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    Istanbul Finance Center: Project will be Complete by 2021!

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    The countdown has begun for the Istanbul Finance Center Project; the project, which will be completed in 2021, aims for financial liberalization in Turkey. While Turkey, which has become a global power, keeps developing in many areas, it has taken another step towards the development of new markets, new instruments and institutions by gathering its financial power under one roof.

    In addition to technological developments, innovations in the field of health and informatics, with its increasing value in property trade, Turkey has become a global power. Istanbul Finance Center Project will transform the banking sector, a developing sector in Turkey, into a global value. With Istanbul Finance Center Project, which will be complete by 2021, Turkey aims to reach the status of playmaker in the international arena in the last days of trade wars.

    The Course of Istanbul Finance Center Project


    Questions arise in the minds of the international financial institutions and the public about the developments in the financial center project planned on the residential area in the north of the Anatolian Highway as well as about the scope and the course of the project. Istanbul Finance Center Strategy and Action Plan decision came into force in 2009. Berat Albayrak, the Minister of Treasury and Finance, said a project that reflects the silhouette of Istanbul has been implemented and that these developments will improve and reflect positively on the Turkish economy.

    The Central Bank is located in the middle of the project area. It is emphasized that it will be a center not only for conventional banking but also for digital banking. The project will reflect Turkey’s silhouette in an architectural aspect, while providing support to international capital flow, and is projected to be complete by 2021.

    In addition to development that has been provided by the investments in urban transformation as well as real estate sector, the trade volume will be enhanced by financial liberalization and capital flow to be enabled by Istanbul Finance Center, and the banking sector will flourish, resulting in a positive influence on employment and living conditions. New markets will lead to the development of new instruments and institutions.

    Get Acquainted With Istanbul Finance Center Project Area!


    The buildings to be included in the Istanbul Finance Center Project, which will be complete by 2021, and the details of the structure to be built have been an object of interest.

    • Istanbul Financial Center (IFM)

    • Project Type: Mixed-Use

    • Land Area: 3,200,000 sqm

    • Location: Umraniye, Istanbul, Turkey

    • Investor: Republic of Turkey | Emlak GYO

    • Associated Financial Institutions: Central Bank of Turkey, Ziraat Bankası, Halk Bankası, Vakıflar Bankası, Capital Markets, Board of Turkey, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency

    The details given above are current information about the project. The project consists of 4 main regions. The first main region has been designed for the buildings of audit institutions and private organizations. Banks and financial centers will be located in the second main region. The third main region has been designated for congress and cultural centers. The fourth main area has been planned for structures providing support and service, including structures built to serve the public, such as police stations, fire stations, mosque.

    Transportation to Istanbul Finance Center


    The location of the project and its proximity to the TEM highway enable the project to be the center of economy and transportation. The financial center, located 400 meters away from the TEM highway, is intended to be the crossroads for transportation. If we examine the location of the project, it is situated 7.5 km away from Bosphorus Bridge, 10.5 km from FSM Bridge and 2.5 km from D100 highway. The region, which has increased in value with housing projects built around it, is becoming increasingly important.

    Istanbul Finance Center, which is projected to be complete by 2021 and considered as the heart of the financial sector, will be a region where the banking sector develops and increases employment. Demand will increase for housing projects, infrastructure, social and cultural areas in line with increasing employment. Within the scope of the transformation, which is based on the 10th Development Plan designed according to the development of the region in this sense, development has been planned for underground, road transportation and airport around the Istanbul Financial Center. According to the action plan, all details such as parking, intersection and road works have been designed.

    Reflection of the Project on the Turkish Economy


    Developed countries are seen to have significantly reduced deregulation practices due to the fact that they have opened their economies to international capital flow. The countries that opted to remove controls and restrictions have chosen financial liberalization in order to develop their economies at an international scale. Policies and country economies that pave the way for financial globalization show development. International capital has a negative or positive effect against macro-scale economic policies, banking systems and developments in the field of economy. Turkey has entered the path to financial globalization and aims to bring the Turkish economy to international economy standards in accordance with the policies it has followed and the financial center project.

    Following the 2008 financial collapse, many developments occurred due to the realistic assessments made in the banking and finance sector. Economists have created new economic models and strategies by indexing animal instincts to human nature. Turkey has made progress in terms of the banking and financial sector during that period. With the Istanbul Finance Center Project, Turkey aims to be a global power by 2021 and reach the level of global powers such as London and the USA, and it’s on the way to becoming a rising value day by day.

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    Living in the center of the city with Roya Nova Residence, located opposite the Istanbul Financial Center, will turn your life into an advantage. Transportation and infrastructure activities which will improve by the courtesy of Istanbul Finance Center Project, which will be complete by 2021, will have distinctive effects on the surrounding housing projects. Roya Nova Housing Project aims to offer a high quality of life as a result of the combination of urban texture, the design of the building and environmental factors. Given the location of the project, it is situated in the most valuable region of Turkey.

    In addition, the tower design of the project brings the panoramic view and the city’s glow into your home. Increase the quality of your life to the highest level of quality standards with Roya Nova Residence, which offers great advantages in terms of transportation and social activities, and enjoy having the opportunity to watch the value increase of your living space through your window in 2021 with Istanbul Finance Center.