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    Top Banks in Turkey | Maximum Efficiency for Investment!

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    Banks, known as commercial organizations established to perform any and all money and credit operations, in Turkey they provide as top banks have different functions according to the services. Our website Projescope will help you better understand various functions of these organizations and the areas where they provide service. At the same time, deciding on the bank you will choose during the transactions you will perform in line with all these aspects will increase the efficiency of your transaction.

    In addition to various functions, they rank near the top as the banks included in the top banks category in Turkey, which are preferred the most with their service quality . Distinguishing these banks in terms of their functions and understanding of service will provide stable, practical and safe support during your transactions.

    Ziraat Bank | The Value of Each Period


    Ziraat Bank was founded in 1863 and is taking the lead among state-owned top banks in Turkey. It is taking steps towards continuous development in order to enhance the country’s value.

    Ziraat Bank, which stands out with its banking services in Turkey as well as worldwide, continues its activities in the banking sector in Turkey. It has a universal reputation and value with its service quality and understanding, carried out on the basis of reliability and sustainability.
    The primary understanding included in the purpose and vision plan of Ziraat Bank is that banking services are for everyone. The service and effective management provided by Ziraat Bank, rated among the leader banks in Turkey, with the same standards regardless of where in the world they are provided adds value to its value. Credit operations, development of foreign trade keep the understanding of equal service to all domestic and foreign customers above all its activities.

    Garanti BBVA | Top Banks in Turkey


    Garanti Bank, which is among top banks in Turkey, has improved its service activities each day since its establishment in 1946, and been careful about equal standards. As the second largest private bank in Turkey, Garanti has been providing corporate and commercial services and continuing its service activities in all banking transactions, personal and private.

    The shareholding structure of Garanti Bank, which is rated top among the top banks in Turkey due to the size of its total market value, has no real person having a share of over 5%.

    Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A., which is the main partner of Garanti Bank with 49.85% share, was established in 1957. BBVA is among the strongest financial institutions in Spain and Mexico. The purpose of establishment of the institution, which provides global financial services, is to be known as a pioneer in the banking system.

    Akbank | Build Your Future!


    Established as a private equity commercial bank in 1948 and ranking among the top banks in Turkey, Akbank was taken public in 1990 . In 1998, it was traded in international markets.

    Providing services in corporate, commercial, personal and investment banking in Turkey, Akbank comes to the fore with its payment system and international banking services. In addition to banking transactions, it continues to provide insurance services under the names of Aksigorta A.Ş and AvivaSA emeklilik.

    It’s rated among top banks in the field of digital banking and provides dynamics of the rivalry between the leading banks in Turkey . Akbank, which has established its service understanding based on ensuring customer satisfaction by following the trends on its sustainability mission, constantly improves its services.

    Halkbank | The Bank Which Produces In Order For Turkey To Produce


    With its active operating pace, it provides support for increasing production, investments and employment. When we look at its historical development in Turkey, it allows us to go way back in time, and it’s ranked among the top banks due to its number of branches in the Turkish banking sector and effective management and service concept.

    Halkbank maintains its position at the top in the Turkish banking sector with its customer, development oriented service and quality approach. Halkbank, which attaches value to improving the services it provides with a customer-oriented, reliable, creative, intelligent, confident and conscious understanding of service with highest productivity, maintains its top position among the banks in Turkey.

    VakifBank | Top Banks in Turkey


    Vakifbank, ranked the top in our list of leader bank in Turkey, was established in 1954 . The common feature of banks known as the top banks in Turkey is that there is an understanding of modern banking for Strong Turkey. VakıfBank, which fulfills this purpose and has the status of a leading bank, offers investment banking services along with its basic banking services. Developing its activities for the capital market, VakifBank offers a wide range of services on equal terms to its individual and corporate domestic or foreign customers.

    It continues to provide service to its customers with an understanding of reliability and sustainability as well as the principle of transparency for years. Having a great role in Turkey’s financial sector, VakifBank provides service by also continuing its activities in the social field.

    In addition to its international branches, such as Turkey, New York, Bahrain, it has a large service network due to the size of its ATM and POS network.