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    Maslak Housing Projects: Invest For Your Dreams in Turkey!

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    Maslak housing projects attract the attention of investors with nature view villas. They embellish the dreams of those who want a comfortable life. You can contact us to ensure long-term capital flow or to wake up with the comfort you dream all the time. You can sit back and breathe a sigh of relief while making new plans for your future.

    You want to live in Istanbul or just aim to invest. A location where housing projects rapidly rises and the closest to the center will be ideal for you. But if you want to go beyond the ideal and bring the magnificent view of Istanbul to your home and feel the peace in a spacious house at any time, it will be enough to buy a property in Maslak. Maslak has become a favorite region of both domestic and foreign investors with its easy access to link roads. Maslak, the financial center of Istanbul, properties for sale will make your life easier with shopping centers, other opportunities.

    Luxury Properties in Istanbul: Maslak Housing Projects


    Maslak housing projects offer required details with conforming options for your budget. We know that the increase in new housing projects and fluctuations in the economy in recent years may put question marks in the minds. However, investing in the properties for sale in Maslak provides ease of access. It will be the most accurate investment decision you will ever make in your life due to the positive effect of the population living in the region. Affordable luxury projects and most importantly, the peace of nature every time you breathe…

    Just imagine, the forest on one side and the sea on the other… The sweet breeze rising from your high ceiling when you open your window, and a spacious house! Maslak is also shown as a center of attraction for the Istanbul real estate market at affordable prices. The main purpose of the projects in the Maslak region is to raise the living standards by providing these opportunities. You can take advantage of these privileges by choosing a project.

    Istanbul Housing Projects: Get to Know Maslak Region !


    Maslak housing projects offer the most suitable alternatives for your living standards and budget. At first, you should know the region well. Maslak district adds value itself with other districts located all around. Maslak which has more than 35 neighborhoods is next to Eyup in the West; Sisli and Besiktas in the South. Also, there is the Bosphorus in the East and the Black Sea in the North. Maslak which is the most valuable location of Istanbul is of vital importance for the Istanbul real estate market.

    The settlements of Maslak district constantly develops. In addition to the natural beauties, historical value and cultural architecture, it also adds value to the sea tourism. Splendid mansions, Emirgan, Rumelihisari, mosques and groves enchant local and foreign visitors.

    Istanbul real estate market has Maslak region which attracts people with charming and suitable options for your budget and lifestyle. Tarabya with its proximity to the beach and the living center… Zekeriyakoy which you will admire its living standards and natural beauty… Emirgan with its historical values… Istinye with its modern architecture and many other districts continue to increase the value of Maslak which is the financial center of Istanbul. Many settlements such as

    • Kilyos,
    • Bahcekoy,
    • Garipce,
    • Demircikoy are constantly developing and becoming modern living spaces. As it is the most valuable region for investment, it is known as an attraction center for natural life lovers.

    As the Projescope team, we will be happy to be with you. Maslak is one of the most valuable regions for the Istanbul real estate market. Let’s realize your dreams by answering your questions to benefit from all these opportunities and get more further information.

    Change The Balances! | Istanbul Housing Projects


    Maslak housing projects have started a transformation in the Istanbul real estate market and changed the balance. New housing projects which are constantly increasing with the urban transformation in Istanbul have increased the competition within the sector. Each region of Istanbul has different values, yet Maslak creates an effective transformation within this sector. It changes the balances. The district includes suitable options for all budget due to its size. Besides, it is possible to see a modern touch in all newly built houses. Affordable houses for every budget change the balances in the Istanbul real estate market. There is no loss of prestige between the most luxurious houses and the most affordable houses in Sariyer. The only difference will be your preferences.

    A Guide for Property Buyers in Maslak | Istanbul Housing Projects


    Maslak housing projects provide opportunities such as Turkish citizenship and rapid return on your investment. Getting a professional service before purchasing a property in Maslak will provide you various opportunities and help you make the right decision. Maslak is a region that adds value to the Istanbul real estate market in the fastest way.

    We do not sell dreams, but we can help you to dream. At the same time, we will be pleased to provide all opportunities to make your dream come true. Tell us your budget, living standards, dreams, or purpose in the most accurate way and leave the rest to our perfect cooperation. Our professional team which has been serving for many years in the sector will be a reliable friend of yours. If you have a plan to buy a property, contact us, let’s make it happen! Otherwise, contact us and let’s design your life and investment after determining your criteria. Here are 5 most prestigious Maslak we have chosen for you;

    • Tarabya Vadi Konaklari       
    • Avangart Istanbul               
    • As Maslak                             
    • Vadistanbul                          
    • Nurol Life                                             

    Tarabya Vadi Konaklari | Sea and Forest View All Day Long!


    Residential Type    : Apartment
    Company                : Uzman Group
    m²                                 : 71 – 297 m²
    Delivery Date        : Ready

    Maslak housing projects present Tarabya Vadi Konaklari project which is one of the most precious buildings offers a luxurious life with its sea and forest view apartments. Located on the Tarabya hills, the project is located in the most valuable region of Istanbul. Gathering the most luxurious and different alternatives for your Istanbul real estate investment, Tarabya Vadi Konaklari project is designed to add value to your present and future.

    You can have a peaceful living space by purchasing one of the private garden apartments. Also, by choosing one of the duplex apartment options, you can reach a comfortable and spacious life in your sea view home. Get benefit from the advantages of living in the city center as a property owner in Maslak which is the financial center of Istanbul!

    You will be neighboring on Istinye Park Mall in which the most exclusive brands and tastes of the world are included. Also, there are lush green gardens and the sea shimmer! With the sports complexes and social facilities included in the project, you will keep healthy. Specially designed area for your children is another outstanding function. With terraces, specially designed landscaped gardens and other privileges, you will make a profit in the most valuable region of Istanbul!

    Tarabya Vadi Konaklari whose every detail is carefully considered for you to have a peaceful, comfortable and safe life will be the best option for your investment. You can find detailed information here about Tarabya Vadi Konaklari and other Maslak housing projects that offer the keys to a luxury and comfortable life.

    Contact us to have more information

    Avangart Istanbul | Gain Lifelong with Investment Value!


    Residential Type    : Apartment
    Company               : Gul Project
    m²                                 : 45 – 331 m²
    Delivery Date        : April 2021

    Maslak housing projects present Avangart Istanbul which is outstanding with its high investment value and suitable payment options. Avangart Istanbul developed by Gul Project which has signed the most special projects of Istanbul is developed on an area of 36.750 m². In addition to big housing projects designed for hundreds of families in Istanbul, Gul Project which has the signature on the most valuable shopping centers of Istanbul will realize your dreams!

    Avangart Istanbul which is riveting with its location features is not only a housing project but also an attraction center designed to add value to your life. Avangart Istanbul is a mixed-life project with 11 blocks and 935 apartments as well as 18 commercial units. Located on the TEM Highway, Avangart Istanbul will add value to your whole life with its location features! Avangart Istanbul which is adjacent to Turk Telekom Stadium is only a few minutes away from FSM Bridge which connects the Asian and European sides of Istanbul. Maslak housing projects are designed to integrate high quality into your whole life.

    Maslak housing projects, Avangart Istanbul aims to offer modern lines and the highest standards for you are powerful investment tools. It has high standards for your precious life with its location features, in-house functions, walking areas, parks, playgrounds for children and special facilities designed to add value to your life.

    You will have more reasons to smile as you add peace to your life with the forest air filling your home through your window every morning. You will greet your neighbors who are as happy as you are, and increase your comfort.

    Contact us to have more information

    AS MASLAK | Central Location, Beyond Your Dreams!


    Residential Type : Residence
    Company            : Asyapi
    m²                      : 70 – 144 m²
    Delivery Date     : December 2020

    Maslak housing projects present outstanding As Maslak project with its strategic location and close distance to transportation lines. Offering high standards, As Maslak provides opportunities beyond your dreams. In addition to comfortable residences, it has types of equipment beyond your expectations. It draws attention with its valet service, restaurants, viewing terraces and parking facilities. Shining like a star among Maslak housing projects, As Maslak is an option you can choose to raise your living standards as well as investment.

    As Maslak is developed on 15.000 m² area with 118 residences. The project which attracts attention in the Maslak region consists of only 1 + 1 housing type. Apartments vary between 77 m²-80 m². In addition to the residences, the project also includes store-type shops. Drawing attention with its location features, As Maslak offers charming opportunities for investors with its modern design. As Maslak consists of a single 12-storey block. Reflecting the fascinating atmosphere of Maslak with its mirror- cladding exterior, As Maslak project draws attention with its terrace design as well as its modern exterior architecture. The project which is designed for you to reach anywhere in Istanbul at short notice is located just half an hour away from Istanbul Airport.

    It is also located 10 minutes away from YSS Bridge. Standing out with its forest view and unique location features among Maslak housing projects, As Maslak invites you to a privileged life! 

    Contact us to have more information

    Olive Sariyer | Out of the Crowd!


    Maslak housing projects with the highest investment value present the star project Olive Sariyer may be the right choice for your investment. Olive Sariyer which offers the opportunity to be one of the 20 special families in addition to a powerful investment in the Istanbul real estate market is located in the Maden District. The housing project consists of 5 blocks and 2 gardens. The project which has special facilities for the elderly or families with children or the disabled is equipped with standards to make your life easier. The project is designed with architectural touches that are user-friendly and solution-oriented.

    There are smart systems in the wide and spacious houses with terrace facilities for those living on the upper floors. The project ensures safe living and makes your life easier with car park, social areas, lounge and many facilities. It provides advantages for your budget and offers the most convenient dues. There are guest entrances for the garden floors. While providing a safe living space for your children at any time of the day, it offers many opportunities for you to relieve the stress of the day and socialize.

    With its long-lasting exterior protecting your building, the landscape design and the natural beauty you will see through your window will extend your life and give a green touch to your life.

    With its proximity to the Belgrad Forest and the city center, you can have pleasant walks with your neighbors and bring the comfort of natural beauty to your life. The tunnel in the Maden District is designed to save your time and offer you a peaceful life with its links to locations such as the 3rd Bridge and 3rd Airport.

    Contact us to have more information

    Arti Tarabya | A Giant Forest Right Next to You!


    Maslak housing projects in Istanbul real estate market offer you many alternatives to invest, however, Arti Tarabya is right in the middle of the forest! Yes, many housing projects in the Maslak region of Istanbul, even almost all of them have green area views providing high standards in luxury and different areas, but Arti Tarabya invites you to life on the hills of Tarabya!

    Landscaped gardens can now create a green space that causes a forest perception. But it is time to take a breath of fresh air as we need reality. Step outside of our house, imagine entering the Belgrad Forest that has existed for centuries! This dream will come true when you invest in this project, you will find luxury and comfort together at every space in your home.

    Contact us to have more information