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    Kocaeli Housing Projects for Sale | Turkey’s 3rd Highest Industrial Area!

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    Kocaeli housing projects have turned into a center of attraction due to their high-quality modern architecture and geopolitical location. Kocaeli which is becoming more and more valuable from a tourism standpoint is getting attention with new housing projects being developed. Kocaeli is a very important area for Turkey’s property market. After getting to know Kocaeli, you will want to buy a property in one of the new housing projects being developed.

    The team Projescope is highly reputable across the market thanks to over 300 housing projects they have in Turkey. You can contact us if you wish to take advantage of these services, too…

    Why buy property in Kocaeli? | Kocaeli Housing Projects


    Kocaeli housing projects are recently getting attention of Turkish nationals and foreigners wishing to buy property in Turkey. Apart from architectural structure and location features of houses, the rapidly growing status of Kocaeli area has also played a role. Kocaeli ranks in the 3rd place among most industrialized cities of Turkey. There could be many other reasons for buying an apartment in Kocaeli area that draws great attention in terms of industry and natural attractions, after Istanbul and Bursa.

    As we noted above, Kocaeli is a very valuable area for Turkey’s property market in terms of geopolitical location. That is because this city has a coastline stretching along Marmara sea and Black Sea. There are countless reasons to buy a property in Kocaeli consisting of 12 districts. Therefore, it would be beneficial to look into a few Kocaeli housing projects in the following parts of this article.

    Kocaeli Population Analysis | Kocaeli Housing Projects


    If you’re intending to buy a property at one of Kocaeli housing projects and would like to get to know the area where you will make an investment, population analysis will be the best solution. Kocaeli, with a population of 1 million 906 thousand persons, is one of the most valuable areas of Turkey.

    If we briefly look into the demographic characteristics of the city, first, we can say that the male-female ratio is equal. The young constitute 38.7% of the population in Kocaeli, dominated by middle-aged folks. The elderly constitute a small portion of the population.

    Kocaeli Property Guide | Where to Buy a House?


    If we look at housing prices in Kocaeli Area, the price rise rate of housing projects for sale throughout the year has been determined as 3.72%. The average inside width of apartments in Kocaeli area has been fixed as about 120 sqm. Occupying a prominent place in Turkey’s real estate sector, Kocaeli is an area that is generally popular among the working class.

    In this area that enjoys an investment value that constantly increases, districts such as Dilovasi, Karamursel, Golcuk and Kandira have rapidly appreciated. If you want to have a rapid return on your investment, Izmit, Basiskele, Gebze, Kartepe and Korfez will be at the top of your choice list.

    Kocaeli Housing Projects | Most Advanced Areas in Terms of Industry


    Kocaeli housing projects has a strategic importance for Turkey’s real estate sector. Kocaeli, one of the most advanced areas in terms of industry, is the province with the 3rd highest investment value. We examined housing projects being realized in Kocaeli that occupies a prominent place in Turkey’s real estate sector after Istanbul and Izmir.

    All you have to do is to tell your choice. Let us find the house well-suited to your standards and budget for you. You’ll have the privilege of owning a property among those housing projects appropriate for every budget and standard all your life.

    Terrace Yahyakaptan | Award-Winning Project of Izmit


    You can open the door that leads into a privileged life owing to Terrace Yahyakaptan, one of Kocaeli Housing Projects located in the district of İzmit. It is located in İzmit, a popular location for local and international investors as well as those seeking for a privileged location for living. If we examine the overall project, the project has been awarded the Best Housing Project with its large terraces and private pool.

    The project that has received the Europe Quality Award appeals with its social amenities. Also, the water and power saving is at the highest level at this project that has the green building certificate. You’ll feel special with the design and architecture. Projescope continues to bring together the most qualified housing projects for you…

    (You can find further information on the project here)

    ORKA LIFE 2 | The Most Powerful Choice for your Investment


    Orka Life 2 was developed as a result of high levels of demands received following the project Orka Life 1. As noted in statements shared during launch of the project, it gets attention as one of the most powerful cards for your investment. If you’re intending to make an investment in Turkey, real estate sector may be shown as the key to the door.

    Therefore, if you’re planning to make a real estate investment, Orka Life 2 with a high investment value and short return on investment, located in Basiskele area, will be the right choice for you. You can contact us to choose luxury apartment types that are well-suited to every budget and receive free-of-charge consultancy.

    (You can find further information on the project here)

    Yonca Housing Complex Gebze | the Housing Project Well-Suited to Every Budget


    Yonca Housing Complex gets attention with housing choices well-suited to all types of budgets among Kocaeli housing projects. The project consists of 4 blocks. living in this housing complex consisting of 60 apartments will open the door of a privileged world for you. Yonca Housing Complex, one of the best choices for raising a family, is remarkable with its social amenities. It builds a wall between you and the crowded city life with its outdoor swimming pool or walking tracks. You’ll step into a prestigious and secure life the moment you enter into your housing complex.

    Please follow the link below for further information. Projescope continues to bring together the most valuable projects of the real estate sector for you.

    (You can find further information on the project here)

    Rose Garden Houses | A peaceful Life Among Rose Gardens


    You’ll find everything you look for in terms of standards at the top of your list for buying a house with this project. Yes, choices may vary largely, yet features such as multiple options for means of transportation or satisfactory social amenities will remain unchanged. And, Rose Garden Houses shine like a star among Kocaeli housing projects.

    The project that gets attention with its interior and exterior architecture is as valuable as gold thanks to the project’s location. If the time is precious for you and you’re looking for a peaceful life, Rose Garden Houses will be one of the most suitable options for you. Yes, it may not have a central location, but it is at a perfect location for anyone wishing to travel to Istanbul easily. It is not so easy to travel outside of the city without experiencing a traffic jam problem in metropolitan areas. However, Rose Garden is located at a place enabling you to go to the city center within minutes and get out of the city in a very short time.

    It will offer you a privileged life to you and your family with alternatives such as social amenities, pools and sports fields. In order to benefit from the apartments with affordable prices when compared to a housing project in the area, contact us and receive free of charge information service.

    (You can find further information on the project here)

    Zeray Sun | A Door Leading into a Fabulous World!


    Zeray Sun opens the door of a fabulous world for you… Zeray İnşaat which has a special place for it brings together a traditional and modern architecture for Turkey real estate sector is promising a luxury life in Kocaeli. Zeray Sun offers privileged life with its multi-functional living spaces and architectural structure invites all the richness of the nature to inside of your home.

    The project that will enable you to leave the crowd of the city behind you aims to give you a fairy tale life. It aims to bring high standards of living to you with its social facilities, gyms as well as barbecue areas or ponds.

    If you wish to live this fabulous life, Projescope team will present the most advantageous options to you. We’ll be pleased if you contact us for further information and for more.

    (You can find further information on the project here)