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    Extreme Sports | Get Your Heart Rate Up in Turkey!

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    Turkey has certain locations for extreme sports bringing together those seeking for thrill in the most extreme points of the world. Turkey gets a great deal of attention all around the world has a suitable structure for adrenaline sports as is the case with any other field. Turkey houses different geographical characteristics all across it.

    Remember that you need to make memories to add meaning to your life. Some people prefer adrenaline sports to feel alive and make memories. Extreme sports that may be preferred in Turkey offer rich opportunities for those wishing to add the meaning and value of life and further, to feel that they are alive and get their heart rate up. We listed the top 5 sports for adrenaline aficionados for which Turkey can be chosen.

    Windsurfing | Feel the Whole Universe with Extreme Sports in Turkey


    The windsurfing that ranks at top places among extreme sports in Turkey is a very popular summer sport. Turkey has countless places for windsurfing. Alaçatı is shown as the most popular place for this sport. Apart from the aforesaid place, one can rent equipment or take lessons in most locations where wind surfing can be done. Numerous places like Antalya, Aydıi, Balikesir, Bozcaada, Gokceada, Izmir, Mugla, Mersin, Istanbul have surf schools where you can do the windsurfing.

    You can challenge the wind following the windsurfing training you may take and go beyond experiencing one of the extreme sports you can do in Turkey. Although the training does not take so long, windsurfing is the simplest way to do adrenaline sports. While windsurfing, you will integrate with the air and you will hear the universe talking to you. Come to Turkey and challenge the wind to feel that you’re alive in its fullest sense and to experience being a part of the universe!

    Bungee Jumping | Let You Fears Go Down into Emptiness!


    Instead of watching extreme sports videos filled with adrenaline in Turkey, take the first step to shoot your own video. We have compiled the worlds most amazing bungee jumping locations, which are all in Turkey and will make you feel the climax of the excitement.

    Cesme, one of the most popular summer holiday locations in Turkey, is shown as the favorite sport for extreme sports aficionados. Despite being crowded, Cesme, the number one place for holiday-goers in recent years, retains its place among irreplaceable locations. Adventurers visiting Aya Yorgi Cove for Bungee Jumping enjoy an unparalleled experience by letting themselves go into the emptiness.

    Jumping into the emptiness is one of everyone’s biggest fears. If you say that you will overcome all your fears and get rid of the stress of life when you let yourself go into emptiness, would you think once again? You should visit Fethiye, one of Turkey’s unique beauties in order to experience such excitement. Apart from the unrivalled thrill you will have, natural beauties around you will be unforgettable for you.

    Apart from all these locations, there are many different alternatives such as Kilyos, Kazlicesme in Istanbul and Lara in Antalya.

    Cave Diving | Explore the Mysterious World with extreme sports in Turkey


    Turkey houses suitable diving places in Turkey for lovers of extreme sports. Cave diving, which is a sport that should not be done without proper training, offers the experience of seeing the treasures hidden under the water and other unique beauty. Turkey is the house to many caves suitable for cave diving. Before diving into the mysterious world, you need to have a practical training and gain experience. If you have the necessary experience, you can experience this unparalleled thrill in countless parts of Turkey that lies inland as well as Taurus Mountains and Aladağ Mountains.

    Skydiving | Time to Glide in the Air!


    Skydiving is known as the option taking the adrenaline to the highest level among extreme sports and is Turkey’s most popular adrenaline sport. You have to open your parachute while looking at the world from the bird’s eye and approaching the ground so fast. The pleasure and excitement you experience during such time slot cannot be explained in words. While gliding in the sky, you will not only look at life but also the world from a different perspective. Apart from parachute, spare parachute, cyprus that is activated when the parachutes are not opened as well as the helmet and goggles you will wear while jumping, you should have a device called altimetry, i.e. a watch-like height-measuring equipment.

    This unique excitement can be enjoyed in many cities of Turkey such as Ephesus, Fethiye, Istanbul, Eskisehir, Antalya which are all among regions attracting tourists. Weather conditions must be suitable for skydiving. Only the professionals choose to do it in the winter time. It would be correct for amateurs to choose the summer season when the weather is clear and stable.

    Mountaineering | Always to the Summit!


    The mountaineering, which is the most frequently chosen and most well-known extreme sports in Turkey is the best alternative for those who like living at the summit. All you have to do is climbing in order for you to live your life at the pinnacle. Mountaineering is an adrenaline sport that you can do all by yourself without no audience. There are many types such as rock climbing, winter mountaineering, glacier climbing, trekking.

    Mountaineering, which has strong character and is preferred by physically strong people, requires practical decision making skills apart from being dangerous. For example, a good investor makes disciplined and planned decisions while making the right decisions. An investor makes the right move by keeping pace with the agenda. The mountaineering requires the same care. Even a single step you will take is vital. But with the right steps, you can simultaneously experience the emotions you cannot feel all your life.

    Mountaineering sport, which can be performed in any season of the year, is recommended for amateurs in the summer and spring seasons. Antalya, Bodrum, Izmir, Mugla, Trabzon, Balikesir, Kocaeli, Agri, Bursa, Van, Erzurum are regions of Turkey that are good for mountaineering which stands out among extreme sports.