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    Online Real Estate Sales: Exceed 100 Million Turkish Lira!

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    While the term online real estate sales is gaining popularity, it brought visibility to the disadvantages of classical methods. Digital real estate sales to foreigners in Turkey in excess of 100 million Turkish Liras can be regarded as a harbinger of the future. What is online real estate sales, which will provide you with higher efficiency, and is it reliable?

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    First of all, keep in mind that if you are considering investing in the real estate sector or another sector, there is a high efficiency of digitalization provided that it is reliable. And it is all a package that your money works most when investing and how much effort you make at the same time. At this point, we will have to tell you about the advantages of digital service because you will achieve high efficiency.

    Buying property through digital means by online sales service provided by professional real estate consultants in Turkey has become a trend as the “new normal”. Following the global health crisis, upon the decline in prices in the real estate sector in Turkey, investors have turned this crisis into an opportunity. To get support online about discounted and advantageous housing projects in Turkey, you can contact us here.

    A New Age Begins: “Digital Real Estate’’


    What methods are used when buying online real estate and are they reliable? The use of digital tools has become a trend with the technological developments that have gained momentum today. Accepting innovative approaches to take quick action while investing is an opinion that will increase the value of your investment. Companies and consumers with this innovative approach in Turkey have given impetus to the use of online tools.

    Work is underway for improving digitalization in the real estate sector in Turkey and accelerating the transformation process of online services. Regulations are introduced in Turkey for the development of sectoral actions such as augmented reality technology, virtual tours, digital CRM and advertising services.

    A major transformation concerning the powers of the real estate companies will take place in the management and sales processes of the real estate sector, along with the online transformation in Turkey in March.

    7 Steps To Buy Property Without Coming To Turkey | Online Real Estate


    You need to take 7 steps to buy a residential property in Turkey by receiving Online Support and Services and professional real estate consultants will be the most important agents to maintain the safety of your transactions. Nowadays, online investing in the real estate sector, which will run your money without too much effort and improve it in the fastest manner, is the most appropriate option in the current period. The real estate investment figures in March of Turkish citizens as well as foreign nationals, according to the TUIK report, increased by 13.8%. General real estate sales increased by 33%. The decrease in real estate prices offers great opportunities, especially for foreign investors.

    The global epidemic has started the period of getting online services in the real estate industry. It seems that sales operations, such as the launch of virtual tours with virtual reality glasses, will have an innovative behavior in line with demand.

    Various facilities are offered to foreign citizens who wish to receive online real estate services without coming to Turkey. You can get detailed information about properties that will generate rapid return on investment without having to carry out any activities after you deposit your money with the help of professional experts. Let’s look briefly at the online real estate purchase steps…

    1- Contact Professionals via Video Call!


    The first step of online real estate service, provided to both locals and foreigners in Turkey, which started a new era, is to perform video conferencing with professionals. Send your contact information to the professional real estate agent for any property or for him/her to develop a portfolio with the most suitable options for you. S/he will contact you by video conferencing and provide live support by transferring all information about the property you want to buy!

    By online means, you can get information about all processes, such as buying property and obtaining citizenship in Turkey. You can easily access all projects, ideal offers for your investment and all such services through the real estate consultant!

    2- Find the Project That Best Suits You!


    By receiving an online real estate service, contact your sales representative and tell your request without having to come to Turkey. Choose the most suitable alternative after evaluating all projects and investment offers presented to you. After choosing the most suitable property, what remains is to start the legal process. Let’s carry on!

    3- Work with the Legal Agency to Carry Out Your Legal Procedures!


    While receiving online real estate service, you will continue all the legal processes with a legal adviser in Turkey. While all the operations in Turkey are conducted in a coordinated manner with your property consultant, just make sure you have chosen a reliable and professional real estate company and sit back…

    4- Make Money Transfer for Online Real Estate!


    While all your transactions are being handled in Turkey, you should transfer advance payment or a certain amount of money determined in accordance with the price of the property into the bank account of the project developer. Meanwhile, the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship and acquiring property will be continued for you.

    5- Guarantee Your Transactions with Ownership Transfer!


    You’re taking the last steps in the process of property purchase which you wished to perform online in Turkey. Online services are being developed rapidly in the real estate sector in Turkey. With the legislative arrangements, innovations that facilitate their permanent transactions are provided for foreign investors.

    After you select the appropriate property in Turkey and after your transactions are completed by the attorney to whom you’ve given a power of attorney to carry out your transactions, the next stage involves property transfer and obtaining the title deed. All documents and contracts required to purchase a property are sent to you by post.

    6- Buy a Residential Property Online in Turkey and Become a Turkish Citizen Today!


    In exchange for USD 250.000, you will get citizenship in the Republic of Turkey. The legal team to whom you’ve given a power of attorney will follow the procedures for you. Once your application for a Turkish passport is complete, it will be sent to you by post.

    While your online transactions are being handled in Turkey, take advantage of the innovative services of the Turkish real estate market and obtain Turkish citizenship. You can reach more detailed information about online services, which is a completely reliable method. Contact us now!

    7- Get Information About Your Real Estate Investment!


    Your Turkish citizenship and real estate purchases have been completed. Your Turkish passport and title deed have been mailed to your home. So do you want to get after-sales information about your investment? One of the most important services intermediary companies will provide to you is that they help you about your investment after sales. Your return on investment will be transferred to you on your property. You will make a quick profit with the online real estate service system, which is the most comfortable way to invest.

    Now that you got involved in the innovative purchase process in Turkey, let’s review the advantages of online real estate sales services provided to you. After the global epidemic, what will be the benefits you will experience while your investment is born like the sun?

    Advantages of Buying Online Real Estate in Turkey for Foreigners


    In addition to the advantages provided by real estate consultants, who offer the opportunity to make an investment through online services in Turkey, there’re legally developed advantages. Let’s review them briefly!

    The most remarkable legal regulation related to the real estate sector in Turkey is tax rebates. One of the regulations attracting foreign customers to Turkish real estate market, which offers great opportunities to foreign investors, and revives the real estate sector, is that foreign investors are exempt from value-added tax on the property.

    You can buy real estate online in Turkey without any effort and save time. You can also get citizenship in the Republic of Turkey through intermediaries in exchange for USD 250.000 dollars. Furthermore, you can use online services to buy property, obtain residency permit and citizenship in Republic of Turkey. Following the global crisis, you can start a new life in Turkey.

    The biggest advantages include online services provided in the real estate sector in Turkey and the profit you make during the return on your investment. However, falling real estate prices in Turkey should not be ignored. Turkey offers many opportunities in terms of geopolitical characteristics and investment activities. In addition, you will find equivalent or even more luxurious houses at a more affordable price compared to European countries. Investing in the Turkish real estate sector, which has fallen in recent days and is expected to increase, will be the most advantageous investment tool in recent days.

    Evaluate Your Investment In All Seasons! |  Online Real Estate


    In the coming periods, the Turkish economy will be the 12th largest economy in the world due to the rapid development of the economy in Turkey, according to the report released by the World Bank. And because of this situation, Turkey’s star shines, even more, every day. The online real estate sector, as an investment tool, is the sector on demand the most in Turkey.

    Due to the continuously rising property prices in Turkey, the first sector in which you’ll receive a return by making a high profit in a short time is the online real estate sector. Moreover, without any effort! The tourism sector is also strong, which turns a property purchased in Turkey into a source of income in all seasons. You can make a profit on the online real estate you have purchased in a short time.