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    Istanbul Investment Apartments ‎| 10 Sariyer Housing Projects

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    Istanbul investment apartments attract the attention of investors with ‎affordable prices, and embellish the dreams for a comfortable life! If you ‎want to provide long-term capital flow, check out the different property ‎options that will strengthen the investment choice we have chosen for you! Thus, ‎while making new plans for your future, you can sit back and breathe a ‎sigh of relief. You can gain money with your lifetime investment.‎

    If you want to live the life you have dreamed of in Istanbul or if you only ‎aim to invest in housing… The closest locations to the center where housing ‎projects are rising rapidly will be ideal for you. However, if you want to go ‎beyond the ideal and bring the magnificent view of Istanbul to your home…

    It will be enough ‎to purchase one of the apartments or villas for sale in the Istanbul Sariyer region or ‎its surroundings. Sariyer, the oldest and fastest developing region of ‎Istanbul, draws attention due to the link roads. With these roads, you can ‎provide intercity transportation with its distance from Maslak that is the ‎financial center of Istanbul. It is the favorite of both domestic and foreign ‎investors. With its easy access to shopping centers and all opportunities ‎that will make your life easier.‎

    ‎10 Istanbul Sariyer Housing Projects with Strong Investment Value


    Istanbul investment apartments will quickly increase your living ‎standards! Providing a professional consultancy service before purchasing ‎an apartment in Sariyer will help you to make the right decision. Sariyer is a ‎region that adds value to its value in the fastest way for the Istanbul real ‎estate sector.‎

    We can’t sell you dreams, but we can help you build it! Then, we will be ‎pleased to be your guide for the next step as you get ‎closer to your dream. Tell us your budget, living standards, dreams, and leave ‎the rest to our perfect cooperation.

    Our professional real estate team which has been ‎serving in the sector for many years will be a reliable friend during the ‎process. If you have a dream to buy a house, contact us. We will contact you in a short time, we will help you to ‎design your life!‎

    Here are the ‎10 ‎ most exclusive ‎Sariyer Housing Projects;‎

    Emirgan Apartments by Seba(For Detailed Information)‎
    Nurol Life(For Detailed Information)‎
    Vadistanbul(For Detailed Information)‎
    Arti Tarabya(For Detailed Information)
    Tarabya Vadi Konaklari(For Detailed Information)‎
    Avangart Istanbul(For Detailed Information)‎
    As Maslak(For Detailed Information)‎
    Olive Sariyer(For Detailed Information)‎
    Maritza Loft Sariyer(For Detailed Information)‎
    Vadikoru(For Detailed Information)‎

    Sariyer Apartment for Sale and Rent Prices: Data of 2020 ‎


    A general evaluation of the Istanbul investment apartments for sale and rent prices in Istanbul Sariyer will be ‎an important guide for your investment. Prices per square meter in ‎housing prices are dependent on population and social changes. The first ‎question that comes to mind for capital owners is real estate housing ‎prices in 2020.‎‎

    Istanbul Sariyer is the ‎target of housing buyers with apartments and villas for sale! Average ‎prices approximately vary according to the average square meter price. ‎The average prices of apartments for sale in Sariyer have been determined as ‎‎1.368.510 TL. The average square meter is determined to be ‎165 in Sariyer.

    These values will vary according to the ‎housing price index, for sure. There are options for sale with lower or ‎higher prices. Rent prices increase in direct proportion to the rapid ‎increase of branded housing projects. And depending on the rise in rental ‎prices, the investment you have made for the house you buy will provide a ‎high return.

    If you wish, you can enjoy your home for a lifetime with a ‎rent guarantee. Or, you can live a comfortable and exclusive life in your ‎luxury apartment with a sea or forest view!‎

    Affordable Luxury Investment Apartments


    Istanbul investment apartments offers every detail that will add value to your life with special ‎options for your budget. Are you confused by the rapid increase in the ‎number of new housing projects in recent years?‎

    Do you have a limited budget but still want to buy or invest in a house? Above ‎all, global economic fluctuations may raise questions in your mind. You ‎should put aside all these question marks and evaluate the possibilities you ‎have! A limited budget or confusion will never hinder your residential ‎investment! It provides ease of access to the most decent and central points ‎of Istanbul due to the positive impact of the population living in Sariyer. ‎Affordable luxury houses and most importantly, the best investment ‎decision you will make in your life with the peace of nature with every ‎breath! It offers investment value opportunities not only for your ‎investment but also for your life. Such as high rental income, the ‎opportunity to live in the center of the city.‎..

    Just imagine, the forest on one side and the sea on the other… The sweet ‎breeze rises up to your high ceiling when you open your window in a ‎spacious house! Moreover, Sariyer is shown as a center of attraction with ‎affordable apartments and villas for sale in the real estate market! The ‎main purpose of the new housing projects in the Sariyer is to increase the ‎living standards of the home buyers by providing these opportunities. You ‎can take advantage of these privileges by choosing among the apartments ‎and villas in Tarabya, Beykoz, Yenikoy, Besiktas and Emirgan.‎

    Know the Region for Investment Apartments in Istanbul!‎

    Investment apartments for sale in Istanbul are advantageous with the ‎most suitable alternatives for your living standards and budget. At first, ‎you should know the region! Maslak district of Istanbul adds value to the ‎other districts by surrounding them. Sariyer has more than 35 ‎neighborhoods and is neighboring Eyup in the west, and Sisli and Besiktas ‎in the south. Also, there is the Bosphorus in the east and the Black Sea in ‎the north.

    The villages of the Sariyer district develop without slowing down and ‎become the target of home buyers as living spaces. The natural beauties, ‎historical value and cultural architecture, as well as sea tourism, add value ‎to the region. Regions with nostalgic atmosphere such as Emirgan, ‎Rumelihisari, Tarabya, Yenikoy fascinate all domestic and foreign visitors. With ‎extraordinary mansions, luxury villas, apartments with sea view, mosques ‎and groves…‎

    Investment apartments in Istanbul‎ offers many options for sale ‎following your budget and ‎living standards. While choosing among ‎Istanbul apartments and villas for sale, Sariyer attracts you with its charm ‎and takes the first place. Due to its proximity to the beach and the living ‎center, Tarabya offers luxury villas and apartments for sale in Zekeriyakoy. You will admire its social life opportunities and natural beauties. ‎Emirgan ‎with its historical and architectural value… Maslak with being the ‎financial center of Istanbul, Istinye with its modern architecture and many ‎other districts.

    Many villages such as Kilyos, Bahcekoy, Garipce, Demircikoy are constantly ‎developing and becoming new modern living areas. It is known as an ‎attraction center for natural life enthusiasts, as it is the most valuable ‎region for investment. As Projescope, we will always support you to take ‎advantage of all these opportunities in Sariyer. We will be glad to answer ‎your questions and realize your dreams. ‎

    A Modern Touch to Your Life with Sariyer Housing Projects!‎

    Investment apartments in Istanbul‎ ‎have started a change in Turkey by ‎completely changing the balances in the housing sector. Carrying a modern ‎touch to your life with Sariyer housing projects which offer affordable ‎apartments with affordable payment options for home buyers with ‎different budget options!‎

    New housing projects whose number constantly increases with the existing ‎urban transformation activities have created a competition within the ‎sector. Each region of Istanbul has different values, but Sariyer is shown as ‎the pioneer of the transformation within the sector. Due to its large size ‎and social and cultural diversity, Sariyer includes numerous alternatives ‎suitable for all budgets. Besides, it is possible to see a modern touch in all of ‎the newly built houses. Exclusive houses designed for every budget change ‎the balances within the Istanbul real estate sector. There is no loss of ‎prestige among the most luxurious and expensive houses and the most ‎affordable houses in Sariyer. The changing features will only be ‎determined depending on your preferences.‎

    Now, check out the ‎10 Sariyer housing projects we have chosen for you…‎

    Emirgan Apartments by Seba


    Istanbul investment apartments presents Emirgan Apartments by Seba ‎developed by Seba Insaat. The project draws attention in one of ‎the most ‎valuable regions of Istanbul. Seba Insaat continues its services in the ‎construction sector with 30 years of experience.

    Living in Emirgan will ‎provide you with privileges beyond your expectations. How would you ‎like to feel the glow of the Bosphorus and the energy of Emirgan Grove all ‎day in your home and your whole life? The project which is located very ‎close to the Emirgan coast offers a high standard of living with its ‎privileges.‎

    Emirgan Apartments by Seba project is a boutique and luxurious living ‎project. The number of apartments within the project is less than the ‎number of residences found in luxury and giant housing projects in ‎Istanbul but offers numerous privileges. The project which has apartment ‎options from 1 + 1 to 3 + 1 has apartment widths between 50-257 m2. The ‎project which has an area of 8000 m2 is designed as a mixed living unit ‎that offers opportunities for every need with its 53 apartments ‎and 14 ‎commercial units.

    There are many facilities for your daily needs such as an ‎indoor swimming pool, indoor car park, or cafe in the complex. Also, ‎Istinye Park, the most valuable shopping mall in Istanbul, will be only 5 ‎minutes away! The French cafe, located right under your luxury apartment ‎next to the Bosphorus aims to add extraordinary harmony to your life. ‎

    Emirgan Coast is 5 minutes away from Sakip Sabanci Road and Taksim-‎Haciosman metro route. 5 minutes from Emirgan Park and the beach, and ‎‎10 minutes from TEM Highway and Levent… Add privileges to your life ‎and take a step ‎to add value to your life!

    ‎(Contact us)‎

    Tarabya Vadi Konaklari, Sea and Forest Views are Together!


    Istanbul investment apartments offer Tarabya Vadi Konaklari which is ‎one of the most precious buildings with its location in Sariyer. The Sariyer hoıusing project ‎offers luxurious life with investment apartments with sea and forest views. On the ‎Tarabya crests, the housing project is located in the most valuable region of ‎Istanbul. Combining the most luxurious and different alternatives for your ‎Istanbul real estate investment, Tarabya Vadi Konaklari is designed to add ‎value to your future and today.

    You can have a peaceful living space by ‎purchasing one of the private garden apartments. In addition, by choosing ‎one of the duplex apartment options, you can have a comfortable life with a ‎sea view. Use the advantages of living in the city center as a landlord, very ‎close to the financial center of Istanbul!‎

    You will be neighbors with Istinye Park Shopping Mall where the most ‎luxurious brands and world tastes are located in Istanbul. Besides, another ‎detail that will add value to your life will be the lush gardens and the glow ‎reflected from the sea to your home! With the sports complexes and social ‎facilities included in the project, you will keep healthy.

    Spaces specially ‎designed for your children stand out as another function to add value to ‎you and your loved ones. While you will have the privilege of living in the ‎most valuable region of Istanbul with its terraces, you will gain profit ‎without slowing down with your investment!‎

    Tarabya Vadi Konaklari, every detail is carefully considered for you to have ‎a peaceful, comfortable and safe life. It will be the right option for your ‎investment. You can find detailed information about Tarabya Vadi ‎Konaklari which offers the keys to luxury and comfortable life. Also, other ‎Sariyer villas and apartment options are for sale at affordable prices.‎

    ‎(Contact us)‎

    Strong Investment with Avangart Istanbul!‎

    Istanbul investment apartments present Avangart Istanbul which draws ‎attention with its payment options suitable for every ‎budget. ‎Standing out ‎with its high investment value among the villas and apartments for sale in ‎Sariyer, Avangart Istanbul is developed by Gul Project. The project is developed on an area of ‎‎36.750 m2. In addition to large housing projects designed for hundreds of ‎families in Istanbul, Gul Proje offers a living space beyond your dreams!‎

    Avangart Istanbul, which stands out with its location features, is not only a ‎housing project. But also, it is an attraction center designed to add value to ‎your life. Avangart Istanbul is a mixed-life project with 11 blocks and 935 ‎apartments as well as 18 commercial units. Located on the TEM Highway, ‎Avangart Istanbul will add value to your entire life with its location ‎features! Avangart Istanbul, adjacent to TT Arena Stadium, is only a few ‎minutes away from FSM Bridge which connects the Asian and European ‎sides. Housing projects rising in the Maslak region are designed to integrate ‎high quality into your whole life.‎

    Aiming to offer modern lines and the highest standards for you among ‎Maslak housing projects, Avangart Istanbul is a powerful investment tool. ‎It aims to offer higher standards to your precious life with its location ‎features, in-house functions, walking areas around the project. Parks, ‎playgrounds for children and special facilities are designed to add value to ‎your life.‎

    You will have more reasons to smile as you add peace to your life with the ‎forest air that fills your home through your window every morning. You ‎will greet your neighbors who are as happy as you are. Also, you will ‎maximize your comfort with high standards with investment apartments for sale in Istanbul‎.

    ‎(For Detailed Information)‎

    Green Life in the Center of the City with As Maslak Project!‎

    Investment apartments in Istanbul offers As Maslak that draws attention with ‎its close ‎distance to transportation lines. Standing out with its strategic ‎location among Sariyer housing projects, As Maslak offers possibilities ‎beyond your dreams with high standards. In addition to comfortable ‎residences, it has equipment beyond your expectations. It draws attention ‎with its valet service, restaurants, viewing terraces and parking facilities ‎for residential buyers. Shining like a star among the luxury detached villas ‎and apartments for sale in Sariyer, As Maslak is a tool to raise your living ‎standards as well as investing.‎

    As Maslak is developed in an area of 15.000 m2 with 118 residences‎. The ‎riveting project in the Maslak region consists of only 1 + 1 residences ‎which vary between 77 -80 m2. The project also includes store-type ‎shops. Attracting attention with its location features, As Maslak offers ‎attractive opportunities for investors with its modern design. As Maslak ‎consists of a single 12-storey block. It reflects its charming atmosphere ‎among the villa and apartment options for sale in Maslak with its mirror ‎facades.

    Designed for you to reach anywhere in Istanbul quickly, As Maslak is ‎located only half an hour away from Istanbul Airport. It also has a special ‎location 10 minutes away from YSS Bridge. Standing out with its forest ‎view and unique location among Maslak housing projects, As Maslak ‎invites you to a privileged life! You can contact us here to get detailed ‎information about As Maslak and other Sariyer apartments and villas for ‎sale. Take your first step into a life full of opportunities.‎

    (For Detailed Information)‎

    Arti Tarabya, The Garden of Your Home is a Giant Forest!‎

    Apartments for your investment in Istanbul ‎ provide many advantages within the Istanbul real ‎estate sector. However, Arti Tarabya‎ is unprecedented! Yes, many ‎apartments and villas for sale in the Sariyer region of Istanbul and even ‎branded projects, have spectacular green areas. All of them have high ‎standards in luxury and different areas, but Arti Tarabya invites you to a ‎privileged life with luxury investment apartments for sale on the crest of Istanbul Tarabya at ‎the edge of the forest!‎

    Almost all new branded housing projects create the perception that you ‎are in a green forest with landscaped gardens. Yet, the need for reality and ‎a breath of fresh air is neglected. When you step outside your home, ‎imagine entering the Belgrad Forest that has existed for centuries! When ‎you invest in this project, your dream will come true. Luxury and comfort ‎will be with you at every point in your home!‎

    ‎(Contact us)‎

    Olive Sariyer Offers Privileges with 20 Flats for Sale!‎

    Investment apartments for sale in Istanbul presents Olive Sariyer shining like a star ‎may be the right choice for your investment. Olive Sariyer which offers the ‎opportunity to be one of the 20 selected families as well as a strong ‎investment in the real estate sector of Istanbul is located in the Maden ‎District. The housing project consists of 5 blocks and has 2 gardens. The ‎project provides special facilities for the elderly or families with children or ‎for the disabled. It is equipped with standards that make life easier. And, it ‎is designed with architectural touches that are friendly and solution-focused for its users.‎

    There are smart systems in large and spacious houses with terrace facilities ‎for those living on the upper floors and your life ensures safe living. The ‎project which will make your life easier with its car park, social areas, ‎lounge and many facilities, provides advantages for your budget and offers ‎the most favorable dues. There are guest entrances for the garden floors. ‎While providing a safe living space for your children at all hours of the day, ‎it offers many opportunities for you to relieve the stress of the day and ‎socialize.‎

    While its long-lasting exterior protects your building, the landscape design ‎and the natural beauty will extend your lifespan. A green touch to your ‎life…‎

    Neighboring on the Belgrad Forest and proximate to the city the center… ‎You can have pleasant walks with your neighbors and bring the beauty of ‎nature to your life. The project will save your time with connection ‎points to locations such as the tunnel in the Maslak Maden District, the ‎Third Bridge and Istanbul Airport. It is designed to give you a peaceful life.‎

    ‎(Contact us)‎

    The Peaceful Atmosphere of the Forest is at Your Home with ‎Vadikoru!‎


    Istanbul investment apartments‎ present Vadikoru‎! It is one of Turkey’s ‎most valuable and largest real estate projects. Surrounded by Belgrad ‎Forests on three sides, the project offers a peaceful life with its ‎opportunities. The project includes 242 apartment options, as well as 84 ‎offices and 12 street stores. It offers numerous advantages that will add ‎privilege to your life such as shopping street, indoor-outdoor car park, ‎basketball and volleyball court, meeting rooms and a Turkish bath.‎

    Vadikoru project built in Ayazaga offers many privileges for your life. Ayazaga ‎ district is one of the most special locations to ‎minimize your transportation problems in Istanbul. The Sariyer housing project attracts ‎attention with its proximity to the most important link and transition ‎roads ‎ as well as its walking distance to transportation networks. Rising ‎next to Taksim metro route, Havaray metro and FSM Bridge, the project is ‎waiting for buyers in the most central point of Istanbul.

    Affordable houses ‎with personalized payment options increase the interest of home buyers. ‎You can have one of the Istanbul investment apartments, commercial units and ‎office alternatives with a grove view. You can evaluate the strong ‎investment opportunities by benefiting from our consultancy services.‎

    ‎(Contact us)‎