 1500-square-meters-wide Bosphorus villa has 6 rooms and a fascinating view.

    Who Has The Most Luxurious Home in The World?


    Are you curious about those who live in houses with 9-figure prices while researching top luxury homes in USA? While these houses host Hollywood movies, they are equipped as playgrounds for the richest businessmen in the world. The world’s most costly homes offer luxury beyond the ultimate comfort for Billionaires.

    The world’s wealthiest celebrities, stars, managers and even the royal family live in these magnificent houses for sure. It is pretty normal to wonder who lives in a castle with 20 bedrooms and 20 bathrooms. Among the super-rich who live in magnificent mansions is the billionaire businessman Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani.

    He is the biggest shareholder of Reliance Industries that is a Fortune Global 500.

    Ambani is the 10th richest person in the world. Besides, he is the richest name in Asia. Known as the most expensive top luxury homes in the world, Ambani’s Antilia structure is located on Altamount Road in Mumbai. Its estimated worth is more than $ 3 Billion!

    The World’s Top Luxury Home Antilia Worth $ 3 Billion!


    We come across Antilia while examining top luxury homes in the world. It has a value of $ 3 billion! Much has been said about Antilia which has drawn the interest of the press.

    According to the interviews with Ambani and his wife, they were dreaming of a contemporary house in Indian style. Antilia whose windows extend to the ceiling has a style that resembles a luxury hotel lobby!

    The world’s most expensive house has 27 floors. It equals the length of a 40-storey building! Several floors of this high-ceilinged building are reserved for parking.

    So, Antilia is worth $ 3 billion and there are several people thinking it deserves or not. Antilia that is known as the most expensive house in the world has a ballroom, spa, gardens, and guest houses.

    Antilia which is the most expensive and luxurious house in the world is inspired by Lotus Flower. It is also inspired by the sun. Ambanis said that they wanted to see the sun closer. A prayer room in the house where wood, crystal and marble stand out is known as the tradition of Indian houses.

    The $ 3 billion worth home of Ambani who has a fortune of 22 billion dollars is being reacted against by some people. Because it is developed among the slums in Mumbai.

    Scroll down on the list of the World’s Top 20 Expensive Luxury Homes!

    20. $110 Million, The Pinnacle, Woolworth Tower, 2017

    Broadway, New York


    19. $ 117 Million, Mountain Home Road Estate

    Woodside, California


    18. $150 Million, Billionaire

    Bel Air, California
    Bruce Makowsky’s House


    17. $154 Million, Taohuayuan

    Developer Xiangshanbang Traditional Architectural / Building Skills

    Suzhou, Jingsu, China


    16. $160 Million, Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago,1927

    Palm Beach, Florida
    Donald Trump’s House


    15. $195 Million, Gemini

    Florida, Palm Beach, Manalapan Island
    Robert Ziff, Dirk Ziff’s House


    14. $195 Million, Palazzo di Amore

    Beverly Hills, California


    13. $222 Million, 18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens

    London, England
    Indian Steel Tycoon, Lakshmi Mittal’s House


    12. $200 Million, 23- Acre Estate in Woodside

    Larry Ellison’s House


    11. $248 Million, Four Fairfield Pond

    Sagaponack, NewYork
    Ira Renner’s House


    10. $380 Million, Tour Odeon Tower Sky Penthouse

    Architect Alexandre Giraldi

    Developed Groupe Mazococo



    9. $390 Million, Bubble Palace

    Designed by Archictect Antti Lovag, 1975-1989

    Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur
    Pierre Cardin’s House


    8. $450 Million, Villa Les Cedres,1830

    Saint-Jean-Cap Ferrat, France

    Davide Campari’s House


    7. $450 Million, Witanhurst

    Architect George Hubbard, 1774

    London, UK
    Russian Businessman Andrey Guryev’s House


    6. $447 Million, 24 Middle Gap Road, 1991

    Victoria Peak, Hong Kong



    5. $497 million,  Opus Hong Kong

    Developer Swire Properties

    Stubbs Road, Victoria Peak, Hong Kong 




    4. $500 Million, The One

    Developer Nile Niami

    Bel Air, California, USA


    3. $750Million, Villa La Leopolda

    French Riviera, France

    Lily Safra’s House


    2. $3 Billion, Antilia

    Mumbai, India

    Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani’s House



    1. £4.9Billion, Buckingham Palace 

    Design by William Winde, 1703

    Westminister, UK


    World’s Top 20 Most Expensive Luxury Homes!


    Top luxury homes enrich the richest people in the world. The properties that will prove their possessions are only one percent of their wealth! These million-dollar homes belong to businessmen, actors, stars, CEOs and rich families!

    The wealthy who park their helicopters on the roofs of their houses have a dream life in the most expensive cities. Their millions of dollars’ worth of car collections are on the floors of their homes.

    Super-rich top luxury homes owners include world-famous celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and George Clooney. Richest people in the world get castles, mansions, palaces, and ultra-lux villas developed for themselves. They even buy power plants.

    World’s most luxurious dream luxury houses with 30 bedrooms, power plants and separate buildings for swimming pool… 200-person movie theater, basketball court and unique floorings!

    Super-rich people who show their wealth in Sunset Boulevard or Monte Carlo prefer famous designers when furnishing international top luxury homes.

    The designer of Antilia is Perkins & Will that is Chicago’s famous architect. There is even a temple inside!


    The house of Bill Gates who is the co-founder of Microsoft is a smart home, for sure! Bill Gates’s house overlooking Lake Washington is modern but rustic. High-tech Xanadu has a library with an area of 2,100 square meters! There are also several modern top luxury homes for sale. The taste of people who has the most luxury top homes in the world is various! As some of them want inside temples, some want smart homes. Being the most expensive and mega-luxury is the common thing!