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    Detached Houses with Private Garden and Terraces in Istanbul

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    The pre-sales of detached houses in Istanbul with private garden and terrace for sale continue in ‎Anatolian Side! Detached houses are rapidly being sold out! The project has 61 detached ‎houses with private garden and terrace for sale on a land area of 19.000 m2 in Anatolian Side. ‎The concept of the ‘luxury compound’ is reinterpreted in this project for residential buyers.‎

    There are 11 blocks and 75 independent sections in the project developed by the strong ‎construction company in one of the most valuable regions of Istanbul. All facilities are ‎provided for the investors. Also, unique investment opportunities are offered for those who ‎want to strengthen their investment with 14 commercial units.‎

    The Construction Company Makes a Difference with its Sustainable Environment ‎Mentality!‎


    The strong company gives the necessary value to natural resources and makes a difference ‎with the mentality of a sustainable environment. Architecture solutions as well as the ‎protection of the environment are prioritized in this housing project. Detached houses with ‎private garden and terrace for sale are among the most valuable projects in Anatolian Side.‎

    Detached houses in Istanbul with private garden and terrace for sale ‎come to the fore with its special ‎location among pine forests in Anatolian Side. In addition to the transportation advantages ‎provided by its valuable location, the oxygen content in the air is advantageous. According to ‎the evaluations and data, the region is 37.5% quieter than the living spaces in the city center. ‎It embellishes the dreams of homebuyers who desire peace and silence. Developed in a region ‎with clean air, plenty of oxygen and less radiation, the project is dreamy! Especially for big ‎families…‎

    ‎75% Green Area in The Project!‎


    Detached houses with private garden and terrace for sale is valued with green areas in ‎Anatolian Side. The project has a valuable location intertwined with the forests.‎

    Detached houses with private garden and terrace for sale offer a comfortable and peaceful ‎living space with plenty of oxygen in the Anatolian Side. The project offers 3 + 1, 4 + 1 and 5 ‎‎+ 1 housing options varying between 169 m2 and 321 m2.‎

    The project makes a difference with detached house concept living spaces among the rapidly ‎increasing luxury compounds in Istanbul. Even the smallest details in the project will carry the ‎luxury and comfort to your living spaces. All details of the exterior and interior architecture ‎have been carefully designed to add privilege to your life.‎

    New Generation Living Complex with Cedar, Juniper and Fir Trees!‎


    Detached houses with private garden and terrace for sale stand out as a new generation living ‎complex in Anatolian Side. You want to purchase  detached houses from a luxury living project in ‎Istanbul and bring the comfort to your entire life… The detached house project is just for you!‎

    Detached Houses with Private Garden and Terrace For Sale Provides Luxury Compound Life in Anatolian Side!‎


    Detached houses with private garden and terrace ‎for sale project offers a fabulous living ‎space enriched with social facilities in Anatolian Side ‎. The project draws attention as a luxury ‎compound that will add value to your life in the region with oxygen-filled air. Living areas ‎which are clean air filled due to pine forests and the lush geographical texture of Cekmekoy are ‎gathered! Detached houses ‎will add value to your life as a specially developed ‎ project. You ‎will wake up healthier and more peaceful every morning and continue your day full of energy!‎

    The project on a land area of 19.000 m2 attracts attention with its horizontal architecture and ‎special social facilities. Housing buyers will live in low-rise, wide and spacious detached ‎houses! Along with the wide terraces overlooking the forest, it stands out as a luxurious and ‎privileged project with its special location close to the Umraniye and Kavacik plazas!‎

    ‎3,2 Km to Northern Marmara Motorway Link Road!‎


    Detached houses with private garden and terrace for sale have a unique location in Anatolian ‎Side. The project enables you to reach the most valuable link roads and bridges of Istanbul in ‎minutes! Access to the project which is riveting with its unprecedented location is very easy!‎

    The project which provides all the advantages of being away from the city center draws ‎attention with its proximity to the most valuable transportation lines of the city. One of the ‎most striking features of the project which offers unique opportunities for homebuyers is the ‎location features.‎

    The project which is only 3.2 km away from the Northern Marmara Motorway link road, ‎also provides advantages that bear the signature of the famous construction company.‎

    Education Centers Close to The Project

    Detached houses with private garden and terrace for sale offers 56% oxygen air in Anatolian ‎Side! But it also offers another advantage! It provides many opportunities with dozens of ‎education centers.

    Ocean College
    Bahcesehir College
    Era College
    Doga College
    Prestij College
    Avrupa Sinav College

    Along with Education Centers Near Your Home!‎

    While the project turns all the advantages of the location into great opportunities for your life, ‎it also initiates a transformation in the region. The population of the region is developing with ‎the education centers close to the detached houses with private garden and terrace for sale in ‎Anatolian Side. Your investment will be strengthened with the rapidly increasing housing ‎projects. As the number of houses in the region grows, the value of housing projects as well as ‎the social opportunities offered by the region will increase. With all these opportunities, many ‎more virtues will be included in your entire life!‎

    Direct Transportation with Detached Houses with Private Garden and Terrace for Sale ‎in Istanbul Anatolian Side!‎


    The project is adjacent to significant link roads which provides direct access to the most ‎valuable transportation points of Istanbul!‎

    Reach to the Northern Marmara Motorway and get these locations without deviating from ‎your route;‎

    15 July Martyrs Bridge
    Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge
    Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge
    Financial center Maslak and Istanbul Airport!‎

    Where is This Detached Houses?‎


    Detached houses with private garden and terrace for sale in Anatolian Side are;

    2 km    –  4 min.‎ to Sile Highway,
    9,5 km – 20 min.‎ to Atasehir Financial Center,
    7,8 km – 12 min.‎ to Buyaka Shopping Mall,
    7,7 km – 12 min.‎ to IKEA,
    27 km  – 30 min.‎ to Sabiha Gokcen Airport.

    Also, ‎4,4 km ‎ to M8 Bostanci-Dudullu Metro and ‎4,9 km to M5 Uskudar-Sultanbeyli ‎Metro.‎

    Special Payment Options for Detached Houses in Istanbul!‎

    Detached houses with private garden and terrace for sale are high-value investment opportunity as ‎well as a privileged life in Anatolian Side. In the project where you will ‎gain fast turnaround and high profit, special payment options are offered for your budget.‎

    Fill out a form here to buy a detached house from the project which provides special offers for your ‎budget. Add value to your life and investment with Istanbul housing projects. We will contact ‎you immediately! Get the key of this comfortable and luxurious life right away!‎