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    Residence Permit for Foreigners | Procedures to Live and Work in Turkey

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    Entry and exit to/from Turkey and residence in Turkey of foreign nationals are governed by “Law on Foreigners and International Protection”. These procedures and principles will be used for all practices and rights of foreigners in these processes. Obtaining a residence permit for foreigners will vary depending on the time of residence in Turkey. In our article, we will examine requirements applicable depending on the period of residence and general information.

    Residence Permit for Foreigners Who Will Reside Long Term


    If foreign nationals who have resided long term in Turkey have resided uninterruptedly for eight years, they will be entitled to obtain a residence permit. Thy should submit an application for a residence permit to Immigration Administrative Body. Requirements for a long-term residence permit include not having received any social aid over the last three years of these eight years, having enough income to be able to look after himself/herself and his/her family, if any, having health insurance and not having engaged in any act that would pose a threat to the public. Foreign nationals granted long-term residence permit have certain rights ad obligations. Without prejudice to military service, benefiting from the right to elect and be elected and social security rights, they can exercise any rights which Turkish citizens have. But in these eight years, if they leave Turkey for one year without interruption for an activity other than educational activity, compulsory public service or education, the right to a long-term residence permit will be lost. Any act that would pose a threat to public security will permanently abolish the residence permit. Necessary documents include 4 photographs, original passport, a copy of the passport and appointment form.

    Residence Permit for Foreigners Who Will Reside Short Term


    Foreign nationals who came to Turkey with visa exemption may be granted a residence permit for one year if they meet the requirements below. But, in order to benefit from this, they must submit an application to the Immigration and Asylum Office before the visa or exemption period expires. Foreign nationals should make an appointment before the application and complete the necessary documents in this process. Requirements and necessary documentation vary by the purpose of residence. Foreign nationals who come for tourism purposes should calculate their length of stay, pay their fees and submit necessary documentation. Foreign nationals who come with the aim of conducting scientific research should request permit for this purpose and report their research subjects to the relevant institution if they obtain the permit. Foreign nationals owning property in Turkey should file an application for a residence permit. The property should be a dwelling and its intended purpose should be the same. Foreign nationals who have been granted visa for business meetings or for commercial purposes can obtain a residence permit for starting a business or business meetings. But visa entries must be for the same purpose. Foreign nationals who come to Turkey for tourism, health and education purposes can obtain short-term residence permits if they fulfill the relevant requirements.

    Obtaining A Residence Permit By Marrying A Turkish Citizen


    Another way to get a residence permit for foreigners in Turkey is to marry a Turkish citizen. Foreign nationals are provided with comprehensive means to benefit from residence premit. For foreigners, family residence permit is issued for two years at a time in Turkey. If a foreign national has married multiple times, s/he can apply only for one of them. Children of families who have permits through family residence must have a student residence permit for education. In case of divorce, people who have obtained a residence permit for at least three years in this manner can apply for a short term residence permit. But if the reason for the divorce is a reason that poses a threat to the security of the foreign national, the condition of three years is not sought. There are certain requirements for a family residence permit, and such requirements include the fact the monthly income must be minimum wage as a minimum for foreigners in Turkey. The family must have suitable living conditions, taking into account the number of family members. All family members must have taken out the necessary health insurance. It is imperative that none of the members of the family have committed any offense that will endanger the family order for five years after the application for a residence permit has been filed.

    Foreign Students Obtaining A Residence Permit In Turkey


    Another way for foreigners to get a residence permit in Turkey is to obtain a student residence permit. Foreign nationals with foreign student status should enter Turkey with a student visa to be able to get a residence permit by filing an application for a student residence permit. In addition, foreign students who wish to obtain a student residence permit must apply for a student residence permit within one month of entering Turkey.

    For students, the term of student visa is the entire duration of the education. In the case of applications to be made for the term until secondary school, foreign students can obtain a residence permit for a maximum period of one year for each application made. Students who have been granted student residence permit also have the right to work. Students residing with a student residence permit are entitled to work for a maximum period of 24 hrs per week.

    For foreigners, students filing an application for a residence permit in Turkey must submit a valid health insurance certificate, in addition to the documentation required for application. Upon student’s request, a general health insurance is provided within three months.