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    Charming Marina Housing Project in Beylikduzu

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    Charming marina housing project has already become the favorite of homebuyers with its apartments and gardens! 90% of the sales are completed! The project stands out as one of ‎the most striking examples of horizontal architecture.‎

    Charming marina housing project is presented to the taste of residential buyers in Beylikduzu ‎Kavakli! A comfortable living space carrying all the glow of the ‎Marmara Sea and nature to your home! This special project will add value ‎to your life in Beylikduzu. Before the sales are completed, better be quick!‎

    Charming Marina Housing Project with 64 Apartments


    Marina housing project draws attention with its horizontal architecture apartments ‎in Kavakli that is one of the most valuable and charming areas of Beylikduzu. A life project ‎full of privileges developed by BOSS4 provides a decent life with its low-rise ‎and garden apartments…‎

    Charming marina housing project also stands out with its landscape areas and ‎architectural lines. The prestigious apartments with wide facades have widths between 119 – 303 m² within the ‎compound.‎

    The apartment options in the project have been developed following different ‎living standards. Specially-designed apartments in the Kavakli region of ‎Beylikduzu bring a unique sea view and glow through your window. Right ‎next to the Marmara Sea!‎

    Apartment options within the project;‎

    ‎2+1 ‎                 ‎119 m²‎
    ‎3+1‎                 136 m²‎
    ‎4+2 Duplex   247 m²‎
    ‎5+2 Duplex   307 m²‎
    ‎6+2 Duplex   303 m²‎

    Shopping Street with Neighborhood Concept!‎


    Marina housing project offering social facilities raise the standards with ‎charming opportunities. The neighborhood concept shopping street in the project ‎is similar to Nisantasi. Also, there are units with social facilities such as fitness, ‎saunas, special playgrounds for your children to expand your comfort zone. ‎You also have the opportunity to strengthen your investment by purchasing a ‎shop from the project among 10 commercial units!‎

    Living in this comprehensive project which is specially designed for home ‎buyers offers many opportunities that will fully raise your living standards.‎

    Charming marina apartments will not only add value to your life, but also a different ‎perspective. Wouldn’t you like to live a quiet life away from the crowded city? ‎There are many units within this unique value project to increase your living ‎standards and completely change your perspective on life.‎

    Throughout your life, you will find all your needs right beside you, and you ‎will be close to the most important link roads in the city. This unique seafront project gathers ‎many possibilities for home buyers and gets traction.‎

    Life Has Begun in Kavakli, The Most Beautiful Village of Beylikduzu!‎


    Charming marina housing project offers a privileged life opportunity with its special project ‎area in Kavakli that is the most distinguished neighborhood of Beylikduzu!

    Where exactly is this private living space?‎

    Getting more detailed information about Kavakli, the most valuable region of ‎Beylikduzu will allow you to determine the exact value of the project. Kavakli ‎region stands out as one of the most valuable regions of Beylikduzu and even ‎Istanbul. The region which provides value to the life of residential buyers with ‎its peaceful atmosphere away from the crowd of the city is adjacent to the most ‎important link roads of Istanbul.‎

    Charming marina housing project consisting of 9 blocks has been developed in the most valuable ‎region of Beylikduzu. You will reach IDO, TEM and E-5 Highway, TEM link ‎road and metro in just minutes. The solid project which is located on the coastline is ‎away from the chaos of the city. Do not worry, you will be in touch with the ‎city.‎

    Charming marina housing project is only 100 steps away from West Istanbul Marina which has 600 ‎yacht mooring capacity. It offers the opportunity to live by the sea for residence ‎buyers. A few steps away from the sea, carefully designed landscapes and green ‎areas… The project which is developed to be in touch with nature ‎throughout your life does not only offer natural beauty! It also provides easy ‎access to link roads. By purchasing an apartment from the project, you will ‎have easy access to the most valuable locations in Istanbul. ‎

    Charming marina apartments combine modern architecture with traditional lines. It aims to ‎provide an unprecedented sparkle both to your apartment and to your entire ‎life with its location.‎

    Schools, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Hotels and All Living Areas are Right ‎Next to You!


    Marina housing project will be preferred with its charming location close to institutions and centers ‎that you will need throughout your life such as hospitals, schools and shopping ‎malls!‎

    Examine the facilities such as the schools and shopping malls near the project ‎which have a walking distance to the points such as Kavakli Coast, and ‎Buyukcekmece Coast …‎

    Schools Close to the

    Beylikduzu American Culture College
    Beylikduzu Final Schools
    Al-Fanar International School
    Mimar Sinan Multi-Program Anatolian High School
    Modern Education College ‎

    Hospitals Close to the Project: ‎

    Beykent Medical Center
    Medicana International Hospital
    Beylikduzu Kolan Hospital
    Acibadem Beylikduzu Hospital
    Medilife Hospital

    The project is also located close to many shopping centers such as 5M Migros, ‎Marmara Park Mall, Perla Vista Shopping Center and important hotels such as ‎Hilton Garden INN.‎

    Charming housing project is also a center of attraction with its proximity to important points such as marina! ‎These are TUYAP, Beylikduzu District Police Department, Kavakli PTT, ‎Beylikduzu Valley of Life and Kavakli Stadium.‎

    Charming Marina Housing Project, Apartment Prices Starting from 877.600 TL


    Charming marina housing project with affordable apartment prices draws attention as we gather the ‎facilities of it!‎

    Charming marina housing project is an attraction center with its meticulous design! By responding to ‎every demand of yours as well as social facilities, transportation facilities, daily ‎needs.‎

    Contact us and make a final decision to find an answer about whether your ‎budget will be sufficient or not. It will not be difficult to find the best option for your ‎budget among the opportunities offered by Istanbul housing projects. Thanks ‎to special payment conditions, and various prices!‎

    Charming marina housing project attracts attention with its payment options. You can immediately ‎contact professional sales consultants of Projescope! You have to hurry to take ‎advantage of the opportunities and advantages offered by the project. In the ‎project which is planned to be delivered in December 2020, the apartments are ‎running out quickly!‎

    You can directly contact our sales office and have your new living space ‎immediately with the lowest price guarantee!‎

    ‎(Ask our consultants to have more information about the projects)‎