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    Best real estate office in Istanbul will be the way that provides the biggest profit for your property investment and life! Do not waste your time searchings to buy a property in Turkey.


    As your reliable solution partner by providing a comprehensive portfolio of real estate, we offer free consulting services in Istanbul and Turkey. Hundreds of Turkish citizens and foreign investors benefit from our services through international sales consultants.

    As Projescope, we would be glad to collaborate with you. Discover our services that will put an end to your search for the best real estate office in Istanbul.

    The question of “Why should I enjoy the service of Projescope real estate consulting service?’’ will be answered.

    Moreover, you will find the answer to the question of “What is the best real estate office in Istanbul?”

    Top 2 Best Real Estate Office in Istanbul


    Best real estate office in Istanbul offers the best 2 international agencies in Istanbul! You can check the list of real estate companies in Turkey options.




    Istanbul real estate sector will provide powerful solutions for you! Discover our consulting services to learn about these solutions, to determine your criteria, and to benefit from the services of pre-sales and after-sales!

    Projescope is distinguished by having business partnerships in different fields in addition to the real estate sector in Turkey.

    Sale Property is a strong and well-established organization! Sale Property provides powerful alternatives for you in Turkey. Sale Property is a pioneer in the field as one of the well-established organizations providing traditional and quality services with an extensive real estate portfolio!

    Your preferences between Projescope and Sale Property Turkey will vary in parallel with your demands and searches! Projescope stands out with its real estate office mentality that you will feel exactly in a family atmosphere. However, Sale Property proceeds its professional consulting services with its corporate identity.

    Projescope proceeds its services for foreign investors with its young and dynamic crew. You can search for the best real estate agency in Istanbul by visiting the office environment. If you wish, you can take a look at our portfolio and participate in our happy client list.

    Projescope is a home hunter for those who want to buy housing in Istanbul! If you are looking for housing, we will make strong negotiations with housing companies for you.

    Let’s be a family, not just business partners!

    Best Real Estate Office: Benefit From Our Services of Pre-sales and After-sales in Istanbul!


    Best real estate office in Istanbul? If you are trying to find the answer to this question, Projescope will certainly give you the correct answer. So, why should you prefer Projescope?

    With our professional real estate consulting services, we provide service for our domestic and foreign house buyers in Turkey.

    Projescope provides the most reliable consulting services for both domestic and foreign house buyers in Istanbul. It will surely keep up providing the services for your real estate investments during the whole process!

    Along with the development of solutions in Turkey, we will also offer additional solutions for you to have good standards of living. We will provide privileges through our special services that will make domestic and foreign home buyers feel unique.

    Projescope has gained the trust of Turkish people who want to buy real estate in Turkey thanks to the services it provides. As the first brand that Turkish citizens contact to buy real estate, we are developing our mentality of service day by day. 

    Los Angeles, Canada, Switzerland, Qatar, Lebanon live anywhere in the world you live, your investment to buy a house in Turkey to provide high gain. And by choosing Istanbul’s best real estate agency office, you will support your lifetime earnings.

    Projescope proceeds its services with the consulting services and sales consultant network of 5 different nationalities. Istanbul and Turkey will have all housing projects under one roof!

    Moreover, the affiliation with our Professional crew will last lifelong! You will learn every detail about living in Turkey.

    If you will live with your family, we will have special offers for you. If you want to benefit from the Turkish Citizenship program, we have different citizenship projects and offers for you. If you only want to take advantage of housing investment and get a lifetime rental guarantee, we will present powerful options for you.

    Are you going to set a business up?

    We will present office/shop options having a high signage value among mixed-use life projects for you. You demand, we find!

    Professional Sales Consulting Service with 5 Foreign Languages!


    Best real estate office in Istanbul can be found by the real estate portfolio of Projescope, especially for domestic buyers. Projescope real estate consulting services that keep serving Turkish citizens. Projescope also provides its services for foreign investors.

    Our real estate consultancy services which are provided in 5 different foreign languages are carried out at international standards. If you want to contact our real estate consultants who will perceive you and your demands by developing special solutions, all you have to do is to contact us.

    We will present the reasons to choose Projescope best real estate office in Istanbul in several stages. First of all, we will answer your question on what is the best real estate office in Istanbul. Then, find out the questions of homebuyers who want to buy a house in Istanbul and learn the stages while making their purchases. Before setting your standards, you should definitely identify your questions.

    As Projescope, we will have not only solutions but also offers to identify your questions.

    5 Prominent Features of The Best Real Estate Agencies


    Best real estate office in Istanbul causes a very important question. What should you expect from a real estate consulting service? First of all, you should find best real estate office in Istanbul meeting your standards but what are your demands?

    How will you determine your demands?

    Istanbul real estate provides supporter ways to determine the demands of homebuyers.

    In 5 steps, you can learn what to expect from the best real estate agencies in Istanbul:

    There are special solutions for foreign housing investors!

    1. Professional consultants who will give you all the needed details in a country you are not acquainted with!

    2. You might not where to start! You will need professionals to help you both determine your questions and find your answers!

    3. Most importantly, having an extensive real estate portfolio should be your most important criterion!

    4. It is very important to speak the same language! Professionals speaking the same language as you are the most vital determinant when you try to find answers to your inquiries!

    When buying real estate in Turkey, you need to find professional consultants who will help you identify your strong demands. Learn about the power in the domestic market in particular! It is very important not only to find the real estate of your dreams but also to find consultancy services that will develop special solutions for you!

    Especially, find an expert who speaks your language.

    Your Advantages with Best Real Estate Office in Istanbul


    Best real estate office in Istanbul provides several advantages if you want to buy a property in Istanbul and obtain citizenship and strengthen your capital. It will be important to choose the best real estate office in Istanbul!

    There is one thing before choosing a branded real estate consultancy service that develops special solutions for you in the Istanbul real estate sector. You should determine the consultancy offices mostly preferred by Turkish Citizens to buy property in Turkey.

    There are specific determinants for choosing among advanced consulting offices of consulting services in Turkey. View your portfolio. Projescope | Projeskop real estate consultancy services have improved special solutions for you when taking care of you as a family. Projescope provides opportunities beyond your expectations from a consulting company in Turkey. It also offers an extensive portfolio of special projects for you.

    Projescope which has very special projects in its portfolio especially in Istanbul will offer solutions that will solve the questions. You will not get lost in hundreds of projects.

    Projescope is Always With You Right From Your First Step!


    Projescope real estate consulting office has several real estate consultants who provide services in 5 different languages for you. You will benefit from the service concept through consultants who will befriend you like a member of the family and provide collaboration for you.

    You will receive services through online tours from the moment stepping to the land of Turkey, even without coming to Turkey. With our professional real estate consultancy mentality that provides virtual tour services, you will find the property of your dreams in Istanbul.

    Don’t Worry About Your Budget, Take Advantage of The Best Real Estate Agency Service!


    Best real estate office in Istanbul services will provide countless options. We develop special solutions for you. You will take firm steps with our big portfolio which has suitable housing options for every budget and every standard of living. We have services that will facilitate you right from throughout the whole process. It means that you will not only buy real estate.

    Best real estate office in Istanbul, improve your gains beyond your expectations with the help of professional investment consultancy services!



    Projescope will not only work to find the most suitable option for you. Best real estate office  in Istanbul that offers special solutions for you!

    As your trustworthy consultants, they will provide a service like a member of your family at every stage!

    You will find the house that will turn into your capital in the safest way and increase your earnings beyond your expectations. They will make you feel special and privileged with its services that will enable you to be informed not only about the housing investments but other sectoral developments.

    You might have concerns before investing abroad. To get the best, you will find all the features that a real estate consultancy service should have. Projescope real estate consultancy services will help you to have a peaceful life in Turkey.

    Also, you will be able to discover the beauties of Turkey. You will have a companion who will provide you the most special, unexplored places, and all other special details.

    Contact us. We will find a house that meets all your criteria. In addition to finding the most suitable house for you, we have offers for you that we will analyze to the finest detail.

    Compare The Service Mentalities of Projescope and Projeskop!


    Do not get confused while searching for the best real estate office in Istanbul with the best real estate agency mentality. First of all, there is a thing you should know!

    Real estate consultancy for foreigners and real estate consultancy for citizens have different service mentalities.

    Professional sales consultants with different competencies will provide various ways to find the house of your dreams. Best real estate office in Istanbul provides opportunities. Or, you can strengthen your capital will be by choosing different ways.

    You are a Turkish citizen, so there are be hundreds of criteria when determining the house you will buy with hundreds of very different questions from foreign real estate consultants. You should do the right analysis to determine the consulting systems that require two different specialties.

    When examining the real estate agencies in Turkey, there are some points to consider. There are a few real estate agencies in Istanbul Turkey provide the service for both domestic and foreign people. Best real estate office in Istanbul provides several opportunities.

    Projescope is a special consulting agency that stands out in this regard! Projescope is the most popular real estate agency in Istanbul Turkey! Our real estate agency office is located in Atakoy which is the most central point of Istanbul.

    It’s really easy to contact us! At this very moment, you can contact us without getting lost or feeling stranger. Or fill out the form here and we will contact you as soon as possible. Let us welcome you and establish a long-lasting affiliation. If you live in Turkey, you will suffer loneliness. As Projescope, we will always be with you in Turkey.

    Don’t Suffer the Difficulties of Being a Stranger in Turkey!


    Best real estate office in Istanbul offers you services that combine all advantages and privileges. It also presents economic conditions, cultural transformations, regional developments, and more to strengthen your wealth.

    You might not know anyone in Turkey. You might not speak Turkish but do not worry! We have professional real estate consultants who speak your language. We have a team who can speak 5 different languages!

    If you want to buy a house in Istanbul, we can introduce you to very special projects on the European Side and Anatolian Side of Istanbul. We can find a luxury apartment for you in Sariyer with a forest and Bosphorus view. We can offer you an ultra-lux villa option in Beykoz.

    We can find you an apartment in Beylikduzu close to the shopping center. We provide analyses of the regions and population, real estate indexes, special solutions, and several opportunities in Istanbul.

    Contact us to benefit from the top real estate agents in Istanbul Turkey.

    Let’s contact you as soon as possible. Take advantage of our professional consultancy services.

    Special Solutions For Our Clients!


    Best real estate office in Istanbul provides special solutions for foreign and Turkish citizens. Your budget will not be a restrictive factor. Our experts will provide full consultancy services for you. You will feel privileged for a lifetime.

    You have a limited budget, yet you still can take advantage of the Turkey Citizenship program with a minimum value of 250.000 USD. Do not worry! We have other alternatives in Istanbul if you want Turkish Citizenship.

    Before choosing a house from our big portfolio, we will make a regional analysis for you. If you wish, you will get acquainted with every region of Istanbul. If you wish, we will organize online tours for you…

    You will find the most special project without coming to Turkey.

    Let’s Find The Best Project for You in Istanbul!


    Best real estate agency in Istanbul, we guarantee that we will find the most suitable housing project for you in Istanbul.

    We will provide regional analysis by offering privileged services for you in Istanbul. Our best real estate agents in Istanbul Turkey will present affordable housing options. Also, best real estate companies in Turkey will present real estate indexes specially prepared for you.

    In addition, you will find alternatives that you can examine the whole housing types in our extensive portfolio.

    You will find affordable housing options, luxury housing options, and more alternatives. Turkey housing price index data, the most charming offers, the most appropriate options for your standards, special deals, and payment conditions…

    Indeed, it is easy to find a cheap property in Turkey in the Turkish real estate sector through Turkish estate agents. Turkey real estate sector offers affordable housing options.

    Learn the Advantages of Projescope Best Real Estate Office in Istanbul!


    Best real estate office in Istanbul provides the advantages you will have.

    Examining the details for foreigners who want to buy property has caused some questions. In the beginning, you may not have any information about Turkey and you may plan to invest in housing abroad.

    First, you should answer this question: why should you do housing investment in Turkey. Then, why should you prefer Istanbul?

    The results of a “Google” search will not be enough for find property that suits you in Istanbul. Projescope is your best property finder Istanbul, Turkey.

    Before making a housing investment in Istanbul, you will need the consultancy service provided by professionals and the best real estate office in Istanbul. Then you have to rely upon the service provided to you!

    Real estate consultancy service should be provided in the way of explaining everything from investment services and living conditions in Turkey.

    Best Real Estate Office in Istanbul: 12 Advantages of Projescope!


    Best real estate in Istanbul, we have prepared capsule information for you. What are your 12 advantages provided by Projescope?

    Learn them now!

    • Find the house of your dreams without wasting your time!
    • Trustworthy service mentality for your capital
    • Professional online service
    • Global service quality, solutions provided by an international sales network
    • Sustainable service with our professional team
    • Strong global collaborations
    • The reference that gets stronger
    • When you see our working atmosphere, you will not want to leave
    • A passionate team for maximum productivity
    • Projescope real estate discount code
    • Online Real Estate Sales, Youtube Videos, Virtual Tours
    • Get Informed About All Stages with Transparent Service Mentality!

    Best Real Estate in Istanbul, You Demand We Provide!


    Best real estate in Istanbul, you are our priority with your demands. You should feel safe, there should be no unanswered questions in your minds!

    We will be with you from beginning to end by determining your needs while you are on the way! With our long-lasting business partnership, you will gain throughout your life.

    We have a high reputation in the real estate sector in Turkey. With the benefits and services we provide, best real estate offices in Istanbul will turn your capital into profit all the time.

    You will fully save your time and capital with our young and high-education real estate consultants. We will provide many services such as discount codes for all projects and special payment options for our customers, especially with our extensive portfolio in the Istanbul real estate market.

    You will gain privilege with all the services we will provide in the Istanbul housing market. There are many values that you can earn with our high motivation.

    We can guarantee that you will start earning as soon as you step into Projescope real estate consultancy office. Your capital and your needs stand out as the most important criteria for us. The best real estate office in Istanbul provides opportunities.

    Our real estate consultants, who meet all the criteria that make us the best real estate office in Istanbul, continue to improve themselves continuously. We develop our brand and provide privileges for you with innovative steps in the real estate sales sector.

    Projescope, The Best Real Estate Office in Istanbul!


    Why is Projescope the best real estate office in Istanbul? Actually, the answer is obvious! We proceed with our process of improvement without even slowing down. We have gathered our sector research with our dynamic staff.

    We want the best with our constant and innovative service mentality!

    Come to Istanbul’s best real estate office, have a coffee and talk about your demands and expectations. Let’s start the process after getting to know each other.

    If you wish, we can also communicate through the virtual tour system.

    We are developing our agreements with housing projects all over Istanbul. We provide discount codes from the projects for our clients. Our outstanding service mentality ensures that we will prevent you from wasting your time to have a privileged life get the most out of our services.

    We guarantee you will not be strange. We offer 5 different language options for you. We have sales consultants whose native languages are Turkish, English, Persian, Arabic, and French.

    In addition, we have an expert content team working to provide you up-to-date and qualified information on our website.

    We also have experienced investment managers, professional sales consultants, and partnerships with branded companies and real estate developers in Turkey even worldwide.

    Get Online Services of Projescope | Best Real Estate Office in Istanbul!


    Not over yet! As the best real estate office in Istanbul, you can easily compare housing projects on our website. We will provide you updated data on the projects. If you want to make a comparison between projects, we offer you our outstanding service mentality.

    As the best real estate office, we offer you all these real estate services, advantageous opportunities for your housing investment, discount codes, and special payment options for you. A totally free sales consultancy!

    You have liked a property and your budget is limited?

    STOP GOOGLING! We will provide our service which make you feel in the comfort of your home by making comparisons among hundreds of options.

    Our free sales consultancy service will be your solution partner for all the difficulties you might encounter. With our strong business partnerships in the fields, we are a strong top real estate companies in Turkey. In addition to being the best real estate office in Istanbul!

    Come to Projescope,  your best real estate office in Istanbul and best Turkish property websites.

    Take advantage of the special opportunities we will prepare for you as soon as possible!