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    Sea View Housing Projects in Istanbul | Projects and Advantages

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    Sea view housing projects in Istanbul which are becoming more and more valuable with their eye-catching views. We have compiled for you 5 project with spacious living spaces and social facilities and which those wishing to buy property dream of, and 5 advantages. Living in property with a sea view in Turkey has ceased to be a dream with newly built housing projects. When you wake up in the morning, you will sip your coffee while watching the sea from your window, and feel the glow of the city at home in the evening. In addition to all these, you will have the opportunity to choose the most suitable one among the housing projects designed for each economic level.

    It’ll be appropriate to call Istanbul, which is Turkey’s most valuable city, the center of investment. In addition to the state-sponsored mega projects existing in Istanbul, which are increasing day by day, the number of housing projects is also increasing. Housing projects, which especially attract citizens on low incomes and foreign investors, are increasingly becoming the center of attention. In addition to central regions, there are also projects which are rapidly sold out following a decrease in property prices as a result of increasing number of alternative housing projects with a sea view. In this article, you will find 5 advantages we have prepared for property buyers who want to carry the spaciousness of the sea to the living space and all details such as transportation alternatives and social facilities about 5 most popular housing projects with a sea view in Istanbul.

    Leave the Crowd Outside Your Door!

    Sea view housing projects in Istanbul, you can include your life in a happier and more enjoyable atmosphere and make it enjoyable. Istanbul is a city where you get exhausted at the end of the say due to crowdedness and fast living conditions but you are filled with peace when you sit on a bench by the sea and look at the sea. As you approach the end of a day during which you experience business life, social life, traffic jams, anxiety and stress, going to the nearest site by the sea and inhaling the smell of the sea will instantly make you feel happy. Apart from that, choosing transport by sea and traveling on the sea while attracting the color of the crowd is a different alternative.

    Istanbul, whose value is increasing among coastal cities gaining importance in Turkey and which becomes the site for a new housing project, is known as a popular city. The sea factor, which is the reason why foreign investors, as well as foreigners who have obtained citizenship, work permit and residence permit, prefer for living, also emerges as a center of attraction for the citizens of the Republic of Turkey.

    Your Investment Will Become Stronger with Decreasing Land Stock!

    People who want to buy property in Istanbul but postpone their dreams due to difficult economic conditions have the opportunity to make their dreams come true with developing housing projects. An accurate comparison between housing projects with sea view in Istanbul and evaluation of investment potentials should be performed through professional consultants. Due to the gradual decline in land stocks in coastal regions of Istanbul, the prices of lands and housing projects are progressively increasing.

    You will be able to upgrade your quality of life with housing projects with a sea view in Istanbul. While the sales and construction of housing projects with a sea view in Istanbul, the number of which has recently increased in KucukcekmeceAtakoy and Zeytinburnu coasts, are underway, empty areas can be said to have been used up in most regions on the Anatolian side. Investing in property in Istanbul will make you reach peace and comfort as soon as you step in your home and bring about great advantages by virtue of the fact that property investment in Turkey rapidly gains value.

    Make Your Life Easier with Alternative Means of Transport!

    Housing projects with a sea view in Istanbul are preferred for use as living areas or for investment purposes. You will be able to increase your standards with housing projects with a sea view, which are preferred as living areas, and facilitate your life with a wide range of means of transport.

    While Istanbul develops with housing projects with a sea view on the Anatolian and European sides, means of transport are also improving. While housing projects are rising in regions such as Kartal, Tuzla and Pendik on the Anatolian Side, housing projects with a sea view are rising in regions such as Beylikduzu, Zeytinburnu, Atakoy on the European Side. New means of transport, such as underground networks passing through such regions, are being developed for the Asian and European sides. Means of transport is the biggest advantage among the elements that will enable your investment in housing projects with a sea view in Istanbul to appreciate.

    Open Your Windows to the Sea for a Dreamy Life

    Having architectural structures with a unique sea view and historical structures everybody dreams of, Istanbul continues to be the home for housing projects. Foreigners who come to Turkey only to experience nature and history decide to be a citizen after experiencing the unique view of the sea. At the same time, the number of locals and foreigners who want to obtain a profit share in the Turkish property market, whose investment value is progressively increasing, is increasing.

    With housing projects that will host the unique sea view to your home as soon as you wake up in the morning, living in an area expanded by the light filling the room is seen as a prominent source of attraction. Istanbul gains more value not only with visual feast, but also with housing projects that will add comfort to your home. If you want to turn your living space into investment, you can benefit from getting our professional consultancy service.

    Enjoy Social Facilities with Istanbul Housing Projects

    Sea view housing projects in Istanbul of another advantage is that located at zero level to the coastline or a few steps from the sea view to social facilities. You’ll be able to take a walk by the sea in the morning and relax by watching the horizon in the evening. You can meditate by greeting the sun or watch the light of starts reflected on the sea in the evening. While bridge lights illuminate your night, you can watch the architecture of Istanbul from your sofa. Apart from all these, in addition to improved social facilities within the housing projects with a sea view in Istanbul, you have the opportunity to swim in the sea around some luxury housing projects.

    5 Remarkable Housing Projects with A Sea View

    You will be able to add peace to your life with 5 housing projects that are being built on two sides of Istanbul, the city with 7 hills. With the investment you will make, you will also have the opportunity to earn a lifetime. We have chosen 5 eye-catching housing projects on the European and Anatolian sides for you;

    • Mesa Cubuklu 28          / Beykoz
     Denizistanbul Marina  / Beylikduzu
    Marina 24                      / Buyukcekmece
    • Yedi Mavi                      / Zeytinburnu
    • Cennet Koru                / Kucukcekmece


    Mesa Cubuklu 28 for Sea and Forest View

    While your house is illuminated with sea view, it is possible to bring the radiance and the lift of nature to your home. Mesa Cubuklu 28, which stands out with its sea view and unique natural beauty among housing projects in Istanbul, provides great advantages for your life and investment. The housing project comprising 80 flats and a large area of social facilities situated on a land of 6500 sqm stands out as a project that will add quality to your life. There are bank loan facilities and installment options for the project, which consists of 3 blocks and is structured as 2 floors. You can get more detailed information and contact us.

    Denizistanbul Marina, the Pearl of Beylikduzu

    Projescope Deniz Istanbul Marina Houses to Get Turkish Citizenship

    Denizistanbul Marina, built by Kelesoglu Construction company in Istanbul Beylikduzu region, which consists of 87 villas, has brought a breath of fresh air to housing projects with a sea view. The housing project, which consists of villas and attracts attention with its unique architecture, has become the new attraction center of Istanbul. Apart from its 5 types of villa, cafes and restaurants, it offers a unique life experience with its social facilities. By examining the project features and sample flats, you can safely provide your investment and make the most accurate analysis before choosing your living space.

    Privileged Life with Versus Dragos

    Versus Dragos, a housing project with a sea view built by Resim Yapı company in Istanbul Kartal, offers a safe life. The residential project with a high investment value offers a peaceful life, while bringing the sea view to your home. After examining the details of the housing project, which will add value to your life with its wide range of social facilities and high security measures, you will dream of including your family and yourself in a unique life.

    Seven Wonders of Life; Yedi Mavi Istanbul 

    While everyone is looking for a reason to wake up in the morning, you will want to have the morning to drink your coffee while looking at the horizon and dreaming. In the evening, when the daylight is replaced by darkness, you will watch the city lights that offer you a shining life and have a pleasant time with your loved ones. While your life will be brighter with your laughter that will fill your home, your quality of life will be increased by the sea air you inhale. In addition to all these advantages, your investment will appreciate in value every day. After receiving the details of the project, built by Gul Construction company on an area of 63.500 sqm, you can also step into a privileged life.

    Turn Your Life into an Advantage with Cennet Koru!

    Projescope Cennet Koru For Real Estate Investment

    Another project that stands out among housing projects with a sea view in Istanbul is Cennet Koru, which rises on the European Side of Istanbul. The project, which houses 25 shops, stands out with its social facilities and transport facilities. In addition, the project, which will turn your home into a paradise with a sea view, embraces you with a natural and spacious life. Offering you the privileges of the Cennet Koru project, Kelesoğlu Construction company takes all precautions for your safety and offers a comfortable life. You can feel the paradise in your home in line with your preference by examining the details of the project.