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    Transportation Vehicles Facilitate in Turkey

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    The most important advantages of existing modern transportation systems are the increase in investments in housing and projects in the places where transportation is provided and the developments in the tourism sector. As a result of the developments in international trade and economy and the increase in national income per capita due to this change, areas such as travel and transportation have started to develop. Apart from these sectors, people’s needs for comfortable transportation are increasing. Transportation opportunities to long distances have emerged within a short time with lower cost and confidence. Turkey has experienced major advances in the field of transportation and transportation vehicles were developed and that will facilitate to life.

    Go to the Nearest Public Transport


    Public transport in Turkey began to be used widely. The expansion of choice of transportation vehicles in Turkey for domestics and foreigners will facilitate your life. If you come to Turkey for the first time, we will give you tips that will guide you. Road transportation is Turkey’s most preferred transport route in terms of demographics and living conditions are encountered. Rail systems, rail and sea transportation are preferred as other transportation routes. In addition, you can find other details that people who will travel by car need to know in our article.

    Feel the Shining Atmosphere of the City!


    The most preferred mode of transport of persons wishing to provide transport in Turkey is designated as highways and land roads. Easy access is provided by bus, metrobus, minibus, service vehicles, taxi, shared taxis thanks to both economic and wide integration network.

    Each city has its own transportation cards. With these cards, it is possible to benefit from all public transportation vehicles provided by the municipality, except for the private minibus enterprises Shared taxis and minibuses are the most preferred means of transportation after the bus. Transportation is charged according to the distance on these vehicles which belong to individuals and are used depending on the permission they receive from the municipality.

    Transportation cards provided by the municipality are not valid for these vehicles. Payments are made in cash. The yellow shared taxis, which move as the vehicle capacity is full and known as the shared taxi with the official name, they are also known as the transportation line that provides easy transportation between the districts over 45 different lines.

    Transportation vehicles such as metrobus, tramway, and cable car appear as a way to provide transportation by feeling the nostalgic atmosphere of the city.

    Reduce Crowd and Traffic Density, Save Time!


    Means of transport that will make your life easier in Turkey and that will allow you to leave behind the bustle of the city while saving time, are available. Turkey is a rapidly developing country with a new transportation projects. Rail systems come to the fore as a solution for local and foreign citizens who want to survive the traffic density. It is possible to provide your transportation faster and easier with the metro, tram, cable car and Marmaray options.

    The tips we provide about these means of transportation which will make life easier, will provide great advantage for those who will invest in Turkey, for those who come as tourists or for those already reside in the city. In Turkey, which has a metro line with world standards, Marmaray transportation is an another choice that will make your life easier. The most developed metro line is located in Istanbul and Ankara, İzmir, Bursa and Adana also have Metro network.

    Also, Marmaray passes under the Bosphorus. Marmaray is shown as the only metro line in the world that combines Asia and Europe. It is possible to reach the points that cannot be reached with different transfer points in the metro networks.

    Travel Between Continents with Sea Transportation


    Another transportation choice that will make your life easier in Turkey which surrounded by sea from three sides, is the seaway transportation. It provides the opportunity to provide transportation in a cheaper way by leaving traffic behind, compared to other transportation ways. Istanbul, it is a very common way to reach the Asian and European continents by sea and also seaway is commonly used in İzmir. The ferry lines in Istanbul appear not only for transportation but also as a preferred option for those who want to watch the unique silhouette of Istanbul. Seaway transportation, which creates attraction for foreigners in general, offers the advantage of a comfortable journey by saving money and saving time for everyone who wants to switch between the two sides.

    The Criteria to Provide Transportation by Renting a Car


    Foreigners who wish to provide transport other than public transportation can rent a car also there are certain criteria for foreigners visiting our country to rent a car. Foreigners who rent cars from car rental companies , can use their driving license in Turkey for 6 month. However, the foreign driving license must be in English. In addition, foreigners need an entrance stamp in order to rent a car while entering the country. There are companies that offer car rental services in airports. Means of transport in Turkey is designed to make your life easier, expanding transportation network with new projects provide new opportunities every day.