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    How to Eat in Istanbul for a Day | Best Dishes Guide

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    Most valuable issue which is as important as the points to visit in a single day around and in Istanbul is how to eat for a day. It is very important that you have already set your route by the time you take the first step outside your hotel or home from the moment you wake up in the morning.

    While Istanbul attracts everyone’s attention with its cultural heritage and geopolitical location, it is known as a legendary country with its fascinating flavors and nostalgic atmosphere of properties by the seaside. You can find details of venues with unique sea view surrounding Istanbul and their legendary flavors in our article, which is a guide for both foreigners and citizens. 

    Knowing venues that have served for years or even centuries and still continue to serve with the same standards will allow you to have the best times of your life and create unforgettable memories. Put aside the daily plan you’ve already read and known and add to your list the most popular and special places to visit in Istanbul from breakfast to dinner in a single day. Here is how to eat your way around İstanbul in a single day…

    Delicious and Rich Start to the Day; Turkish Breakfast


    Breakfast choices suitable for every budget are available for Turkish citizens as well as foreigners who are in Turkey for travel or business purposes or foreigners who will reside by obtaining a residence permit. Turkey is recognized for a rich variety of breakfast. There are even venues which are unknown to the Turkish citizens, let alone foreigners visiting Turkey. The list, which we have compiled among the increasing number of venues every day, will provide you with a feast that will appeal to your budget and taste buds and even to your eyes.

    Nisantasi: Cesme Bazlama Breakfast


    If you are hungry the moment you wake up in the morning or if you put your head on your pillow dreaming of the unique breakfast you will have the next morning, the best alternative for you will be Cesme Bazlama Breakfast, which was opened in Ni, and whose branch in Cesme makes its guests fall in love with it due to its delicious breakfast. It will also make you fall in love with it due to its service quality, jams prepared using freshly picked fruits and other products brought from their original place and prepared for you.

    Bebek: Mangerie


    In Mangerie, which has been visited by many people in Istanbul in recent years and has many alternatives from breakfast to dinner, take the opportunity to be fascinated with the unique view of Istanbul while having breakfast watching the Bosphorus! Mangerie, in which you need to make a reservation by calling in advance because of its popularity, serves with a menu with options for every budget.

    Emirgan: Sutis


    Emirgan Sütis, one of the most preferred breakfast venues in Istanbul, welcomes its fans with its view and historical texture. You can bring your breakfast pleasure to the highest standard with warm breads served in the morning together with menemen(a dish made with eggs) or various cheeses.

    Journey from Eminonu to Kavaklar: Bagel and Tea


    Another alternative for how to eat in Istanbul, you can choose for breakfast or fast food in a single day in city is bagel and tea. You should choose the ferry to experience the most enjoyable way of transport by breathing in the sea air over the Bosphorus, which brings the two sides of Istanbul together. While watching the seagulls, you should enjoy the crunchy taste of bagels sold by bagel sellers all over the ferry. You can enjoy the Bosphorus breeze blowing on the ferry with bagel and tea, which is an alternative way of breakfast in Istanbul. Istanbul, which affects people with its unique properties by the seaside and historical texture located all over it, continues to make a connection with those who have come as tourists.

    We recommend you to experience the unique view of Istanbul with the ferry line extending from Eminonu to Kavaklar. If you continue until Anadolu Kavagi, which is the last stop, you can enjoy fish sandwiches watching the magnificent view of the sea in fish restaurants or cafes lined up side by side.

    How to eat Historical Kanlica Yogurt in Istanbul


    You arrive at the Anatolian Side of Istanbul and want to take a break while visiting the historical places after breakfast, and you will start thinking how to eat your way around Istanbul in a single day. The answer is Historical Kanlica Yogurt, which leaves unique tastes in your mouth!

    If you haven’t tasted it before, you should forget about ordinary or high quality yogurts and go to Kanlica. Here, the yoghurt, which is prepared with buffalo or goat milk supplied from the surrounding villages and which you can eat against the unique view, does not contain any additives. We should note that you should only pour on the yogurt a very small amount of powder sugar, which is optional, not to spoil the pure form of flavor. We recommend that you add this indescribable flavor to the list of how to eat in one day in Istanbul for everyone who wants to taste a really healthy product nowadays, a time when the word organic is used frequently and incorrectly.

    Tea Break Behind the Hills: Hidiv Pavilion


    If you come to the Anatolian Side of Istanbul and need a break while visiting historical places, we can recommend you to drink tea in a cool area, especially on hot days. While heading towards the hills of Cubuklu, you can drink a cup of tea and breath in the fresh air in an area within Hidiv Pavilion, which serves as a restaurant and hotel, especially in the hot summer months. There are a lot of historical architectural buildings and structures on the Anatolian side, which you need to visit and see. If you happen to be in Anadolu Kavagi during your trip, you can taste the pancakes prepared in a toaster, specific to this cute fishing village, as a snack after your tea, before you resume your trip.

    Eminonu for Lunch in the Heart of Istanbul: Fish Sandwich


    We continue to explain the foods you can eat while strolling in Istanbul in one day. Of course, this list goes on and on, but we will prepare this list for you periodically.

    After strolling in the Anatolian Side until half of the day, we recommend that you return to the European Side not to miss the glow of the evening. After you return to Eminonu again, while witnessing the pleasant conversations of the sweet people fishing on the Galata Bridge, you can buy cheap but fresh and quality food from the fishermen you will see on your way and enjoy the flavor, which will take you to another world. You will feel yourself in a historical tour while watching the historical texture with the nostalgic atmosphere of the city.

    As you move away from all your stress, you will leave all the troubles of life behind you. Especially, you will double your happiness with the hospitality and treats of cheerful people.

    Two Different Alternatives for Lunch: Batard | Zula


    There are two venues to recommend for those who want to choose a restaurant for lunch in Istanbul. We recommend you to go to Batard and Zula, which we can count among the most popular places in Istanbul recently. The district, which has appreciated in value due to new venues opened after the housing projects rising in Bomonti, has two venues you can choose for lunch.

    You will be teleported to another world with the simple and delicious menu of Batard, where you will feel yourself in a movie frame, while you stuff yourself with unique burgers in Zula, which is directed by the same team. It offers not only traditional cuisine but also world cuisine with different interpretations.

    We especially recommend you to eat cheesecake in Zula. If you prefer to go to Batard on Sunday, you will come across Ferikoy Antiques Market. We can guarantee that you would not get tired of it and want to leave.

    The Taste Imitated by The World; Turkish Delight and Baklava


    Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar are touristic areas for everyone, local or foreign. Since they have so many details that can make up enough content for a book, we will briefly include the details. While describing how to eat around Istanbul in a single day, we could not skip Turkish delight and baklava, which are details we should definitely mention.

    After purchasing fresh Mehmet Efendi Coffee, which you will not find anywhere in the world, you should turn your route to Haci Bekir on Hamidiye Street. After buying Turkish delights and confectionary by choosing and tasting them from among magnificent Turkish delights and returning home, you’ll enjoy a cup of coffee with Turkish delight on the side and watch the unique beautiful architecture of Istanbul and even dream of getting Turkish citizenship by buying a property in it.

    If you’ll keep going after buying your Turkish delight, you should keep what you have bought until you return to your home. Because there is baklava next. Baklava is a Turkish flavor that is admired by everyone, local or foreign, and imitated by many nations. While sipping your coffee or tea, you can enjoy baklava in Karakoy Gulluoglu or Sirkeci Hafiz Mustafa.

    Salute the Evening by Sipping Your Fruit Juice!


    A long life, let alone one day, will not be long enough to see every part of Istanbul. For this reason, you can facilitate your life by buying a property from the housing projects, continuously rising in the city center, or apply for citizenship in Turkey, which is constantly developing, if you are not a citizen. Places you can go to have a meal in a single day in Istanbul are unlimited.

    If you have a passion to have a different experience every day, you should consider this opportunity. At any time of the day, you can see fresh fruit juice vendors on the street in many parts of the city and buy, a fruit juice for only one or two Turkish Liras. Your day will be more beautiful with the smile of the sweet Turkish people, who prepare the juices right in front of you, which will allow you to receive vitamins that will protect you from diseases in winter and freshen you up during hot summer days. While the joy you get from life is constantly increasing, you will want the time to stop for this joy not to end.

    Two Alternatives for Dinner: Beyti | neolokal


    You can shape how you can eat around Istanbul in a single day and the route you will follow according to your place of residence. Beyti, which we will recommend for dinner, is a historical meat restaurant located in Florya, Istanbul. This historical value, which extends from the past to the present, is referred to as an unforgettable legend due to both its architectural structure and delicious menu.

    The venue, which is known as “the place where meat is cooked in the best way”, has been serving for half a century and still continues to provide the same quality standards. In Beyti, where you can find Turkish delicacies together, you can spend quality time with your family and hold your business meetings comfortably.

    After a delicious trip in Istanbul in a single day, you may opt for a light dinner. Neolokal, which impresses with its nostalgic atmosphere and fascinates with the Golden Horn view, gives you fine dining experience in Istanbul. While you can enjoy sharing tasting menus with your loved ones, it is an alternative way to make your business meetings more enjoyable.

    We have recommended places where you can have a meal in Istanbul in a single day, but with the increasing number of venues due to urban transformation activities existing in the glittering city, developing every day, the standards of taste compete with each other. For this reason, we recommend you to take a look at the housing projects rising in the districts where you can have a more enjoyable and quality life, while choosing the places where you can eat in a single day and have a pleasant time in Istanbul.

    Journey to Splendor: Orient Bar Pera Palace


    Do not hesitate to go to the Orient Bar, located in Pera Palace, which is mostly visited by foreigners who come to Istanbul but is known to everyone. We cannot complete the list of venues to go in a single day in Istanbul without suggesting a place where you can socialize while traveling through history before going home or to your hotel after having dinner.

    In addition to its historical value, the Pera Palace hotel is Turkey’s only museum hotel, which has witnessed history and been visited by world-famous people, and where you can relax after a hard day. If you want to witness the history more closely, our recommendation will be Orient Bar Pera Palace. We recommend that you make a reservation before you go. You can find all the information on the website.