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    E-Government Portal Guide for Foreign Nationals in Turkey

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    Today, with the development of technology, the form of services provided by the states to their citizens has changed. E-Government portal offers services to citizens of the Republic of Turkey. These services are an electronic service that speeds up and facilitates the services provided by government agencies and access to information of all citizens. For foreign nationals may obtain e-government portal password to benefit from these services. Foreign nationals who have obtained citizenship or who temporarily reside in Turkey may use these services with English language option.

    Requirements For Using E-Government Application Services


    For foreign nationals may use e-government service by obtaining a residence address. But foreigners who want to receive service need to meet certain conditions. The first thing to do for foreign nationals is to apply to PTT(Turkish Postal Services) branches by submitting some of their information and documents and get their passwords. They should use the password to login to

    E-government service provides the advantage of English language option for those who cannot speak Turkish. In addition, foreign nationals who have a bank account can carry out their transactions without going to the PTT branch.

    For foreign nationals are required to submit a passport, temporary protection ID and valid residence documents in order to obtain an e-government portal password. Foreign nationals who submit these documents and the valid Work Permit Card, which is issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, can obtain a password. In addition to these, foreign nationals may also obtain a password by presenting their “Blue Card”, along with the ID card issued by the national authority of their country of nationality, bearing their photograph, driver’s license or passport. In addition, foreign nationals can get an e-government password by applying from embassies or consulates.

    Foreign Nationals Can Benefit From via E-Government


    Services provided to foreign nationals vary by their status and the documents they possess in Turkey. Services provided to Turkish citizens and foreign nationals in possession of a Blue Card or a residence permit:

    • Integrated electronic services,
    • Information services,
    • Payment transactions to be made to government institutions,
    • Short cuts that will be used to have access to institutions or organizations.

    For foreign nationals in Turkey holding foreign national ID no. starting with 99 can also benefit from e-government services. Services provided for these people who are under temporary protection include:

    • Creation of criminal record document and making an inquiry for judicial records,
    • Monitoring social security and health insurance,
    • Monitoring vehicle tax and any violations thereof and making an inquiry for a penalty imposed on the license plate, driver’s license or individuals, 
    • Making an inquiry for OGS-HGS (Electronic Toll Collection Systems) toll collection details,
    • Monitoring mobile phone lines registered on one’s name and IMEI record made for mobile phones,
    • Tax debt tracking, title deed details inquiry, giving notice of change of address, citizenship transactions, 
    • Filing an application with Turkish Employment Agency,
    • Monitoring enrolment in universities and student certificates.

    Use E-Government Portal with Foreign National Identification Number!


    For foreign nationals can get a foreign national ID number in order to benefit from e-government portal service. Foreign national ID no. procedures are performed by agencies authorized to issue a work permit or issue a “Work Permit Exemption Confirmation”, which can be used as a residence permit. The records of foreign nationals who file an application with these agencies, including:

    • Ministry of Labor and Social Security,
    • Ministry of Economy,
    • Ministry of Culture and Tourism,
    • Directorate of Higher Educational Council (YOK), are e-mailed to General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs by the aforesaid agencies. 

    After completion of these procedures, foreign nationals get a foreign national ID number, this can be used for accessing the e-government portal. Foreign nationals who want to get a foreign national ID number also wonder where and how they can learn their ID numbers. They can carry out foreign national ID number confirmation and inquire about their foreign national ID number using date of birth and personal details at You can access e-government portal transactions for foreign nationals through the links given in the article and you can easily make your applications.