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    Basaksehir Properties for Sale | A New Generation of Urbanism!

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    If you are looking for affordable and luxurious properties in Istanbul, Basaksehir properties for sale may be the right location for you. Basaksehir, a district of Istanbul that has developed rapidly in recent years, is a city on its own. Housing estates with large and luxurious housing projects have become the symbol of Basaksehir.

    Ataturk Olympic stadium, which is Turkey’s largest stadium, is located in Basaksehir. In addition, the district, which has many facilities in terms of social living areas, is gradually developing its feature of being a mini-city. It promises you a comfortable life with affordable luxury villas and housing projects that will raise your living standards. It also appreciates in value due to its geographical features, means of transport and history.

    The number of education and healthcare centers is very high in Basaksehir. By choosing one of the Basaksehir properties, you can expand your comfort area by taking advantage of all these facilities!

    Get To Know the Basaksehir Region!


    Basaksehir properties are known as the fastest developing and competitive structures in Istanbul. The reason for this is the reasonable prices and a wide range of comfort zones. As we always say, you should get to know the area before buying a house! Only comprehensive research and correct determinations will make your investment reach the target level. Basaksehir gained district status in 2008 and has rapidly gained prestige so far. New housing projects are constantly rising in the region, which has a very high investment value. Basaksehir district has 3 main regions. The most luxurious area is Bahcesehir. Bahcesehir is known as one of the most valuable and prestigious areas of Basaksehir district. In addition, Bahcesehir is the region with the highest population in Basaksehir district.

    Basaksehir consists of 3 main regions and has 10 neighborhoods. Basaksehir houses Ikitelli Organized Industrial Zone, one of the largest organized industrial zones in Turkey, which mostly has business centers and warehouses. Basaksehir is a very valuable mega city both for its properties with modern architecture and for its commercial features. Basin Ekspres road has great advantages in terms of transport since it has many connection roads such as main highways. It’s strategically important especially in terms of access to the third bridge connecting the European and Asian sides.

    Save Time using Means of Transport in Basaksehir Region!


    Basaksehir properties are of great value thanks to a large variety of transport alternatives, which are also high in number. Choosing one of Basaksehir luxury properties will allow you to reach every part of the city easily and without losing time. It is 20 km from the central area of Istanbul, close to the E-5 and TEM highways. It also has rail lines, which allow you to reach other parts of Istanbul using rail systems.

    The most important highways of Istanbul pass through Basaksehir region. Easy and comfortable transportation is possible by means of transport, such as metro, bus and tram. You can reach all parts of Istanbul easily and without wasting time. Its proximity to main exhibition centers is also an important point.

    A Modern Life with a New Generation of Urbanism Concept! | Basaksehir Properties


    If you are still seeking property for sale in Turkey, Basaksehir properties will be the most modern alternative for this search! Basaksehir region, which has a large share both in geopolitical and demographic terms for Istanbul real estate market, is constantly experiencing population growth with its modern architecture. The newly rising houses with modern architecture are equipped with smart technology as well as rigid information infrastructure.

    Basaksehir municipality offers a new generation of urbanism. If you buy one of the Basaksehir properties, you will be able to benefit from the free technology and IT training offered by the municipality. Basaksehir has great market potential and individual attracting function in B-to-B applications due to its close proximity to business centers, international institutions, organizations and companies.

    In addition to its dynamic living standards and the difference it has made in informatics, it has a modern line as it is close to Technoparks in Istanbul. Its most important advantage is that it saves time while ensuring the flow of goods due to its proximity to business centers. Thus, economic added value is provided from the services obtained quickly.

    Where is Basaksehir? | Basaksehir Properties


    You want to buy one of Basaksehir Properties and yes, it has countless advantages! But it is important to know Basaksehir’s neighboring districts. Arnavutkoy is located in the northern region of Basaksehir and Esenler is located in the eastern region. To the south, Bagcilar, Kucukcekmece and Buyukcekmece are located. In addition, it is located close to densely-populated areas such as Bakirkoy and Avcilar.

    Social Life in Basaksehir Area


    Basaksehir properties are valued by the quality of their social living spaces. The education status was found to be high in Basaksehir, which also has a high population. The region has also gained recognition for its schools of high educational quality standards. When the population density is examined, it can be said that 40% of the population is under 20 years of age. This indicates that the young population is in the majority and the district has a dynamic atmosphere.

    Competing with Bursa, a city recognized for its parks in Turkey, Basaksehir is highly popular for its parks and pond areas and their size and naturalness. In the district of Basaksehir, where social and cultural living areas are continuously being developed, properties are increasingly appreciated in value and their investment value is increasing.

    If you are confused about Istanbul real estate market and there are high quality social living areas among your standards, Basaksehir region will be the right spot for you. It appreciates in value due to restaurants, where you can have pleasant meals with your family, picnic areas, restaurants, parks, gardens, walking and sports complexes, shopping centers and structures that will respond to all your social life demands.

    While having pleasant moments with your children among the swans and ducks, you will smile with the turtles that enjoy themselves on the stones in the pond… You will get away from the crowd of city life and your quality of life will increase! If you want to buy an apartment or villa in Turkey, Basaksehir properties aim to provide the highest standard of living in Istanbul for you…

    Basaksehir Properties | Luxury Villas and Housing Projects for Sale


    Basaksehir properties offer luxurious and comfortable housing options suited to any budget to those who want to buy an apartment in Turkey. There is a highly comprehensive portfolio for upper, lower and moderate income people to choose from within the same site or among their private property options. Contact us if you are interested  in Istanbul real estate market. If you want to buy an apartment or private property in Istanbul, just specify your budget and standards! Projescope professional team will find the most suitable projects for you and help you be aware of the opportunities with easy payment options!

    Strada Bahcesehir                            –        Basaksehir – Bahcesehir
    Makyol Santral                                  –        Basaksehir – Esenyurt
    Meydan Ardicli                                  –        Basaksehir – Esenyurt
    Bahcesehir Park                                –       Basaksehir – Bahcesehir
    Residence Inn Deluxia                     –        Basaksehir – Bahcesehir

    Boutique Panorama                         –        Basaksehir