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    Arnavutkoy Apartments: Close to Istanbul Airport!

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    Arnavutkoy apartments close to Istanbul Airport waits for buyers! Do you wish ‎to invest in Turkey, want to be adjacent to the airport, and add value to ‎your future? In the project sales are in full spate. ‎Arnavutkoy apartments close to airport offers strong investment opportunities for real estate ‎investors in Istanbul. Offering unique opportunities in Istanbul with its ‎valuable location and modern lines. The project includes different types of ‎apartments and commercial units.‎

    Arnavutkoy apartments makes a name for itself as a living project that will meet all ‎needs. Thanks to its social facilities as well as a valuable location. In addition ‎to its elegant and modern design, it is shown as the pioneer of transformation in Arnavutkoy to add value to life with its indoor functions.‎

    Location Features: Arnavutkoy apartments close to Istanbul Airport


    Arnavutkoy apartments close to Istanbul Airport provides many reasons for you to buy an apartment. ‎The most important advantage is its location! Arnavutkoy apartments close to Istanbul Airport rises in ‎Bolluca District of Arnavutkoy in which the most valuable buildings are ‎located. Mega projects and Istanbul housing projects are developed in here. ‎The project is only 10 minutes away from the Istanbul Airport whose other ‎name is Third Airport. Besides, the project offers the opportunity to reach ‎the YSS Bridge in just 20 minutes. YSS Bridge is one of the most valuable transportation routes in ‎Istanbul. You need to hurry to feel the advantages of being close to the YSS Bridge.

    ‎Arnavutkoy housing project close to airport has been carefully designed to minimize the traffic intensity of ‎Istanbul in every respect of your life. Also, it draws attention with its 5-minute ‎distance to the metro route.‎ Arnavutkoy apartments which goes one step ‎further with its 20-minute distance to Canal Istanbul awaits you, valuable ‎investors!‎

    ‎50 Carefully Designed ‎ Apartments for Your Comfort!‎


    Arnavutkoy apartments close to Istanbul Airport is waiting to expand your comfort zone not only with its ‎location features. But also with housing options suitable for different living ‎standards and demands! Within the scope of the project which consists of 2 ‎blocks with 50 apartments, there are 3 + 1 corner duplex and middle duplex ‎apartment opportunities. Besides, garden floor apartments with 2 + 1 ‎apartment options are presented to the taste of home buyers. It is becoming a center of attraction with large and ‎spacious apartments of which sizes vary between ‎‎64 and 310 sqm!‎

    Arnavutkoy apartments close to third airport provides advantages to save your time among ‎Istanbul ‎housing projects. It comes up as an alternative to make your dreams ‎come true in an ‎easy way. Apartment stock is running out quickly in the ‎project that is still on sale! Before the depletion of the stock, we ‎advice you to hurry up! Find the most suitable housing options for ‎your demands among the Istanbul housing project with numerous ‎opportunities.‎

    Social Opportunities to Add Value Your Life!‎


    Arnavutkoy apartments close to Istanbul Airport are frequently mentioned ‎with their fantastic features. They have been developed in Arnavutkoy ‎where Istanbul mega projects are rising. Arnavutkoy apartments close to airport draws attention ‎with its modern architecture among the housing projects developed in ‎Arnavutkoy. These projects are implemented by the mass housing ‎administrations and private construction companies.‎

    Standing out among Arnavutkoy housing projects with its modern ‎architecture as well as its social facilities. Arnavutkoy apartments has 7-24 security ‎measures! It adds value itself thanks to its facilities for you and your family. ‎These are a common barbecue area, indoor car park, fitness center, sauna ‎and many other social facilities.‎

    Special Payment Options: Arnavutkoy Apartments Close to Istanbul Airport!‎


    Arnavutkoy apartments close to Istanbul Airport continues to gain attraction with special payment options! ‎In addition to all of the advantages, it is riveting with affordable housing ‎options.‎

    Do you have a limited budget? Do not worry. With affordable prices starting from 450.000 ‎TL, it is shown as an opportunity project for you. Arnavutkoy Apartments Close to Third Airport‎ ‎continues its branding rapidly with its affordable prices and advantages ‎among Istanbul housing projects!‎

    Arnavutkoy Apartments: Investment Analysis


    Arnavutkoy apartments close to Istanbul Airport wait for home buyers. ‎Arnavutkoy hosts the fastest values and important mega-projects in ‎Istanbul. The location characteristics of the region, the important ‎investments made in the region and the privileges offered by the Arnavutkoy apartments support each other. The most important examples of ‎Istanbul housing projects are developed in Arnavutkoy. It is favorite with ‎the mega projects that made a difference during the period we are in.‎

    It is of great importance that you briefly examine the geopolitical and ‎demographic characteristics of the region. This will provide strong insights before ‎investing in the project or designating it as your living space. By making the ‎right region analysis, you will have the opportunity to make a strong ‎investment.‎

    Arnavutkoy apartments close to airport ‎has undergone a major ‎transformation to become the new living ‎space of Istanbul.‎ The region is ‎neighboring on EyupBasaksehirEsenyurtBuyukcekmece and Catalca. The ‎increasing number of important health institutions and educational ‎institutions in the region are improving the region. It rapidly increases the ‎value of housing projects. Depending on the price increase rate of the rising ‎housing projects in the region. The rental income also has a fast increasing ‎vertical line.‎

    While real estate and housing values increased by 50% in the region in ‎‎2018, it started to rise with vertical growth momentum in 2019. If you ‎invest in housing projects developed in the Arnavutkoy region, you will ‎quickly add value to your life and investment with fast return, ‎rental income and opportunities we mentioned!‎

    Without wasting time, take advantage of investment opportunities in ‎Arnavutkoy region where the most valuable options among Istanbul housing ‎projects are developed. Enjoy the pleasure of securing your future!‎