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    Synthesis of the West with Far East: Investment in Turkey

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    If you chose Turkey for investment or living, then it is high time that you meet the Turkish culture. Turkey is not only an optimal place for life but also is home to the Turkish culture that raises curiosity among foreigners in terms of history and ethnic heritage, which creates an unmatched value for your academic researches, life, investment, and all strategic decisions you’ll make.

    Turkish culture is too diversified to explain with a few definitions or a single article. The reason for that is ethnic heritage and cultures arising out of the ethnic diversity that existed in the past were blended and survived until today. Yes, Turkey is a country that still preserves its traditions and enchants you with its cultural heritage upon reading, making the one curious and conduct long researches. Its architectural structure, authentic houses, culinary culture, gardening and palace culture, and even the bathing culture make people curious. However, one thing you should know is that the first concepts that come to one’s mind when someone says Turk or Turkish culture are Turkish flag, Ataturk and the Republic.

    Let’s look into the diversity of Turkish culture, which we can describe as a component of daily routines involving the social life for foreigners wishing to get to know Turkey. Maybe you’ll want to become a part of this culture. Remember that you can become a homeowner whilst gaining Turkish citizenship, by buying a property in Turkey! The minimum amount fixed by the Turkish government is USD250,000 in order to be eligible for citizenship! One should not forget about value of the Turkish real estate sector that increases day by day, too.

    Traditional Houses | An Infrastructure that Gets Stronger and a Stronger Turkey!


    The construction efforts are ongoing at the highest speed as a result of urban transformation activities that gained speed in recent years in Turkey, and the infrastructure is being strengthened, by retaining traditional houses and architectural characteristics that have turned into a symbol for Turkish culture. The Turkish culture is seen as a center of attraction for foreigners whilst Turkey is getting stronger with the social and cultural structure that enhances all the time. This is because the Turkish culture and traditions are different, extraordinary and authentic for foreigners visiting Turkey.

    Turkish culture raises the curiosity for foreigners with its ambiance full of tourist attractions and modern structure as well as cultural diversity. Although the appearance of houses has changed with the effect of internal and external construction operations that have seen tremendous growth in recent years use of high-quality materials, developments in the architectural field, some houses, found in certain regions, which an architecture dating back to ancient civilizations are being conserved. Thousands of tourists visit aforesaid houses every year.

    Popular Culture in Turkey | Cultural Transformation, not A Collapse!


    We can say, for sure, that the new generation in Turkey has not suffered a cultural collapse with the effect of popular culture. And, in connection with this matter, the changing face of Turkey has only advanced towards development as a result of architectural efforts of recent years. There was not a single period when the Turkish culture saw an alienation or collapse.

    Traditional houses which have turned into a symbol for the Turkish culture were built in line with climate conditions, availability of natural resources or critical events of the era. Critical events that come to mind with regard to Turkish culture became a symbol with these houses. Although houses described as modern for today’s popular culture have nothing to do with the architecture of traditional houses, one can notice traces from Turkish culture.

    For foreigners, the houses of Turkey create the perception of a different world with their interiors and exteriors, and Turkish culture and traditions raise curiosity. External facade materials and workmanship of houses in Turkey, their sizes, fireplaces, traditional wall decorations, window structures and, notably, furniture make those visiting these houses set out on a journey to a different world.

    Turkish Culture and Traditional Houses Reflecting Turkish Identity


    Traditional houses built in Turkey using natural or non-natural materials, which reflect the Turkish culture and the Turkish identity, were built in different forms which vary from region to region. Houses made of stone and brick in Central Anatolia have changed shape as wooden houses in the North Anatolia Region. Traditional architectural structures of every region have been built using different materials.

    Below are examples of houses which have not entered the field of influence of the popular culture and modernization in Turkey and have only been restored.

    • Beypazari Houses – Ankara
    • Burdur Houses – Burdur
    • Safranbolu Houses – Karabuk
    • Eastern Black Sea Houses
    • Wood Culture and Timber Houses
    • Cappadocia Houses -Cappadocia
    • Cumalikizik Houses – Bursa

    WATERFRONT RESIDENCES | Dazzling Mansions by the Sea


    One of the symbols for Turkish culture is the architectural structures that combine grandeur and simplicity. The Turkish culture retains all of its characteristics and different traditions with its historical waterfront residences, built by the sea, and waterfront residences are considered as the first structures that come to mind for foreigners when it comes to the Turkish culture.

    Even if the architecture in Turkey has changed with the popular culture, these waterfront residences retain their dazzling attraction, retaining their former magnificence. Mansions, waterfront residences, palaces, which increase the value of Turkey in terms of tourist attractions, also offer the best views of Turkey. Yes, the architectural characteristics have changed in Turkey due to the effect of the popular culture, and the demand for comfort and smart technologies rises.

    The Turkish real estate sector draws a great deal of attention from foreigners, traditions are being ignored and assuming a different appearance. Even if traditions are being ignored, the Turkish culture is being preserved thanks to the Turkish people conserving ambiance of houses, interior characteristics and even the traditions of houses.

    Yes, waterfront residences that enchant everyone looking at them with their historical texture … we strongly recommend you to visit them to understand how they have isolated themselves within the popular culture and to see traces of different traditions and cultures left in Turkey over the centuries and to get to know the Turkish culture…



    Eating Habits
    • Turkish baths
    • Bazaars
    • Mosques
    • Gardens

    Zeray Country | The Magnificence Preserving Its Traditions!


    Bursa, a city with a great importance for the Turkish culture where foreigners can witness different cultures and traditions. Zeray Country project located in Bursa offers a different architecture and comfort, combining the popular culture and traditions among structures that become modern in Turkey. The project carrying all spaciousness of the nature to your house also brings the Turkish culture and traditions close to you.

    The project located in Bademli, the most elegant and popular neighborhood of Bursa, is one of the important steps taken for the Turkish culture owing to its splendor and architecture that reflects the Turkish traditions.

    Zeray Country, developed by Zeray construction, has become a hot topic with projects that always stand out from others in the Turkish real estate sector. Surrounded by olive orchards and woods, the project aims to provide you with the Turkish culture and the comfort presented by modern life at the same time. Everything has been designed smartly in this project appealing to any type of budget where your private living space is fully concealed. You can book your place in this project built with materials of the highest quality and carry the splendor of palaces to your house. Contact us now!