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    Invest in Turkey Property: Time to Buy Properties!

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    Invest in Turkey property minimizes the risk for foreign capital owners with the currency fluctuations and monetary policies implemented by the government. The global health crisis and the aggressive changes in commercial activities have had great effects on all world economies. These effects will generate a steady and long-term income area in the commercial activities and property invest in Turkey.

    The free trade zones in Turkey present great opportunities for foreign investors. Briefly, there are organic and designed government incentives for global capital owners for them to prefer Turkey. The economic mobilities show us the sectoral developments throughout the country. The economic indices calculated by the EU transparently present the general operation of the economy and the economic data of the citizens. Depending on the Consumer Confidence Index, Turkey is the key country for investment. Not only for the present, but also for the future expenditure and propensity to save…

    An Overview of the Turkish Economy: Liquidity Demand in Global Markets!


    Invest in Turkey property should be examined with hard data and global analyzes! The increase in the dollar value has caused aggressive progress against other currencies in the global economy. It is happened along with the need to return to liquidity in global markets. The most important point to be recalled is that world economies are intertwined with each other. Each ring of the chain critically affects the other. So, fluctuations have been experienced in the global economy with an increase in the dollar value.

    Before examining other sectors for invest in Turkey, let’s ask the most important question! Why is there an aggressive advance in the global economy? The oil prices are one of the main factors underlying the changes in Turkish Lira with the economic crisis all over the world. Examining the main factor underlying the changes in economic values will disambiguate the economic uncertainties and investment process.

    Let’s briefly examine the depreciation of oil prices which affects the value of the Turkish Lira with all world economies. Two-thirds of the oil agreements in the world are made through Brent Petrol. Production of Brent Petrol which is used for the production of gasoline and diesel fuel is fast and cheap. For this reason, it is in high demand. Oil which was $ 75 last year, has been traded at $ 28 in 2020. The depreciation of oil prices stands out as one of the main reasons for the negative course of the global economy. Besides, there are impressive factors such as the relations between the USA and Saudi Arabia and the sale of Turkish bonds in the Borsa Istanbul. Also, the companies increasing their dollar-based resources have created a short-term effect for the Turkish Lira.

    1: Gain Strength with Your Vision! | Competitive Policies and the World Economy


    Invest in Turkey property raise in value every day. The young population and rising level of education have led to rapid growth in Turkish economy. However, after the recent global economic and pandemic crisis, there has been a sudden change in exchange rate balances. This change in Turkey has even developed a competitive environment for all world economies. Being aware of the advantages due to competitive policies, your investments will be the key to making great use of your capital!

    Gain strength in your investment activities with the fluctuations in the exchange rate and the changing international economic environment! It is of great importance to use your vision. Follow the changes moment by moment to turn your capital into profit in a controlled manner! In particular, currency fluctuations and devaluation of the Turkish Lira have caused the most advantageous profit source for foreign investors. The Turkish real estate market will be the right and radical choice to live. You can maintain your commercial activities in line with hard data. As well as transforming into the most profitable investment tool for foreign investors in line with the economic changes…

    2: Track Global Economic Data! | Golden Rule for a Powerful Investment


    Invest in Turkey property is the best choice would not be misleading to say! The changes in the Turkish economy will have a positive effect on a large scale. Especially for the commercial activities to be carried out by foreign investors. Following the global economic crisis, it will be the right step to follow continuously the hard data and figures. Analyze the sudden changes in the world economies.

    Housing price index data has experienced a sudden drop in the last two quarters according to the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey. The global economic crisis and high inflation have caused modest improvement in the Turkish economy 2020. The housing price index increased by 18.77% in the first quarter of 2020. Also, it increased by 14.25% in the current quarter. Turkey’s most valuable real estate projects and investments in Istanbul has caused the demand increase of foreign investors. The data of the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) provides these ratios. The effect of the devaluation of the currency has created charming prices for foreign investors. It shaped the demands of foreign investors especially from the Gulf region and increased the interest of the foreigners. In line with the progress of the demand and supply, Turkey real estate sector grows rapidly. Turkish real estate sector has an increase in value.

    Taking all these overviews into account, the decisions you will make in line with hard data will empower your investment.

    3: Turn The Crisis Into An Opportunity! | Property Invest in Turkey


    It is expected a negative process with foreign exchange rates and fluctuations during the last two quarters of 2020. However, World Bank statements show that the controlled downside pressure in the Turkish economy will provide a sustainable recovery.

    The economy of Turkey goes through a hard time experienced by other global economies either. A recession of 3.8 % is expected this year. However, the Turkish economy continues its competitive policies without slowing down! The plan is not to suffer from the global crisis and to turn external economic shocks into a positive curve. Turkey will slowly but surely turn crisis into an opportunity…

    Golden Chance to Buy Property in Turkey


    Invest in Turkey to property will be the best investment tool for foreign capital for owners as well as citizens. 250.000 US dollars worth of real estate in Turkey is acquired to obtain Turkish citizenship for foreign citizens. It presents unique opportunities with advantages. However, the best advantage for foreign investors in Turkey is the commercial power thanks to free-trade agreements and strong international relations. Macroeconomic balances will change after the economic crisis. This will turn its place into sectoral developments and new economic order with new economic behavioral and policy models. With the transformations in international relations, it is obvious that commercial activities and even economic models will alter.

    The expected recession in the Turkish economy and currency fluctuations around the world will be restained with correct policies. Before investing, you need to draw your plan by taking into consideration of these overviews. With the right strategies and controlled investment techniques, you will increase your earnings without slowing down!

    Invest in Turkey to property will be the easiest way to improve your profits quickly. The global and Turkish economic crisis will be advantageous for foreign investors. It will improve your earnings in the long-term.

    Advantages of the Property Invest in Turkey


    Invest in Turkey property is the best decision you will ever make! According to the direct proportion to economic data and commercial activities, the real estate sector is the safest and most profitable way for your investment. It is the right time for property investment 2020. Also, the earnings and return process from targeted investment movements will be better than you expect. The advantages of property invest in Turkey will provide extra returns that are beyond your expectations. Property invest in Turkey provides Turkish citizenship and new business activities as well as short-term but effective profit.

    Invest in Turkey to real estate will provide new property, new culture and high standards for you. It will offer Turkish citizenship by investment for you and your family. It will facilitate you to carry your commercial activities beyond your dreams benefiting from the sectoral gap in Turkey! It is not easy to explain briefly the advantages of property invest in Turkey. Because real estate investing is the most advantageous method to profit all around the world. It will allow you to change your standards both in the long and short term with spending capital on your living space. Our previous articles about real estate investment and buying property in Turkey will be explanatory for you.

    You will change all of your standards, rights and investment goals with property invest in Turkey. Turkey is developing with branded residential projects and construction activities for the real estate sector. In Turkey, there are housing projects for all standards and budgets. Property for invest in Turkey will have a spot-on effect to increase your gains with structures such as commercial units.

    Invest in Turkey Property: Let’s Realize Your Plans!


    Invest in Turkey to property and get Turkish citizenship? You’re on the right platform! The unique consultancy service and extensive real estate portfolio of Projescope contain the most current information to evaluate your capital. We will be glad to serve you to realize your dreams in Turkey with our sectoral experience! You can get detailed information about the projects, benefit from these unique investment opportunities, contact us now!