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    Traditional Food: Invest for Turkish Cuisine

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    Turkish food enjoys great popularity all over the world, and Turkish hospitality, as well as traditional Turkish cuisine, are popular subjects of discussion all over the world. Even foreigners who have not yet visited Turkey have already tasted meals from Turkish cuisine and try to reach the target by experimenting at home. But it is not easy to correctly make Turkish meals, which belong to the richest cuisine in the world! Continually evolving for centuries and having recipes interpreted in different ways, traditional Turkish food has been a subject of interest.

    The most popular Turkish cuisine or favorite Turkish food and drinks, fascinate people visiting Turkey! Turkey is one of the most preferred countries for gastronomic tourism. Whatever your reason for coming to Turkey, do not skip being captivated by traditional Turkish food! Keep in mind that Turkey, with which everyone falls in love even due to its tasty meals, makes people fascinated by it even before they enter the country due to such fame and is shown as a correct route for those planning to invest.

    Turkish Cuisine for Travelers to Turkey


    Turkey is a constantly developing country with its unique sea view mansions, palaces, villas and spectacular residences but its traditional dishes are in the foreground as much as its architectural beauties.

    Hold on tight! What we will tell you now will drag you into a magical utopia… If you want to live in a different country, one of the most important criteria is its cuisine and traditions. The most popular Turkish cuisine impresses everyone with its traditional food culture and hospitality. Regardless of your reason for traveling to Turkey, experiencing this culture in the most appropriate way will enable you to have different perspectives, will reshape your investment or add a new one to your dreams.

    Turkish food and drinks will be better understood only if accompanied by a professional guide or after well prepared preliminary research. If you are going to visit Turkey or if you are planning to live in Turkey, we recommend you to set your route according to these unique flavors. We will give you the necessary clues, do not deviate from the route because the door of a new world can be opened for you!

    Traditional Turkish dishes in most popular Turkish cuisine are generally prepared with lamb, vegetables and fresh ingredients. One of the most popular Turkish cuisine traditions is the soup that is served before meals. The starters include a wide range of soups and the main courses include tantalizing meat dishes. The palatable dishes are prepared using olive oil and butter prepared with crops harvested from fertile soils of Turkey and you should try them in the appropriate places. We advise you to take a few bottles of olive oil before leaving Turkey, you will never forget this unique taste.

    Traditional Turkish Food | Turkish Cuisine Guide


    Regardless of your reason for traveling to Turkey, one of the most important things you need to know is that traditional Turkish food culture and social life constitute a whole. The first thing to know about the most popular traditional Turkish food and cuisine in Turkey is that there’re restaurants with different structures pertaining to different cuisines. To be more specific, if you are going to eat kebab, you should go to a kebab shop or to east a good soup, you should go to a soup restaurant. Complex cafes created by popular culture may not suit traditional Turkish dishes and may create a false perception. Wrong choices can mislead you about Turkish cuisine. For this reason, businesses, luxury villa restaurants and halls serving traditional Turkish food and drinks should be preferred, rather than cafes or snack bars.

    Traditional Turkish dishes are professionally cooked in restaurants located in some shopping centers. In fact, Turkish cuisine, which has gained a strategic importance today, is prepared in the best way in modern restaurants opened alongside new housing projects. It is possible to find the most accurate form of gourmet tastes in metropolitan cities, like Istanbul, in which all civilizations and traditions of each region come together.

    Invest in Traditional Turkish Food and Drink


    One of the most profitable ventures in Turkey could be to open a restaurant. Turkish society is known for its fondness for food. Gourmet flavors, traditional flavors and the hospitable nature of Turkish people come together to reflect their personalities. One of the most accurate analysis to be done for Turkish society is that when it comes to food, all the details are left aside and the food is eaten. Then you can go back to the matter.

    If a job interview has been scheduled, you can do this while having a kebab in the luxury Turkish villa or at a molecular kitchen restaurant, the number of which is constantly increasing. Culinary culture in Turkey has reached a very wide range. There are luxurious places that every segment can reach. Opportunities suited to every budget increase every day and are shown as the most profitable sector.

    Establishing a partnership in Turkey or setting up a business on your own with different interpretations of dishes from traditional Turkish cuisine will enable you to make large profits. It will be very simple to make this profit with a correct marketing strategy.

    Opening a gastronomy course has recently been highly profitable in Turkey. With daily workshops or long-term training, you will be able to introduce your own food culture along with Turkish food culture. Apart from this, restaurants opened around residential projects, the number of which is continually increasing in Turkey, making large profits. Because with the housing estate culture, Turkish people desire the opportunity to eat traditional Turkish food and drinks without going too far from the house.

    For this reason, you can both reserve one of the new housing projects for yourself and earn a big profit with a business that you will establish near you. If you want detailed information about this subject, Projescope team can provide information about the regions and choose the most suitable one among residential projects for you or offer a portfolio…

    Get To Know “Lokanta (Restaurant)” Culture in Turkey


    Traditional Turkish cuisine is popular with Turkish food and drinks as well as with its venues called “lokanta” (restaurant). It is possible to find versions of these traditional venues where the best quality and local dishes are cooked in the most appropriate way. For example, in Italy, there are family restaurants, called “trattoria”, dating back centuries. In Turkey, the places that serve this purpose are restaurants. Restaurants are the places that will serve you the freshest food in the fastest way, and they will also be affordable. If you are going to go with your family, there are restaurants with special compartments for families and even restaurants that are specifically open for families.

    They can be described as places where you can pamper yourself with daily fresh Turkish food and drinks prepared with care. You will definitely not regret having Traditional Turkish food varieties in these places. You can find restaurants in every region of Turkey and they allow you to find all flavors in a single city. It is possible to eat the dishes from the cuisine of the Southeastern region in Nisantasi, Fatih or another district in Istanbul.

    In its most beautiful form. Urbanization and transformation in the country resulting from migrations have created a cultural richness. You may be able to find all the traditional Turkish food flavors in a single region. For this reason, you can find traditional Turkish food and drinks by making an appropriate investigation. Then, while enjoying traditional Turkish food and hospitality, you can get to know the concept of the most popular Turkish cuisine in the most accurate way.