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    Citizenship by Investment in Turkey: 6 Steps for Turkish Citizenship!

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    Citizenship by investment in Turkey is get by purchasing an immovable property for only 250.000 USD. The interest of foreign investors has rapidly increased in the real estate sector in Turkey and the year 2020 has been the most important period for real estate investments. There are very easy steps that should be followed to get Turkish Citizenship for foreign investors.

    You can find all details about investment for Turkish Citizenship which is the most favorite to get Turkish Citizenship. You will get citizenship if you purchase a property at a minimum of 250.000 USD in Turkey. In addition to detailed information, you can ask our professional consultants to benefit from our large real estate portfolio and you can easily have the keys to your new life!

    Get Turkish Citizenship with Real Estate Investment Program!


    Citizenship by investment in Turkey is the most popular investment model for citizenship, the only thing you do is purchase an immovable property of 250.000 USD. The demand for branded residential projects by foreign investors in Turkey rapidly increases.

    The residence permit is not mandatory for Turkish Citizenship for foreign investors who plan to purchase real estate in Turkey. After purchasing a property for only 250.000 USD, getting Turkish Citizenship is quite easy.

    The real estate sector which is one of the leading sectors of the Turkish economy offers privileged opportunities for foreign investors. If you get Turkish citizenship by real estate investment, you can have both a property and a life full of privileges in Turkey. No need for Turkish Citizenship by marriage! By paying a minimum of 250.000 USD, you will quickly and easily be a Turkish citizen and property owner.

    After the regulations, there has been a rapid increase in foreign direct investments in Turkey. The program was launched in 2018 to attract foreign direct investment. The real estate investment value which was 1 million dollars in the past has been changed into 250.000 USD. Therefore, there has been a great increase in foreign investment numbers.

    In January 2020, the legislation amendment for the real estate investment program is added to the agenda for citizenship in the Turkish Republic. The idea of increasing the real estate investment value from 250.000 USD to 500.000 USD has started to be discussed by the Turkish Parliamentary.

    For this reason, it is recommended to hurry to benefit from real estate investment which is the easiest way to get citizenship in Turkey.

    Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program | Property Investment in Turkey


    Citizenship by real estate investment in Turkey has created a big marketplace with increasing demands and sectoral developments for foreign investors.

    The advantage of real estate investment for foreign investors is that all family members can take advantage of the Turkish Citizenship right. Real estate investment in Turkey is get by the spouse of the foreign investor and their children under the age of 18, so this right has increased the demand.

    As the investment potential is analyzed, it is observed that cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, and Izmir are also busy market places for foreign investors in Turkey.

    How Can You get Citizenship by Investment in Turkey?

    Details of Citizenship by Investment in Turkey

    The advantages of Turkish Citizenship will be examined in detail. Firstly, let’s take a look at the 6 easy steps you need to follow to get Citizenship by investment in Turkey! Step 1:Get A Tax Roll Number!


    The first step you need to take for real estate investment is to get a tax roll number from the tax offices in Turkey. Just bring your original passport and photo! Step 2:Open a Bank Account in Turkey!


    Turkish Citizenship by property investment is get by opening a bank account in your new living space in Turkey. When purchasing a property in Turkey, you should have your original passport and tax roll number on behalf of documenting your process. Step 3:Find the House Fitting Your Standards with the Professional Consultants of Projescope!


    You can get real estate consultancy by the professional team of Projescope. Thus, by choosing the most suitable property fitting your standards, you can take the first step to your new life by choosing among branded residential projects which are continuously developed in Turkey. It is our job to find the most suitable one for your standards among the unique Bosphorus view housing projects in Istanbul, detached houses with a forest view or villas with magnificent sea views! All you have to do is contact us here! Step 4:Purchasing Property


    Citizenship by investment in Turkey is get by purchasing a property. Choose the house fitting your living standards and budget. Make a bank remittance and document your receipt.

    You are only a few steps away from your new life with your notarized sales agreement under the condition that you will not sell your property for the next 3 years! Step 5:Get the Certificate of Eligibility


    Take these mentioned steps and apply them to the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning with your documents and your receipt. Step 6:Apply for Turkish Citizenship!


    Citizenship by investment in Turkey is get after the citizenship application. As soon as you get the approval of the Turkish General Directorate of Migration Management with all your documents, you can start your new life. To get Turkish citizenship, you need to perform these steps in Turkey!

    Citizenship by investment in Turkey, steps are very easy to follow. By contacting our professional consultants, you can purchase one of the housing projects in our large real estate portfolio and take safe steps for Turkish Citizenship.

    Required Documents for Turkish Citizenship by Investment Application   


                                                                          Invest 250.000 USD                                                                                       &                                                                        Get Turkish Citizenship

                                                                         GET INFORMATION • Tax Roll Number
    • ID card | Passport (Translation May be Needed)
    • Real Estate Value Assessment Report & Real Estate Market Value Certification
    • One Photo of the Property Receiver | Two Photos of Property Seller
    • Receipt of Bank Remittance
    • Title Deed
    • Certified Translator for Foreigners
    • Trust Deed (In Case of Representation)

    What Are the Benefits of Turkish Citizenship?


    Citizenship by investment in Turkey will provide many advantages to your life in an easy way! The strategic importance of Turkey will be meticulously examined in 3 steps:

    Geopolitical Position

    Economic Conditions

    Political | Cultural Implementations

    There are many ways to be applied by foreign investors to be a Turkish citizen. The easiest way is to purchase a house with a minimum value of 250.000 USD without any other action.

    1. High Return on Investment (ROI) :


    By buying a property worth 250.000 USD in Turkey, you can get a fast and high return on investment thanks to the fast-growing Turkish economy. Turkey stands out with its steady economic growth among OECD member countries. Thus, you’ll lifelong benefit from making real estate investments in Turkey.

    2. Geostrategic Importance of Turkey:


    Turkey is a commerce and energy bridge between East and West. It also keeps the link between the Middle East and the West in a cultural sense, as it is a modern Muslim country. It strengthens foreign policies and commercial relations.

    Turkey has a rapidly-developing economy with a mediator and leading policies. Turkey is also a strategic partner of the United States. Because of its geostrategic location, Turkey is a link between the Far East and the Near East.

    Since it is a modernized country between the Middle East and the modern Western world, it acts as a bridge. It is an internationally well-known and prestigious country. For this reason, Turkey is welcomed by all countries while exports.

    As a Turkish citizen, you can take advantage of investment opportunities and rapidly-developing economic opportunities and activities.

    3. Demographic Conditions, Cultural Diversity & Educated Population:


    With a population of 82 million, Turkey draws attention as a country with a young population compared with EU countries. With its young and high-educated population, the workforce develops without slowing down. Because of the continuous development of the industry, you will make a profit by investing in Turkey.

    4. Advanced Technical Infrastructure:


    By purchasing a property in Turkey with an investment value of 250.000 USD, you will make a lifelong profit. Turkey’s transport, energy and advanced technical infrastructure will add great value to your investment! With its developed transportation infrastructure, there are great opportunities for your business enterprises.

    You will be able to reach Central and Eastern Europe by rail. You will also be able to ship directly to many EU countries. You will have investment opportunities that will continuously increase your profit!

    5. Liberal and Reformist Investment Opportunity:


    The easiest way is to purchase real estate by direct investment to get Turkish Citizenship in Turkey. Turkey offers equal opportunities to all investors with its strong industry and innovative investment opportunities. It allows you to get a fast return with the transfer income in the competitive investment area.

    You will have commercial power in the international arena. By making continuous investments in Turkey, you will increase your profits and benefit from a powerful service culture!

    6. Strong Commercial Relation with Customs Union Agreement and EU:


    Customs Union Agreement between Turkey and the European Union since 1996 is very important and functional for your investment. Customs duties, possible restrictions and fees have been removed for commercial transactions between the parties. For this reason, if you are a Turkish citizen, your investment will be stronger while benefiting from commercial agreements!

    7. Big Regional and Domestic Market:


    Economic and social developments in Turkey create great conditions for domestic investors. Also, it has created an attraction center for foreign investors either. Foreign trade and the financial sector in Turkey have been harmonized.

    In addition to the economic policies implemented by the Turkish government, there are government incentives for flexible practices and technological transformations for private and public institutions.

    Foreign investments create positive effects on the macroeconomy. For this reason, while the economy is developing with foreign investments, the volume of foreign investments in the country is increasing.


    • Save your time in the Turkish Citizenship application process with easy and rapid procedures!
    • You will have the opportunity of visa-free travel for 116 countries!
    • You will get dual citizenship!
    • A dwelling for the whole family!
    • Absence of dwelling obligation in Turkey for the foreign investors who do not plan to dwell in Turkey!
    • If you do not know the Turkish language, it is all right!
    • You will feel privileged with its national values, history and recognition.
    • Being a citizen in Turkey provides a powerful future. You will live in a country that protects human rights, moral values and equality!
    • You will open the doors of a privileged life with social life areas that are positively changing and magnificent energy in Turkey.
    • Turkey offers privileges because of being a member of NATO and G20.
    • As well as commercial and social opportunities you’ll have, you will safe in Turkey with an independent and strong judicial system to make you feel safe!  

    You will easily get Turkish Citizenship by real estate investment in Turkey without losing time! By asking the professional team of Projescope, you will have the key of this unique life!

    How Can You Get Citizenship by Investment in Turkey?


    Citizenship by investment in Turkey has several options. By direct real estate investment, requirements of eligibility and application steps for citizenship are quite easy in Turkey. The direct real estate investment option which will eliminate your needs such as visa or residence permit offers you the privileges of being a Turkish citizen.

    You have invested 250.000 USD in real estate and now you have a property! However, it is an important matter that you master the details about the program. After being a Turkish citizen, you will need to regard several points.

    You must guarantee that the property you have purchased will not be sold for the next 3 years. After this period, you can sell your property. Unless you sell the property you have purchased for the next 5 years, you will not pay capital gains tax!

    You do not need to dwell in Turkey. You will have dwelling right for the whole family! The dwelling right will be given automatically to your children under the age of 18 or your dependent children.

    Points to Consider Before Buying Property | Citizenship by Investment in Turkey


    By property investment worth 250.000 USD in Turkey, you will get Turkish Citizenship. However, there are important points that you must consider before purchasing a property in Turkey. As your solution partner, we have meticulously selected residential projects that are subject to eligibility requirements.

    If you want to take advantage of all these opportunities and get detailed information, just contact us!

    What Are the Legal Restrictions When Purchasing a Property?

    • Foreigners can’t purchase property in security zones and prohibited military zones, but they can rent with the dispensation.
    • A maximum of 30 hectares of land is available for purchase by foreign investors.
    • The property should be conveniently used for purchasing. It is necessary to give information to the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning about the type of property.
    • Restrictions are not for legal entities that are legally founded by foreign investors in their own country.

    Citizenship by Investment Program in Turkey


    Citizenship by investment in Turkey is a program developed for foreign investors to get Turkish Citizenship without preconditions such as a residence permit. You can have a property with a minimum of 250.000 USD investment worth in Turkey and you can easily get Turkish Citizenship.

    As the most popular investment tool with the highest return in Turkey, the real estate sector will rapidly and constantly increase your gain. This is because of the demand increase and economical changes.

    • The nature of the property within the scope of citizenship acquisition program with real estate investments in Turkey is not important.

    • You can purchase a large number of real estate in Turkey to get Turkish Citizenship. There are no restrictions.

    • You can purchase properties at different times. You do not have to purchase properties at the same time.

    •  You can sell the property you have purchased after 3 years.

    • After you purchase a property at a minimum of 250.000 USD worth, you do not have to dwell in Turkey to get Turkish Citizenship.

    • After real estate investment in Turkey, you and your family can get lifelong Turkish Citizenship. There is no time limitation.

    • Let’s say you get Turkish Citizenship! Also, you can apply for the citizenship of other countries and have the right to get citizenship from any country you wish. There is no limitation in this regard, either.

    • The USA is a party of E2 Treaty, therefore foreign investors will have great comfort to dwell in the USA after getting citizenship!

    • You will have a privileged life as an investor and a Turkish citizen by only purchasing real estate without any declaration of property.

    • You can hold multiple citizenships in Turkey.

    Frequently Asked Questions for Citizenship by Real Estate Investment in Turkey


    • How Should I Pay for Real Estate?

    You can get Turkish Citizenship if you purchase a property at a minimum of 250.000 USD in Turkey. You can pay it as TL or foreign currency through banks in Turkey. It must be proved that the payment is realized with a bank receipt.

    • Is it Easy to get Turkish Citizenship?

    Well, to get Turkish Citizenship all you have to do is buy a property! You can be a Turkish citizen under the condition that you will not sell your property for the next 3 years!

    • Where can you travel with a Turkish Passport?

    Citizenship by investment in Turkey provides you the visa-free travel opportunity to 116 countries! You will be able to travel to 116 visa-free destinations of the world. You can stay without a visa requirement for 30 to 90 days. You will be able to visit some countries without a visa as well as obtain an electronic visa or visa upon arrival.

    • How Long does it Take to Get Turkish Citizenship by Investment?

    You can get Turkish Citizenship by purchasing real estate worth 250.000 USD in Turkey. There is a formal process that takes 3-4 months. Following this process, Turkish identity cards and Turkish passports are delivered within 1 week including the children under the age of 18 and the spouse of the investor. You can have further information on the official website.


    • We guarantee that you will quickly find the house fitting your life standards and budget with Projescope!
    • Do not worry! We know very well the demands and steps experienced by foreign investors who have the same conditions in Turkey.
    • We speak the same language as you! Our expert staff whose native language is English and Arabic will respond to your requests quickly!
    • Thanks to our large portfolio, you will quickly find the house fitting your life standards and budget with Projescope!
    • You will benefit from our pre-sales and after-sales service, you do not feel out of it!

    KELES CENTER | The Life Project With The Highest Investment Value in Istanbul


    Residential Type : Residence/Office
    Company                 : Keles Construction
    m2                                 : 64 – 208 m²
    Delivery Date         : December, 2021

    Citizenship by property investment in Turkey offers you the Keles Center project! Keles Center which has the highest investment value in Istanbul is designed to meet all your needs among the housing projects in Istanbul. Keles Center rising in the most prestigious location of Istanbul draws attention with its architecture.

    Standing out as the project with the highest investment value among Istanbul housing projects, Keles Center shines like a star in the most valuable point of the city with its return on investment. The project offers opportunities beyond your expectations. There are three units: residences, offices and stores.

    Keles Center is located in Kucukcekmece which is one of the most valuable locations in Istanbul. Your investment will be valued with offices and corner offices facing the interior and exterior walls! The project which includes 498 residences, contains 220 offices and 52 stores. If you wish, you can benefit from rental income or use it as your living space. Keles Center which is monitored by a camera 24/7 offers high-security service.

    Keles Center which is the most favorite project of Istanbul with its futuristic architecture is located in the most central point of Istanbul. Keles Center Airport will be your solution partner for real estate investment that is the easiest way of being a Turkish citizen!

    If you want to open the door of your home or office in the city center of Istanbul, Keles Center that offers special facilities will be your new living space! If you plan to easily be a Turkish citizen with real estate investment, you should catch the unique opportunities offered by Keles Center before they run out!

    KELES CENTER | Citizenship by Real Estate Investment in Turkey


    Aiming to add prestige to your life, Keles Center constantly gains value with its location features. The easiest way to get Turkish Citizenship by real estate investment in Turkey, Keles Center stands out among the most reliable and qualified real estate investment. 30 year-experienced in the sector, Keles Center is the most profitable investment tool to get Turkish Citizenship by real estate investment and it offers you unique facilities such as social areas, stores and living units.

    These facilities are designed to meet all your needs without leaving your home. With its modern architecture, metal figure and exterior walls covered with metallic glass, it opens the doors of a sparkling life for its buyers.

    KELES CENTER | Location Features


    Citizenship by investment in Turkey offers unique opportunities to gain a lifetime profit. Keles Center which rises in Kucukcekmece that is the most valuable location of Istanbul European Side draws attention with its close location to main and link roads. It is only a few minutes away from Basin Ekspres which is the new financial center of Istanbul, CNR Expo Fair Center, Kultur University, shopping centers and hospitals.

    Keles Center whose investment value constantly increases with its unique location embellishes the dreams of investors who want to invest in real estate thanks to its unique investment value.

    (Click here for more information)