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    Top 5 Housing Projects Suitable for Different Budgets in Istanbul!‎

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    Top 5 housing projects Istanbul suitable for different budgets and needs in Istanbul are selected for you! ‎Among the branded housing projects, suitable alternatives are offered for every budget and ‎lifestyle. There are various options for living and investment with branded housing projects, ‎the number of which is constantly increasing in Istanbul.‎

    There are regional changes in Istanbul with the rapidly increasing number of branded housing ‎projects and urban transformation activities. It is possible to find the most suitable house for ‎your budget and living standards in every part of the city! You can take advantage of ‎Projescope to choose the most appropriate housing and shape your ‎investment all over the country…‎

    Taksim 360: Living Istanbul in The City Center! ‎


    You will be truly enchanted with the Taksim 360 project developed in Taksim. ‎Taksim is the ‎most central and popular location among Istanbul branded housing ‎options! Being constructed ‎in Taksim, Taksim 360 project will provide many ‎different advantages to your life!‎

    The project in Taksim, one of the most valuable locations of Istanbul, will make ‎you feel the ‎historical and nostalgic atmosphere ‎ of the city. Thanks to its exterior ‎and interior architecture ‎in addition to the luxurious and comfortable life! Walk down the wide ‎boulevard that goes ‎down to the Bosphorus and get closer to the unprecedented ‎atmosphere of Istanbul! Carry the ‎advantages of being only meters ‎away from Galata or Golden Horn to your whole life. Living ‎in the heart of ‎Istanbul!‎

    Apart from being the most valuable and central location of Istanbul, let’s examine this ‎valuable project in general!‎

    Where is Taksim 360 Project?‎

    Where exactly is Taksim 360 which offers strong investment opportunities among ‎housing ‎projects that meet different standards in Istanbul?‎

    Probably one of the most valuable residential areas of Istanbul,‎ Nisantasi ‎is only 5 minutes ‎away from this project. It is located 2 minutes away from Karakoy. Karakoy is one ‎of the ‎oldest settlements in Istanbul and is going through a rapid transformation.‎

    You will have the opportunity to live full of privileges in the heart of Istanbul with Taksim ‎‎360. Because it is only 10 minutes away from the Bosphorus and 35 minutes from Kent Park.‎

    Taksim 360 Project, A General Review ‎Housing Projects in Istanbul

    The largest urban renewal project of Turkey, Taksim 360 goes without saying among Branded ‎housing projects in Istanbul! This valuable living project which should ‎be included in this list ‎is a project that will make a profit for housing buyers ‎in every field. It will provide complete ‎change and improvement for both your ‎capital and your life.‎

    By purchasing a residence from Taksim 360 project, you will live in the city ‎center and feel ‎the fascinating atmosphere of Istanbul.‎

    It will carry all the energy of Istanbul into your home. Istanbul is glorious with its cultural ‎and ‎architectural features as well as its environmental features. If you ‎want to feel this unique ‎energy in your whole life… Taksim 360 comes to the ‎fore as the most ideal housing project for ‎you in Istanbul.‎

    Taksim 360 project is being promoted with the Living Istanbul motto. If you want to live ‎Istanbul in the city center, this project is above and beyond your ideal. If you want to feel the ‎funny, bright, and vivacious Istanbul life in your home… You can review the details of the ‎project here.

    Keles Center: Enrich Your Investment, Not Only Your Life!‎


    Keles Center is outstanding among the most ideal options to ‎grow your capital Istanbul with ‎different ‎prices and standards‎! Use the advantages of the rapidly valued region for your ‎living ‎space, or your commercial activities!‎

    Keles Center increases its investment value with its housing options as well as ‎location. You ‎can benefit from the rental income, shape your commercial activities, ‎or you can use it as your ‎living space. While you augment your ‎commercial activities with its location, you can also turn ‎your life into a profit. With ‎the units and facilities included in the project!‎

    Where is the Keles Center Project and what are the opportunities within the project? Let’s take ‎a look at the internal and external features of the Keles Center project…‎

    Where is Keles Center Project?‎

    Keles Center presents an advantageous life for residential buyers with its central location. That ‎is because the project is right next to E-5 Highway among Istanbul housing projects. ‎

    Developed in Istanbul Kucukcekmece, all of the advantages of the region provide a privileged ‎life for you. Arriving at Basin Ekspres Highway in minutes, you will be 3 minutes far away from ‎Kent Park. By reaching the metro and metrobuses in a few minutes, you will easily go to every ‎part of Istanbul. ‎

    Keles Center Project, A General Review Housing Projects in Istanbul

    Keles Center is chosen for you among the housing projects in Istanbul. The project ‎is one of ‎the most valuable living complexes in Istanbul with its location and ‎architectural features!‎

    Keles Center project has been delicately designed both for your commercial ‎activities. It will ‎add value to your life with its units, living spaces, and unique ‎opportunities. It offers ‎opportunities to strengthen your investment with its ‎‎14.000 m2 landscape area, commercial ‎units, spacious flats, social living areas. ‎Keles Center gains value every day in Istanbul for ‎those who want to enrich not ‎only their lives but also their investment.‎

    You can visit the project page to have all the details about this unique project full of ‎privileges. Or fill out the form here, we will contact you as soon as possible!‎ Get information housing projects in Istanbul…

    Cihannuma Cengelkoy: Istanbul Houses with Fascinating Sea View


    Cihannuma Cengelkoy is a fascinating life project that will take you beyond your ‎dreams ‎among housing projects. It offers different prices and standards in ‎Istanbul! Cihannuma ‎Cengelkoy consists of 5 blocks with 25 housing options. It ‎provides not only a comfortable ‎but also luxurious life beyond expectations to ‎residential buyers who want a life full of ‎privileges.‎

    If you want a fascinating life away from the chaos of Istanbul traffic and noise of the city… ‎Cihannuma will be the right choice for you because the project is full of luxury and privileges‎. ‎With Cihannuma Cengelkoy project, Istanbul’s fascinating sea view will be in your home at ‎any time of the day. Beyond adding value to your life with Istanbul’s most valuable housing ‎project, you will have a privileged life with its extraordinary architectural structure.‎

    Where is Cihannuma Cengelkoy Project?‎

    Cihannuma Cengelkoy project offers you a dream-like life with numerous privileges. Reach ‎beyond privilege with its luxury standards and architectural structure among Istanbul housing ‎projects! Where exactly is Cihannuma Cengelkoy project which invites you to a life that ‎pushes the limits of luxury and comfort?‎

    Cihannuma Cengelkoy project is at a point where you will be satisfied with the historical ‎texture and fascinating sea view of Istanbul. You will fall in love as soon as you see the ‎project! Walk to the Bosphorus and reach Cinaralti that is a tourist attraction, in 4 minutes. Or, ‎reach Beylerbeyi in only 5 minutes, and Fethipasa Grove in 10 minutes. Reach means of ‎transportation such as metro and marmaray in 15 minutes and travel different points of the ‎city comfortably. Let us make a general review of the project where you will feel that you are ‎living in Istanbul. Then fill in the form if you wish, let us contact you as soon as possible and ‎inform you about the project. Or, you can review the project introduction page and learn about ‎your privileges.‎

    Cihannuma Cengelkoy, A General Review Housing Projects in Istanbul

    Cihannuma Cengelkoy project is the key to luxury life, it stands out among Cengelkoy ‎housing projects with its view! The housing options in the project aim to add value to your life ‎beyond your expectations. This privileged living project is presented to the taste of the home ‎buyers who want a ‎luxurious and privileged life.‎ It is taken place in Cengelkoy that is one of ‎the oldest residential areas of Istanbul.‎

    Take a step and reach the Bosphorus! It will add a different perspective to your life and ‎strengthen your investment more than you think! With Cihannuma, you will fall in love with ‎Istanbul city, again and again.‎

    Nirvana Gunesli: The Most Valuable Mixed Life Project of Basin Ekspres!‎


    Nirvana Gunesli awaits home buyers at Basin Ekspres which is the second financial ‎center ‎of ‎Istanbul. Developed to meet every need among housing projects in ‎Istanbul, the project offers ‎different prices and living conditions.‎

    With 156 housing options, Nirvana Gunesli offers affordable housings for buyers. Large ‎terraces, apartments with gardens, and commercial units in the fastest-growing region of ‎Istanbul… Keep examining the details of these affordable flats ‎that will provide fast ‎return in the Istanbul housing sector!‎

    Where is Nirvana Gunesli Project?‎

    Nirvana Gunesli continues to add value to Basin Ekspres that is the fastest-growing ‎district of ‎the European Side of Istanbul.‎

    Located only 4 km from the TEM Highway, Nirvana is also 3 km to the E-5 ‎Highway. ‎Besides, it has a very convenient location for you to provide easy and ‎fast access to every part ‎of Istanbul using transportation means such as metro and ‎metrobus! The project is only 700 ‎meters away from the Basin Ekspres Highway. ‎Nirvana Gunesli is 6 km from Mahmutbey Toll ‎Station and 9 km from the Istanbul ‎Airport, attracting attention with its high investment value in ‎the city center.‎

    Nirvana Gunesli, A General Review ‎Housing Projects in Istanbul

    The project which is developed in Gunesli offers spacious and peaceful mixed living spaces ‎with large terraces. It draws the attention of homebuyers with its iconic architecture.‎

    The project which has various opportunities to strengthen your commercial activities, includes ‎‎156 apartments, 9 commercial units, and 16 offices. The project providing a rental guarantee is ‎riveting with its rapid increase in value. In addition to its return on investment, it has high ‎value with its commercial units! Benefit from the advantageous and affordable houses and ‎commercial units in the project with high luxury and investment value. Raise your standards ‎with the ever-increasing housing value, you can fill out the form here and get detailed ‎information from our sales consultants. You can contact us and  ‎get one of the houses and units with a high rental income.‎

    Pruva 34 ‎: Do You Want a Life Right Next to Sea?‎


    Pruva 34 is another project we have selected for you among ‎5 housing projects suitable for ‎different budgets and needs in Istanbul! When choosing one of the housing projects in ‎Istanbul, it will be sufficient to determine your standards to choose the most suitable house ‎with reasonable prices and appropriate payment terms. Projescope professional sales ‎consultants will be with you both when choosing the house of your dreams and setting your ‎standards.‎

    To benefit from our pre and post-sales consultancy service, it will be sufficient to fill out the ‎form. Contact us and choose just one of the numerous options to add value to your ‎life and your capital in Turkey.

    Leave the rest to our excellent cooperation!‎

    Where is Pruva 34 Project?‎

    Pruva 34 rises on the coastline of Bakirkoy which is one of the most charming residential areas ‎of Istanbul. It is among the housing options that meet different ‎budgets and standards in ‎Istanbul. ‎This living project rising at the most valuable point of the coastline is one of the most ‎precious buildings for your standards and budget!‎

    You will be fascinated when you learn about the details of the project developed at a point ‎that rapidly gains value on the Bakirkoy – Atakoy line in the European Side of Istanbul. Take ‎your dreams a step further, examine the details or turn your dreams into reality!

    Pruva 34, A General Review ‎Housing Projects in Istanbul

    Pruva 34 is a luxury life project that will be ideal for middle and high-income people. The ‎project whose foundations were laid on the European Side of Istanbul includes 7 residence ‎blocks, 2 hotel blocks, and 1 apartment block. The project, developed to appreciate every ‎detail of your life, consists of 10 blocks in total.‎

    Each flat within the scope of the project has a unique and fascinating sea view of Istanbul! ‎Moreover, you will be impressed with housing options among projects in Istanbul. You will not have trouble finding the ‎house that best suits your budget and living standards. When choosing a house from the ‎project with 2 flats on each floor, you only need to decide on which floor you want to live on.‎

    Pruva 34 has a unique location for transportation to the whole city. It has been developed next ‎to the link roads for easy transportation on both sides of Istanbul. If you wish, you can use the ‎Eurasia Tunnel to go to the other side of the city without any traffic issues. If you wish, you ‎can have the comfort of reaching the most valuable residential points on the European side in ‎minutes.‎

    Ask our consultants now!