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    International Schools in Istanbul: Foreign Students Guide

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    International schools in Istanbul provides an education system with a curriculum that is globally accepted for those planning to educate in Turkey. There are 27 international schools in Istanbul.

    International institutions offering high-quality education and training for those planning to have an academic career and live in Turkey. In this way, they will be able to achieve reach their career goals rapidly.

    Education fees for international schools in Istanbul are important for people. Favorite places and popular schools are also subjects of curiosity. Before determining among the international schools in Turkey, you should examine the criterion such as school fees, the curriculum, organized panels, or international equivalency.

    List of Every International Schools in Istanbul

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     International schools in Istanbul, Turkey are qualified institutions with the education system and personal development programs which are provided for the students.

    There are some points you should be careful when choosing among the international schools in Turkey. By examining all these details, it will be determinant for you to choose among the international institutions or the curriculum system of the nations!

    The best international schools in Istanbul providing a comprehensive education for foreign students:

    Harvest International Schools
    Keystone International School
    Safir International School
    Istanbul American School
    Istanbul International Community School
    MEF International School Istanbul
    Enka Schools Istanbul
    Bright International School of Istanbul
    The British International School
    Elite Academy
    Steps International School
    Jasmine International Schools
    Tarabya British Schools
    Eyuboglu Schools
    Ihsan International School
    Deutsche Schule Istanbul
    AKA School
    Uskudar American Academy
    Alfayez International School
    Gokkusagi International School
    Alkev Schools
    Istanbul International School
    Liceo Italiano
    LWIS Istanbul International School
    Lycee Francais Pierre Loti
    Tas Private School

    How Can Foreigners Apply To Undergraduate in Turkey? (click)

    You can make the right decision when planning your career by comparing international and national schools in Turkey. You can find all of the answers in our article which is an educational guide for the schools in Turkey. You can easily choose the best one for you among the international schools in Istanbul. End up your research on international schools.

    Best International Schools in Istanbul

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    We have listed the prominent international schools in Istanbul. Find schools with curriculum in accordance with international standards in Turkey. You can examine the most preferred schools where students can choose. Also find out which of the international accreditation options it adopts! 

    Safir International School

    safir-international-school (2)

    Safir International School, which provides education in accordance with American standards, is located in Bagcilar. Arab citizens came to Turkey to investigate the most common choice and the school Safir International School offers training opportunities in 3 languages. You can easily access detailed information about Safir International School Istanbul fees on the website.

    Keystone International School

    keystone-school (2)

    Keystone international schools are located in one of the most central locations in Istanbul. KIS maintains its high standard of training approved by WASC. Keystone International School, which offers a Canadian High School Diploma opportunity, offers high-quality academic education in cooperation with the academic cooperation of Canada (CIS Accreditation), Istanbul and Toronto. You can find detailed information about Keystone International School Istanbul fees on the website.

    Harvest International School


    You can find detailed information about Harvest International School Istanbul fees and academic program on the website.

    Istanbul American School


    You can find detailed information about Istanbul American School fees and academic program on the website.

    Equivalency Program: Proceed Your University or College Abroad with the Diploma You Receive in Turkey

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    Parents who come to Turkey to live or work and want their children to get an education in Istanbul may not want to choose international schools.

    Foreign students in Turkey are able to go to university or college abroad by getting an education in schools that provide equivalency programs.

    With the diploma you have received from international schools, you can directly transfer to international colleges or universities. Also, you can take advantage of the equivalence program.

    Frequently Asked Questions About International Schools in Istanbul

    Which Country Has the Most International Schools?

    The question is among the frequently asked questions. The best international education institutions in Turkey are located in Istanbul.

    Is school free in Turkey?

    Primary education in Istanbul is free even for foreign students. However, it is not available for private schools… Also, do not forget that you may have additional costs for quality education in Istanbul! You should be ready for some requirements such as books, tutoring, or special school uniform.

    How much are school fees in Turkey?

    Education fees in Turkey depend on the location and academic quality of the well-established educational institution. You should do a preliminary review on the websites of the schools for the tuition fees. You also need to include your education fee in your contract negotiations if you plan to live in Turkey.

    Cheap international schools?

    You should compare international educational institutions and national schools with unreasonable prices. There are lots of affordable international schools in Istanbul. You can get the necessary documents, application conditions, and fees on the websites of educational institutions.

    Who can study in international schools?

    Please note that only foreign nationals can study in international school. The foreigners will have the opportunity to improve their social life by getting an education at Turkish educational institutions. Think carefully when you try to make a decision.

    Have you decided to live in Turkey?

    Let’s suppose that you have decided to live abroad and now you are looking for the right institution to study. Standards in education, the location suitability … There are many determinants to choose to place to live in!

    You can choose the closest educational institution to the location you decide to live in. Or, you can choose by taking the education standards into consideration. Be sure of examining the national school providing quality education before deciding about the educational institutions in Turkey.

    You’ve decided to live in Turkey by benefiting from the Turkish Citizenship program for yourself and your family only by purchasing property with a minimum value of 250,000 USD. Let’s suppose that you have specified the location to live in Turkey. Now, it’s time to determine your living standards and your needs.

    An institution with high educational standards is a vital factor even when determining the location to live, especially for families with children. There are Turkish institutions and international schools in Istanbul that have made their names with their quality education all around the world. As we have said before, you must be very careful when deciding on this.

    The quality education system and curriculum provided in Turkey rank first in the world. You should make preliminary researches about the education system in Turkey, functioning, and the curriculum. Also, you should know the improving institutions in Turkey and get experience.


    Discover the School in Turkey

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    If you want to make a comparison between international schools in Istanbul and national schools providing quality education, there are certain points to take into account. In particular, you need to know whether it has international accreditation or not.

    With the help of the details you need to know, you can determine the school you should prefer. There are a lot of international schools in Istanbul.

    There are big differences between international and national schools in terms of the class structure, number of students, curriculum, and functioning. As well as international school offering very high quality and international accreditation program in Turkey. Discover the Turkish schools that offer education at international standards to shape your future.

    What Are the Options of Curriculum Offered to Students in Istanbul?

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    There are different curriculum options offered to students in Istanbul. International students must determine the curriculum type before enrolling in educational institutions.

    Schools might even have 2 or 3 different curriculum options in Istanbul. Before making a decision, comprehensive information should be get from experienced people, consultants, or authorized people working in educational institutions.

    There are international schools in Istanbul providing;

    istanbul-international-schools (2)

    UK National Curriculum,
    International Baccalaureate,

    American Curriculum,
    Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

    National Schools vs. International Schools in Istanbul


    The compulsory gradual education for the Turkish education system lasts for 12-years. The education system consists of 3 levels; primary school, secondary school, and high school. Quality programs are available depending on career choice after the completion of compulsory education.

    Foreigners who plan to study in Turkey can make reasonable choices provided that they get informed about the education system in Turkey. Besides, a foreign student can get citizenship in Turkey.

    You will have about education in Turkey and browse our strong education system in Turkey before writing assessment opportunities! You will find the answers to all your questions about the Turkish education system.

    You should take a look at our article about the education system of public schools in Istanbul and the opportunities you will have! After that, you will find the answers to all your questions about the Turkish education system.

    Istanbul International Community Schools


    International schools in Istanbul accept all international students. The international curriculum has multinational instructors. International schools in Istanbul which usually teach in English or French also offer different language options.

    It is known that there are 9200 international schools in the world. The number of schools providing quality and original education for international students who want to study abroad is rapidly increasing.

    You can choose one of the schools with a world-renowned and recognized curriculum when reshaping your career.

    Only foreigners can apply to Istanbul International Community School. If you plan to get an education abroad, and Turkey is among your alternatives…

    You should choose one of the international schools in Istanbul.

    There are international schools providing different curricula in Turkey. There are American international schools or Arab international schools in Istanbul. There are also English schools in Istanbul.

    There are international schools in Istanbul on the European and Anatolian Sides. Before choosing among international schools in Istanbul, you can get detailed information about the closest educational institutions to the location you will buy.