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    Avoiding Turkish Citizenship Scam!

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    Avoiding Turkish Citizenship scam! There are some points to consider carefully. Turkish Citizenship Program will enable you to acquire citizenship by purchasing a house worth only $250.000.

    Turkey Citizenship by investment program offers financial gains and living privileges!

    You can take a firm step to get lifelong income by purchasing a property in Turkey. What does the gain provided by real estate investment exactly mean?

    What makes the Turkish Passport so strong? You can review the answers to these questions in our investment guide.

    You will take safe steps to make your real estate investment and eliminate risks such as fraud. First of all, you need to examine the Turkish Citizenship Program and determine the steps to make a safe investment through your sales consultant!

    Do You Know The Turkish Citizenship Program?


    Turkish Citizenship program will eliminate the risk of any kind of fraud. The most important step in order to acquire Turkish Citizenship by investment program is to choose your real estate consultant accurately!

    You Should Choose the Best Real Estate Company in Istanbul!

    You should research the best real estate company in Istanbul. For this step, you should be recommended or you should get preliminary information after telling your requests to your sales consultant.

    You should examine the website of the real estate company and check its up-to-dateness. You should be ensured to choose a prestigious real estate consultancy company that offers the most up-to-date and legal information altogether!

    Istanbul real estate presents hundreds of housing options that offer citizenship in Turkey. Your sales consultant will be the most effective factor when you try to make a decision!

    Review Housing Projects with Your Real Estate Consultant!

    Avoiding Turkish Citizenship Scam, the most important step is to choose the most professional real estate consultant. Also, finding the most suitable housing with the help of your consultant!

    Projescope as the most long-established and prestigious consultancy service in Turkey provides reliable services for foreign investors wishing to get citizenship in Turkey.

    Take Advantage of Our Long-established Consultancy Services!

    Avoiding Turkish Citizenship scam requires to contact your real estate agent and discuss the details for your transactions in a safe way!

    Your real estate consultant will enable you to take firm steps for Turkish Citizenship. By providing safe investment opportunities with its pre and after-sales services, for sure!

    Do Not Get Deceived By “Guarantee”!

    If you want to get Turkish Citizenship and avoid scams, you shouldn’t be deceived by words such as “ guarantee ”.

    Certain guarantee indicators might contain fraudulent opportunities. No matter where you are, Turkey or other countries, you should not rely on the properties presented as a guarantee at once.

    Your professional sales consultants will provide the current data for you! You need to take firm steps by contacting your professional sales consultants if you want to have the real “ guarantee ”.

    Take Safe Steps for Your Real Estate Investment!

    Avoiding Turkey Citizenship scam requires a reliable consultant. Every year, hundreds of foreign investors who want to benefit from Turkish Citizenship Program apply for our professional consultancy.

    In order to take advantage of real estate consultancy services in Turkey, you must determine your sales consultant properly.

    In order to benefit from Turkish Citizenship by investment program, you should contact a professional sales consultant. Foreign investors who want to benefit from the Turkish Citizenship Program are required to contact professional real estate sales consultants.

    How to Find a Reliable and Right Property in Turkey for Turkish Citizenship?


    You should find the right property to avoid the Turkish Citizenship scam! Find your reliable sales consultant and choose your property. Take safe steps to secure your Turkish Citizenship by investment program through your reliable sales consultant in Turkey.

    Buy property in Turkey worth $250,000 to get Turkish Citizenship. After finding a reliable sales consultant in Turkey, you should be in touch with your sales consultants in all steps to benefit from Citizenship Program.

    You will make a safe purchase by taking advantage of the expert consultancy services and pre-sales and after-sales services. Then, you will get Turkish Passport by investment with the Turkish Citizenship Program.

    Get Turkish Citizenship and Financial Gain!

    The only step to take with Turkish Citizenship Program is to buy property in Turkey worth $250,000 at a minimum!

    Turkish Citizenship program you have chosen in accordance with your standards, you can both get citizenship in Turkey and financial gain.

    The number of foreigners benefiting from the Turkish Citizenship Program is increasing rapidly. Foreign investors who get Turkish Passport by benefiting from the Turkish Citizenship Program should take the right steps to complete all stages.

    When taking the right steps, it is necessary to choose a reliable solution partner. Through a professional real estate consultancy service, you can buy a house and get Turkish Passport by investment.

    To get citizenship in Turkey, you should make sure that you proceed on your way with an expert and reliable real estate consultant.

    You should make sure you find the right property in accordance with the Citizenship Program.

    You should be ensured that the price you will pay for the property is reasonable. You should contact a reliable real estate consultancy company to make sure you are not paying more than its value.

    In order to choose the house that best suits your standards, you must have a trustworthy solution partner!

    The Issues About Real Estate Investment and Turkish Citizenship Program!


    There are important issues about real estate investment in Turkey. Foreign investors who plan to benefit from Turkish Citizenship Program should be acquainted with them if they plan to take advantage of the Citizenship Program.

    Let’s just say that you have decided to buy the house you are looking for through your sales consultant.

    You will receive a document with your information for the property you will purchase. This document which is called as title deed certifies that the property belongs to you. Title deed is certified by the land registry offices.

    There are pre-sales data including a real estate preliminary contract issued by a notary. The preliminary contract acts as a commitment. It is not possible to change owners with a preliminary contract.

    The lien and mortgage on the property you will buy are checked in the land registry offices. Such liabilities and legal sanctions of the property are controlled by the land registry offices.

    Are There Preconditions such as a Residence Permit to Purchase a House?

    There is not! If you plan to buy house and benefit from the citizenship program in Turkey, there aren’t any preconditions such as a residence permit.

    According to Law No. 6458, foreign nationals who buy housing in Turkey are given a short-term residence permit.

    The Things to Consider When Applying For Turkish Citizenship!


    For Turkish Citizenship by real estate investment, check all the steps through your expert real estate consultant before and after purchasing.

    You should ask the following questions during the check!

    Is My Property Suitable for Real Estate Investment?

    At this stage, you should make sure that you have trustworthy cooperation with your solution partner. Buy property in Turkey, at first you should check the suitability of the property for the citizenship program and real estate investment.

    Am I Paying A Fair Price for My Property?

    You should make sure that you pay a fair price. Real estate appraisal companies that determine the current market value will be your reliable solution partner in this regard.

    In order to check that you pay the fair and reasonable price to buy property in Turkey. You should request data about the housing prices in the surrounding area from your reliable solution partner. Making comparisons will be the most accurate indicator at this stage.

    Is the Land Registry System Reliable?

    The Land Registry System ensures that real estate transactions are registered and officially controlled. Land registry records are publicly available.

    Should You Make Your Real Estate Investment in Person?

    If you want to get Turkish Citizenship by real estate investment, you might curious about the purchase of a property will be made by whom.

    If you plan to invest in real estate to get citizenship in Turkey, you need to discuss all the details and issues with a real estate consultant.

    In Turkey, all sales transactions are subject to VAT on the sale of real estate. Sales transactions of properties such as house, land, office are covered by VAT.

    The VAT rate is one of the frequently asked questions. The general VAT rate is 18%. The tax rates of 1% and 8% are applied according to the conditions determined for the houses with a net area of fewer than 150 m2. You can request more information from your sales or tax consultants.

    What Is the Cost of The Turkish Citizenship Application?

    You need to know the cost to get Turkish Citizenship. Documents should be prepared properly in order to get Turkish citizenship by real estate investment.

    The documents following the legislation and procedure should be delivered in order to get Turkish Citizenship. You may encounter trouble in case of a deficiency. For this reason, you should make controls with your sales consultant before applying for Turkish Citizenship.

    You have prepared all the required documents for Turkish Citizenship and shared them all with your real estate consultant and completed it without wasting time.

    You have not been subjected to any fraud or scam to get citizenship in Turkey! Our professional real estate consultants will provide the costs you will spend and the required documents in detail.

    As preliminary information, the costs you will make:
    Translation expenses
    Notarial charges
    Government remunerations

    You have prepared all the required documents to get Turkish citizenship by real estate investment! You have learned the critical stages! Get Turkish Citizenship by investment program.

    Evaluate your strong investment with the lifelong gains provided by your house with a minimum value of $250,000.

    Now, you can get Turkish Passport by investment and the privileges of being a Turkish citizen!

    Send your contact details with the form to get more information. Have a new life by benefiting from of our pre-sales services. Our professional real estate consultants will contact you as soon as possible!