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    Brand-New Apartments in Kagithane

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    Brand-new apartments in Kagithane construction continues at full speed! The project which is developed ‎on a 5.000 m2 land area will be delivered after 24 months. Brand-new apartments in Kagithane have already become ‎the target of investors with its architectural structure making Genyap different among ‎Kagithane housing projects. Especially with its social facilities within the complex! The ‎delivery date of the project whose construction was started in 2020, is August 2022!‎

    The foundations of the project aiming to be a star project in Kagithane have been laid. Special ‎opportunities are offered for pre-launch sales! Brand-new apartments in Kagithane which are outstanding with their urban ‎transformation projects have frequently proved its quality. Developed important projects in ‎Turkey, construction company often indicates their goal is to go beyond expectations‎. The mission of a construction company is to increase quality in all housing projects and make ‎people happy. Besides, brand-new apartments in Kagithane make a name for themselves with their budget-specific prices and payment terms!‎

    Kagithane Project Pre-Launch Sales Continue!‎


    Brand-new apartments in Kagithane, the first block construction has started and pre-launch sales ‎continue rapidly. The construction of A Block continues. The project is planned to be ‎completed in 2 years. You need to rush for taking advantage of the unique opportunities. ‎Add value to your investment with the project whose basic structure is done! Among Istanbul ‎housing projects, purchasing a house in Kagithane district is shown as the most advantageous investment option.‎ Kagithane gets value with urban ‎transformation activities day by day.

    Where is This Affordable Brand-New Kagithane Apartments Rising?‎


    Brand-new apartments in Kagithane are being built in Istanbul’s urban transformation region with the ‎highest investment value. The project which rises in the most central point of Kagithane draws attention to the social ‎facilities around it. Kagithane gains value among Istanbul housing projects without slowing down. The project has many opportunities such as hospitals, schools, cultural ‎centers, shopping and entertainment centers, parking lot, gymnasium and park.

    Brand-new apartments in Kagithane project are located close to the metro and metrobus lines. Providing ‎easy access to 4. Levent, Sanayi and Seyrantepe via metro, the project rises near the metrobus ‎station. This metrobus ‎station provides direct transportation to Perpa and Okmeydani. Also, the bus station ‎provides access to almost every part of Istanbul. Neighboring on Sisli, Besiktas, Eyup and ‎Beyoglu districts, the brand new apartments are located very close to the Golden Horn in Kagithane. Opportunities are ‎endless. The investment value creates an area of attraction where you will not hesitate to ‎choose!‎

    Brand New Apartments in Kagithane: Investors Started Countdown!‎


    Brand-new apartments are located in Kagithane. It has gained a reputation among ‎urban transformation projects and Istanbul housing projects thanks to constantly developing with ‎branded housing projects. Housing prices in Kagithane region which have become the ‎target of real estate investors in Istanbul are rapidly gaining value in parallel with the ‎increasing demand. Housing investors started the countdown for brand-new apartments which made a ‎tremendous impression in Kagithane. Kagithane is one of the regions with the highest investment ‎value in Istanbul!‎

    The number of urban transformation buildings is rapidly increasing in Kagithane district which ‎has a higher rental income compared to other districts of Istanbul. So what is the reason for ‎the rapid rise in rental values? Kagithane district is shown as the most central location on the ‎European Side of Istanbul.‎

    In Kagithane housing projects, there is a fast increase in housing price value due to both the ‎location and the rapid development of the district. In the district, where the return on ‎investment is determined as approximately 19 years, both the rental guarantee and the ‎increasing square meter values are the dreams of the investors! Also, after the completion of ‎the ongoing urban transformation activities, regular structuring is aimed at residences and ‎luxury housing projects. So, Kagithane district is expected to gain a tantalizing increase ‎momentum and it is stated that we are at the right time for investment in the region!‎

    Take Part in the Transformation Process with 414 Apartments!‎


    Brand-new apartments in Kagithane make a name for themselves as a housing project carried out within the ‎scope of urban transformation activities. So, will your budget limit you to take part in this ‎transformation process? Brand-new apartments in Kagithane are shown as a project that you can use as an investment ‎tool without wasting time with affordable prices and payment options among Kagithane housing ‎projects. There are also luxury duplex apartments in the project which offer apartment ‎opportunities in the range of 43-123 m2 for housing buyers with prices starting from 562.000 ‎TL. Besides, social facilities will add value to your life and opportunities such as a car park ‎in the project.‎

    Brand-new apartments which make a tremendous impression in Kagithane where living ‎standards are improved day by day become a target with its modern exterior design. The ‎carefully constructed housing options varying between 1 + 1 and 4 + 1 are a definite method ‎to achieve your goal. The project in which the 414 spacious and luxury apartments are ‎carefully planned goes on sale before the launch for investors!‎