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    Kagithane Housing Projects And Prices ‎

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    2020 Kagithane housing projects offer branded housing projects with high investment value for buyers with the developed branded housing projects. Among Istanbul housing projects, alternatives developed in Kagithane are shown as the most valuable option to add value to the capital of housing buyers.

    Urban transformation activities in Kagithane which are rapidly gaining value with its location in Istanbul have started a major transformation in the district.

    The most precious construction companies in Turkey ‎ are taking innovative steps with housing projects developed in the region! The housing projects developed in Kagithane offers numerous reasons to live in along with their high investment value! New living spaces are provided in the region where lots of office and housing options are presented. As housing prices increase in the developing region with rapidly increasing housing prices, your investment will be strengthened and you will gain continuous income with high rental income.

    2020 Kagithane Housing Prices


    2020 Kagithane housing projects are appreciated as the number of projects developed increases. The development of social facilities in the region has rapidly and positively affected house prices.

    The first thought that comes to mind of those who invest in Kagithane housing projects is the rate of increase in housing prices. Kagithane region has increased the prices of the houses on the European Side of Istanbul by 19.39%. The average house widths in Kagithane are approximately 90 m2. The period of redemption is determined as 18 years based on the average data.

    2020 Kagithane Housing Projects: The Analysis of The Region and Population


    2020 Kagithane housing projects gain value with their prices and private living spaces in different types of flats. Housing buyers who think of investing in the Kagithane among Istanbul housing projects, It will be important to analyze the region analysis and population data before making a housing investment.

    2020 Kagithane Housing Investment, Frequently Asked Questions


    2020 Kagithane housing projects, answering your questions about the regions of Kagithane will strengthen your investment before investing!

    We have gathered the frequently asked questions about the population and regional transformations in Kagithane in which 448.025 people live. For other questions and detailed information, you can benefit from Projescope real estate consultancy service.

    What are The Prominent Neighborhoods in Kagithane For Investment?


    The prominent neighborhoods in Kagithane which are mostly preferred;

    *Mehmet Akif Ersoy

    You can get detailed information about other rapidly gaining Kagithane regions and housing projects in these regions through professional real estate consultants of Projescope.

    The Regions Providing Fast Return in Kagithane


    Knowing the regions providing fast return in Kagithane will substantially impact your investment.

    The regions that provide fast return among Kagithane housing projects are;‎

    *Hurriyet Neighbourhoods

    Regions that provide the fastest return on investment for housing buyers who plan to make housing ‎investments in Kagithane are listed above.‎

    You can have detailed information about the regions providing the fastest return in Kagithane through ‎our professional real estate consultants.‎

    Projescope real estate consultancy service stands out as the safest way to get information and analysis as guiding your housing investment. Before making a housing investment, making ‎a regional analysis and examining the values of the housing will provide you opportunities that will ‎ significantly shape your earnings.‎

    Fill out our form to get other questions and detailed information that home buyers are curious about, and we will contact you immediately. Let’s determine your roadmap by answering the questions of other housing buyers about Kagithane housing projects. Let’s analyze regional data and the details we have gathered for you…

    2020 Kagithane Housing Projects: 9 Branded Housing Projects


    2020 Kagithane housing projects offer many valuable buildings that will strengthen your investment. The branded housing projects by developers are increasing without slowing down!

    You can examine the detailed information and data you need about new housing projects and prices on our page. You will find detailed information about the Kagithane real estate sector and the newly developed real estate housing projects and prices.

    Kordon İstanbul
    Mevsim İstanbul
    Seba Suites
    Adatepe Hasbahçe
    Genyap Wen Levent
    Genyap Link 
    2 Blok Kağıthane
    Solo Levent
    Otto Kağıthane

    Kordon Istanbul: The Project with the Highest Return in The Region According to Forbes Turkey


    2020 Kagithane housing projects present Kordon Istanbul project. It stands out with its functions and opportunities in addition to strong investment opportunities for residential buyers.

    Kordon Istanbul housing project provides investment opportunities for home buyers beyond expectations. Housing buyers investing in Kordon Istanbul project have the opportunity to get constant profits with a fast return guarantee. Kordon Istanbul project is rising in the most valuable region of Kagithane.

    Where is Kordon Istanbul project? Kordon Istanbul project is located on the shore of Kagithane Stream, one of the most valuable regions of Kagithane. In Kagithane, the doors of a privileged life are opened with the peaceful atmosphere of green areas and blue water. Kordon Istanbul ‎ project offers opportunities that provide high gain with full privileges in addition to a rental guarantee. According to Forbes Turkey, the project is outstanding in Kagithane as one of the projects providing the highest returns. With its modern design and spacious apartments, it offers both a high return on investment and a peaceful silhouette of the lake.

    The value of the project rises with its neighboring location to Levent and Maslak on the European Side of Istanbul. It draws attention with its close location to Havaray and metro. The project which is only 2 minutes away from TEM Highway is also 10 minutes to Nisantasi and Mecidiyekoy. These are valuable areas of Istanbul for both shopping, tourism and living. Thanks to its location, you can reach shopping centers, means of transportation and many other important points in minutes.

    The project includes an open-air cinema, indoor cinema, and fitness center to add value to your life. It offers a central location, and many other social facilities altogether.

    Mevsim Istanbul: Investment Opportunity in the Center of the City with Loft Apartments and Wide Range of Housing Options!


    2020 Kagithane housing projects present Mevsim Istanbul which is a very special project providing a high return. It offers great investment value and privileges!

    Mevsim Istanbul consists of 3 blocks by carrying the forest view to your home in Kagithane. The 187 apartments which have been meticulously designed for home buyers provide peaceful and comfortable living spaces.

    There are 30 loft flats among the flats in the Mevsim Istanbul project. Loft apartments offer a bright and comfortable life in the city center thanks to their functionality and width. With housing options varying between 2 + 1 and 4 + 1, Kagithane has numerous opportunities for quality living. Kagithane housing projects are riveting with their social facilities.

    Where is the Mevsim Istanbul project? Kagithane housing projects offer high investment value beyond the comfortable life in the city center with its location. Right next to the TEM Highway, Mevsim Istanbul provides comfortable living opportunities. Many more details raise the value of the project, one of them is the Belgrad Forest view. Mevsim Istanbul which is valued with its location features has been specially designed for homebuyers who want to live four seasons to the fullest.