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    Requirements for the Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship Program

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    Turkish Citizenship is a title that can be obtained with lineage, the country of birth being Turkey or by the conditions acquired later. In this article, we will examine how foreigners will become Turkish citizens and the required information and procedures in accordance with the Citizenship law number 5901 requirements for application apart from the citizenship rights of people born inside or outside the borders of Turkish, that come from their lineage.

    Requirements for Citizenship Application


    The application for foreign nationals to acquire citizenship status is regulated by the citizenship law number 5901. Applications shall be made to the authorities specified under the said law. They will be approved by the decision made depending on the duly execution of the applications.

    The right to citizenship, which will be acquired later, will occur upon exceptional situations, marriage, adoption, etc. The right to acquire a citizenship by the decision of the competent authority will be approved based on uninterrupted living within the borders of Turkey for five years, and it will be finalized if the necessary conditions are met.

    If conditions such as confirming the accuracy of their behavior, meeting the requirements for the acquisition of Turkish Citizenship and not having any disease that prevents citizenship, being able to speak Turkish, and meeting the livelihood requirements are appropriate, they will be entitled to apply for citizenship.

    Apart from this, the right to apply for citizenship, which will be acquired exceptionally, will be a right that can be entitled when industrial, technological or scientific, or artistic or cultural activities are carried out for the benefit of Turkey. In addition to these exceptional circumstances, it will also be possible if there are reasoned proposals regarding foreign nationals by the relevant ministries.

    Documents and Conditions Required for Citizenship Application


    In case the person is entitled to apply for Turkish citizenship and he/she is competent to implement what needs to be done in accordance with the citizenship law, there are documents that must be provided and conditions to be met.

    If we examine the documents necessary for the application to acquire Turkish Citizenship; we will see that, citizenship application form, 2 photographs taken under the required conditions, passport showing the nationality of the person, documents containing identity details, and civil registry extracts of family members if married are the documents to be provided. The documents showing the marital status of the person should be available as well. In order for a person to apply for citizenship according to the citizenship law provision, it is necessary to meet the necessary health conditions in addition to providing said documents.

    It is imperative that he/she is able to provide income or work permit and similar documents stating that he/she makes a living in Turkey. The person who will apply for citizenship must submit a judicial record or, if there is a final court decision against him/her regarding a crime, the certified copy of the document showing this situation, to the relevant authority.

    Finally, a receipt showing that the service fee has been deposited to the cashier’s desk is required for citizenship application according to the citizenship law if all the foregoing conditions are met and documents are provided.

    Competent Authority and Procedures for Citizenship Application


    In our article, we have already examined the documents and conditions necessary for applying for Turkish Citizenship. However, among the requirements to acquire the citizenship, the authority and the implementation of the procedures are also important.

    The delivery of the documents required for the citizenship application will be provided to the governorate where the settlement is located, in person or by giving special power of attorney regarding the exercise of this right. The delivery of these documents will only be possible in person according to the principles of citizenship law, and the applications sent via mail will not be accepted.

    If a person is not yet of legal age or does not have the mental competence, his/her parents or guardians can make the citizenship applications for them. The foreign identity number will be taken as basis in applications and transactions in accordance with the citizenship law procedure.

    The application date will be deemed as the date on which the application form of the person is filed in the document registry by the application authority. Meeting the requirement to be a resident within the borders of Turkey during a certain period of time will be approved depending on the fact that the person not spending more than 6 months outside of Turkey.

    The person who will apply for Turkish citizenship should provide his/her documents such as diplomas and passports obtained from foreign authorities, as translated in Turkish, and certified by a notary public.

    Re-acquisition of Citizenship Right


    In the event that the right to acquire Turkish citizenship is lost, the right to apply can be re-acquired if the conditions and requirements specified in the relevant law are met. Those who have lost or made lost their Turkish citizenship can apply in accordance with the respective article of the citizenship law as per the decision of the Council of Ministers.

    The conditions of this right are regulated by the Turkish citizenship law numbered 5901. However, the right of persons who lost their right to citizenship to re-apply is only possible if they do not have any obstacle in terms of national security.

    If the conditions are sufficient for the re-acquisition of Turkish citizenship, the application authority and procedures required should be met depending on the circumstances. In the applications and procedures of people who lost their right to citizenship, “the Republic of Turkey identity number” is taken as basis.

    The application date will be deemed as the date on which the application form of the person is filed in the document registry by the application authority. People who lost their right to citizenship may not apply via mail as is the case in the previous application process.

    They must make their applications in person. If a person is not yet of legal age or does not have the mental competence, his/her parents or guardians can make the citizenship applications for them. The eligibility of residence permits may also be approved by the provincial directorates.

    Foreigners Acquiring Turkish Citizenship by Marriage


    On the basis of the citizenship law, another way to be entitled to acquire citizenship is by marriage. However, marriage does not provide a direct citizenship right. The duration of marriage required to earn this right is set to be at least 3 years. Only those whose duration of marriage meets these conditions can apply for citizenship.

    The only situation where a person can apply for citizenship even though the required period is not met is when the spouse of the said person dies. In the event marriage becomes legally invalid, citizenship of the person is maintained depending on the condition that the person’s intentions are good. However, the ministry decides whether or not to preserve the Turkish citizenship of persons whose marriage has been proved legally invalid, through the governorship.

    Under the conditions described, the acquisition of Turkish citizenship by marriage is possible when the requirements for citizenship application are met, and upon obtaining the documents and knowing the application authority, and then making the application according to the procedure.

    Passport or similar document indicating the nationality of the person, duly prepared and translated into Turkish, is required for citizenship application. In addition, the most recent residence permit is also required if the place of residence is Turkey.