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    Find Property in Turkey that Suits You!

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    Find property in Turkey to buy and have a privileged life with lifelong advantages! How? All the steps you need to take before buying property in Turkey are reasonably listed for you. By taking these steps correctly and find property for sale that suits you make real estate investments in the safest way you can get lifetime gains in Turkey!

    The experts will find the best home for your budget and lifestyle. You can benefit from the Turkish property for sale in Turkey by owners consultancy services in Turkey. So, you can open the doors of a life beyond your expectations. Benefit from the consultancy services.

    Before buying property that suits you in Turkey, you should take advantage of the consultancy services which have an extensive  portfolio. Thus, you can take firm steps, set your budget, and find property best suits your standards.

    As Projescope, we will offer you current housing prices, newly-developed housing projects, private payment options, and many more advantages… First of all, we should look at the steps which foreigners need to know to buy a house in Turkey.

    After that, examine all the details by answering frequently asked questions. Let’s start to find the house for sale especially and cautiously designed for you…

    Find Property in Turkey: Choose the Right Expertise!


    Find property in Turkey for sale that suits you, it is necessary to proceed in a planned way. You should determine your questions and the steps to be taken.

    Hundreds of domestic and foreign capital owners buy new properties in Turkey through professional real estate services. Housing projects with modern, luxury, or different standards offer many different alternatives altogether in Turkey real estate industry. Find property that best suits you through reliable expertise.

    Determine Your Demands Properly!


    Find property in Turkey for just living, or a mixed-use housing project appreciated with commercial units? Maybe, a private property for sale in Turkey that will strengthen your investment?

    Istanbul housing sector always provides houses that best suit your standards and demands! Yet, you should know some fine details! It is possible to discover the house that best suits your budget and living standards by proceeding systematically!

    Just make a decision, then let us know to find property in Turkey. You can be sure that there are thousands of options in our extensive real estate portfolio for you. No need to become lost among the numerous alternatives!

    Find Property in Turkey that Best Suits You!


    Our expert real estate consultants will always be with you to find property in Turkey that best suits you! We guarantee that you will take the right step by offering current prices and the newest housing alternatives for you.

    Property for sale in Turkey Istanbul options; a sea view luxury apartment, a modern studio apartment, or a private villa with a garden? You just need to decide…

    We will be with you during the pre-sales process when you try to find property in Turkey best suits your criteria. Moreover, as your reliable solution partner in Turkey, we will be glad to give you strong investment options even during the post-sales process.

    As the first step let’s find out the most appropriate regions for your lifestyle in Turkey. Then we will make progress step by step…

    (Emirgan Apartments by SEBA)

    (Kalyon Marina Villalari)

    (Taksim 360)

    (Kasr-i Ala Cengelkoy)

    (Demir Country)

    Istanbul housing projects provide great opportunities such as housing that will be ready in 2021, pre-payment options, charming pre-launch offers. Haven’t you found the most suitable Turkey housing project yet? Maybe the one has not been completed yet!

    The Best Place to Find Property in Turkey


    Have you made your mind up to find property in Turkey that best suits you among the destinations?

    Istanbul city which is mostly preferred by domestic and foreigner capital owners?  Ankara which is the capital of Turkey? 

    Istanbul housing projects which have a rapidly increasing value among projects offer suitable housing alternatives suitable for every budget with the shopping centers and transportation opportunities in the district.

    The project which are ready in 2020 and will be delivered in 2021 are embellishing the dreams of home buyers and they are constantly transforming the districts which have many alternatives.

    Especially for Istanbul housing sector, Kagithane, Beylikduzu, bahcesehir, Maslak district offers strong investment alternatives because of its strategic and demographic features.

    What about the stunning city of Turkey, Izmir or Bodrum? Cheap property for sale in Antalya, Turkey? Bursa, maybe? What is the best place to find property in Turkey?

    You Demand, We Carry Out Through Our Expert Consultants!


    Find property in Turkey that suits you, we will offer you the right housing options among all the alternatives according to your demands. Also, our pre-sales and post-sales services will be your assistant in every aspect of life in Turkey.

    You can buy a holiday house  or you can find cheap property for sale in Turkey with strong investment values. You may have strong investment opportunities. We will be with you while making your dreams come true.

    No need to suffer the difficulties of being a foreigner. You will easily adapt to the living conditions in Turkey, and always get profit with a strong investment. Projescope offers the most reliable real estate consultancy services in Turkey. It is a strong institution with its new generation of real estate services.

    Projescope will prevent you from wasting your time with its rapid solutions. In addition to our knowledge in the field and wide portfolio, we still continue to grow and make the dreams of home buyers come true with our 13.5k international customer network.

    Istanbul real estate sector has been improved with the huge demands of foreign housing investors. It is still undergoing radical transformations. While housing prices are increasing in Istanbul, newly-developed housing projects present unique offers to housing buyers.

    When you have determined the location for the find property in Turkey, the rest will be very simple! Projescope is the most preferred property for sale in Turkey by owners consultancy service by Turkish citizens.

    Istanbul real estate sector offers important services for the housing investors. There are numerous suitable property options for every budget and lifestyle, find property in Turkey.

    Is Property Cheap in Turkey?


    Find property in Turkey if you plan to buy a property abroad! The strength and advantages of housing investment are much more in Turkey compared to other countries! Is your budget limited? No problem, there are house options suitable for every budget and lifestyle. Find property in Turkey to buy that suits your demands!

    Especially in Istanbul, there are several houses suitable for every budget. Your budget is not an obstacle to find property in Turkey!

    Just inform us about your budget and demands! Projescope real estate consultancy service is the most popular and reliable real estate consulting service in Turkey. You can save your time when you make your dreams come true!

    House prices vary greatly in the Istanbul housing sector. For instance, you have liked a housing project right next to the sea, but your budget is limited! It is okay… You can buy a flashy house having the same facilities by the sea in a different location in Istanbul. Without making effort, find property in Turkey!

    If the price of your dream house is inaccessible, you can find property in Turkey with the same amenities for your budget on the by-street. Housing prices can vary greatly even for the houses located next to each other. And we are talking about two houses with the same facilities …

    Examine Strong Investment Opportunities with Accurate Region Analysis!


    It is very simple to find property in Turkey having different widths and developed by various housing companies wherever you want for the price you want!

    There is a crucial issue you should know. Because of the rapid depletion of land stocks, the regions that are not in demand in Istanbul undergo a great change. That is why not only the popular regions but also the newly developing districts of the city are mostly preferred.

    Let’s suppose that you try to find property in Turkey and you think you’ve never heard the name of the house before in the newly-developed locations. That region might have a high value, please note that! This is a very important issue…

    Our professional real estate consultancy service will provide you the locations which have the most powerful investment opportunities in Turkey, especially in Istanbul.

    Kartal district is the rapidly developing location of the Anatolian Side of Istanbul. It is far from the city center and a newly developing location. Although it is far from the city center, it is shown as one of the most valuable locations of Istanbul soon. Thanks to its contemporary and luxurious buildings and regional transformations... You should definitely make use of your visions. And you should invest in housing abroad through a reliable and professional consultancy services. You should determine your most important criteria to find property in Turkey.

    Check The Best Property Prices Out!


    Find property in Turkey, you should find the accurate price options for yourselves. One of the most important things to do is to find the portfolio providing current prices and projects!

    You should compare the housing projects and learn the most up-to-date prices. Housing prices change depending on the exchange rate. They also greatly differ for under-construction and ready projects. You should have the correct data and learn the most up-to-date figures.

    We can provide you the opportunity to make deals and bargains for the list prices of the housing projects.

    Provided that you see another platform that offers a lower price for the same project, you should contact us. We ensure you that we will help you during the sales and negotiation process. You will make profit by making the most ideal agreements.

    How much does it cost to buy a house in Turkey?


    We frequently hear this question. As we have mentioned before, housing prices may vary depending on exchange rate fluctuations. We will enable you to find property in Turkey with the same facilities or even better conditions, maybe in the same district or different regions. You demand, we supply!

    As your reliable solution partner in Turkey, we will be with you during the whole process. We have a wide customer network in Turkey and we are rapidly improving our portfolio of property for sale in Turkey for you. So, you have found the best solution partner to find property in Turkey and we will take stronger steps.

    Cheapest place to buy property in Turkey or the most expensive houses, we have several clients demanding different houses. Frequently asked questions are generally about the housing prices. We guarantee that you will find the house that best suits your standards.

    In addition, buy property that suits you in Turkey and get citizenship! You can obtain Turkish citizenship without having to take another step, the only thing to do is find property to buy worth 250.000 USD in Turkey. You can benefit from the advantages by finding a home before any changes happen in the Turkish citizenship program and increases in prices.

    Would you like to get acquainted with the popular locations of Turkish people and foreigners who want to find property in Turkey? Do you want to know the popular housing types? If the answer is yes, let’s continue examining…

    This data might be your roadmap while setting your demands. You can also take advantage of our free real estate consultancy service…

    FAQs of Our Clients

    Can a Foreigner Buy a House in Turkey?


    Of course, they can! Foreign investors want to find property in Turkey benefit from our service real estate consultancy services all the time. Buy property in Turkey and get citizenship easily! The number of foreign investors who enjoy the benefits of citizenship programs is increasing in Turkey. Turkish real estate sector draws attention with the development taking place in the housing sector and regions. The popular choice of foreigners who want to find property abroad is Turkey with increased demands.

    You can take advantage of the opportunity and taking detailed information about housing projects. So, you can take the first step to your new life in Turkey.

    Where Can I Buy a House in Turkey?

    Find property in Turkey. The first thing that comes to mind is the locations of the properties! Every day, dozens of questions are asked to our real estate sales professionals by hundreds of domestic and foreign housing buyers.

    Many of the capital owners do not know where to start looking for housing in Turkey. The first questions asked are about the locations of the houses. The most determinative feature of the prices and housing types is its location.

    A budget-friendly apartment in the city center, or a seafront housing project for sale in Turkey? Large terraces or forest view? Or rural property for sale in Turkey? Find property in Turkey that suits you, its location is the first criterion for the determination its price.

    Housing projects developed in a location close to shopping malls and living centers, educational institutions, hospitals or exhibition centers, airports stand out among the projects. There are countless criterion that impact the housing prices. It is very important to know your demands while deciding on the region.

    Deciding on the type of property can be a guide when determining the location, though. If you will find property in Turkey with a Bosphorus view, a magnificent city view or rural property for sale in Turkey, you accordingly need to determine the location. It means that your requests will guide you; not your questions.

    You will be misguided if you determine a certain road map. Contact us, let’s take the right steps together. Let’s examine every detail through our expert real estate consultants.

    Is Buying Property in Turkey a Good Investment 2020?


    Find property in Turkey, it is one of the safest investment tools in Turkey. Increased housing prices, regional changes, Turkey housing sector with major transformations… They will allow you to make true preferences for your life and investment.

    Following the housing price index declared by The Central Bank of the Turkish Republic and housing prices will be useful. The increase in housing prices can be a guide for your vision.

    Newly developed, and under construction projects are shown as the best opportunities for a strong investment. 

    Find Property in Turkey without Wasting Your Time,


    It will be a strong investment in 2020. The depleted land stocks and the rapid loss of accessibility of valuable areas might be indicators for the future…

    It will be the best thing to prefer the regions where the new housing projects are developed. Housing projects developed in regions such as Beylikduzu, Buyukcekmece, Kucukcekmece, Bahcelievler, and Basaksehir will be important investment tools for the earnings in the future.

    You can learn more about rental guaranteed housing projects and abstain from wasting your time.

    It is the right time to take advantage of increasing housing prices! Strong investment opportunities are offered with branded housing projects. Private prices offered for mixed-use housing projects will guide to find property in Turkey. It will be right to invest in one of these complexes offering numerous opportunities to get high standards.

    How Much Does a Villa Cost in Turkey?


    You still try to find property in Turkey. Let’s suppose that you would like to buy a villa… It is our pleasure to find the best villa option for your standards. Villa projects rapidly increasing in number offer special options for an exclusive life in Turkey.

    If you are looking for a villa for your big family offering peaceful and comfortable standards of living, then you can easily find property in Turkey. Villa projects for sale in Turkey are just for you!

    A branded large housing project or a boutique living space with a private garden… In the city center or away from the city… In addition to strong investment opportunities! You will have whatever you want. We have gathered several villa options under one roof! Villas options with strong investment opportunities also provide unprecedented living standards.

    Can I Find a Luxury Property Which is Also Budget-Friendly?


    It would not be right to speak by the book for Turkey housing prices which depend on global politics and economic developments. But we can assure you that, we will find property in Turkey with the most budget friendly prices…

    Turkish citizenship program and find cheapest place to find property in Turkey to buy with the most affordable prices, these are what we specialize in… Which floor do you want to live or which view would you prefer to watch?

    There are a lot of questions to find property in Turkey. No need to get confused! We can even determine your questions with our professional consultancy service. Then, by answering all these questions, we will find property in Turkey that suits you.

    We will proceed systematically with the right steps. Follow the exchange of real estate prices in Turkey, be aware of the current information and take your time when making your decision.

    Our professional real estate consultants will protect you from a big loss of time to find property in Turkey for sale. You will find the house that best suits your budget and lifestyle without wasting your valuable time through our cooperation.