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    New Financial District of Istanbul | Basin Ekspres Region!

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    As real estate market rapidly is rising in value in Turkey, Basin Ekspres region, the new financial district in which the most prestigious companies of Istanbul are located, is the primary zone dominating the market. The new financial district, known as Basin Ekspres road and separating Kucukcekmece and Bagcilar districts, has gained a global reputation.

    Why is Basin Ekspres Road Important?


    While evaluating your real estate investment with modern architectural housing projects with ever-increasing number located on Basin Ekspres road, you can reach the opportunity to live close to your workplace. We will examine why the region, known as Basin Ekspres Road, constantly gains value and hosts new housing projects under 3 headings.

    Ease of Access with its Dynamic Location!


    Even the access between the continents has become easier with the development of transportation facilities in Istanbul every day, but the area known as Basin Ekspres Road gains value due to its proximity to the linking roads to every region. Basin Ekspres Road, which links TEM and E5 highways and also connects the Northern Marmara Motorway and the coastal road, is known as the factory zone. In the area where the press organizations used to exist, recently there are factories of many institutions and organizations from textile to logistics, food to automotive.

    One of the most influential elements in the choice of Basin Ekspres Road is its location. Its central position is studied as the first criterion for areas preferred as a financial district all over the world. Besides, it is preferred with the ease of access to the “CNR Fair Center” and even the “New Airport”. It has gained a reputation for its proximity to Ataturk Airport before the Istanbul Grand Airport was built. In addition to all these, it has a driving force and high standards in terms of meeting the requirements of the activities to be carried out both for foreigners and for business purposes due to its location of more than 20 hotels. New construction and sales projects such as hotel and residence are ongoing.

    Basin Ekspres Road, which is shown as the financial district that rises rapidly after the Maslak Region in Istanbul, has become the first choice not only for those who will do business but also for those who want to reside in affordable luxury housing projects due to its central location.

    It’s Making Difference with Land Supply!


    It is stated that the transportation and infrastructure activities continue at full speed at Basin Ekspres Road, one of the most prestigious regions of Turkey. In terms of transportation, there is an important land supply as it is located at the center of the highways and main arterial roads. As a result of the combination of all these values, new housing projects initiated by construction companies in these regions come to life.

    In addition to the qualified projects located on Basin Ekspres Road, it is observed that the land stock existing in the region rapidly creates a competitive area. In addition, there are still existing areas in the region for production facilities, factories or new housing projects.

    It is known that domestic or foreign capital willing to invest in Turkey face with the depletion of the land stock in valued status in case they turn to real estate. Especially in Maslak, one of the most prestigious business centers in Istanbul, the land stock has been depleted due to the housing projects and the density of existing business centers. Basin Ekspres Road appears as a secondary region in this sense. It draws attention because it has a land stock that will not be depleted for a while in its large area.

    Architectural Transformation Process in Basin Ekspres


    Due to the fact that the housing projects and architectural structures existing on the Basin Ekspres Road have the potential to provide demands becoming modern each passing day, the potential to be preferred increases. The region increases in value consistently with the housing projects rising each passing day. Basin Ekspres region offers an advantageous location with its modern city planning.

    While architectural development is constantly provided with new projects, living spaces are created for families. The housing projects in the Basin Ekspres Region both carry the value of business life and aim to exclude the complexity of life with the housing projects. The fact that the region does not have too many green areas or does not look across to sea is pushed into the background with flats with landscaped gardens included in the projects. It increases in value together with the construction of common spaces not only in business but also in social life. With the increase of the areas required by social life such as shopping centers, restaurants, gyms, social facilities, the interior spaces gain value.

    While Basin Ekspres Region stands out as a business center, it gains global value with its modern architecture and location. Housing projects and lands on the Basin Ekspres Road, known as the secondary financial district of Istanbul, gain value each passing day. For this reason, with the investment you will make in real estate, you can enjoy carrying your living space to higher standards and add value to your home with the increasing value of the region.

    Basin Ekspres Road | Increasing Every Day Prestige


    We have briefly summarized the qualities that exist on the basis of the increasing prestige of the region, which is known all over the world. Apart from this, it is known as the rising financial district of Istanbul due to the identity of the projects and factories existing in the region displayed as a leader in the business world. With its modern architecture, transportation facilities, affordable housing projects as well as factories existing in the region, it draws attention of successful investors and anyone who wants to evaluate their life.

    TOYA NEXT | The Symbol Of Technology


    Residential Type  : Apartment
    Company                  : TOYA Yapi
    m2                                   : 71 – 256 m²
    Delivery Date          : June 2021

    The Toya Next project, located on Istanbul Basin Express Road and built by Toya Yapi, was designed with the art & smart concept. In the Toya Next project, which was introduced with Knight Rider KNITT, every apartment was equipped with advanced technological configuration and each apartment brought all possible comfort to your living space with an additional cost of 15000 USD. Contact us to get more info about Toya Next!