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    Apartments for Sale in Istanbul: Affordable Luxury Complexes

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    Apartments for sale in Istanbul are developing rapidly with the changing needs ‎and trends. Do you want to buy a property in Istanbul? This period of change ‎continues for you without slowing down! Determining your budget and your ‎demands stand out as the first step for Istanbul housing projects. Branded ‎housing projects in the rapidly growing real estate sector in Turkey offer unique ‎opportunities. These alternatives are luxury villas, lands, residences and niche apartments!

    Choosing one of these alternatives will be possible with the ‎steps you will take in line with your goals. At first, you should consider the ‎answers to these questions. Do you just want to invest? Or, do you want to ‎have a new property that reflects your lifestyle? Let’s make a detailed review of ‎the properties in Istanbul for sale and examine trends identified by the consultants ‎of Projescope!‎

    The Glorious Silhouette of Istanbul: Apartments for Sale


    Apartments for sale in Istanbul offer fascinating housing options for residential ‎buyers. It gathers the most advantageous and unique possibilities of investment in ‎real estate. Riveting with high rental income, Istanbul housing projects ‎integrate the opportunities of the modernizing world into your life with investment value. With branded housing projects developed without slowing ‎down in line with your needs, the glorious ‎ silhouette of Istanbul is carefully ‎designed to initiate a revolutionary change in your life. In addition to finding ‎the most suitable options for your budget among Istanbul housing projects, ‎innovative complexes are developed for adaption to your living standards. ‎Among the housing projects, complexes are properly developed for your ‎budget and personal needs.‎

    You might intend to buy a property for investment purposes only, or you want ‎to spend your entire life in it! Famous Turkish housing developers carefully ‎follow your demands. They continue their activities without slowing down by ‎considering all the fine details for home buyers. Generally, facilities beyond ‎dreams are added to the sports ‎complexes, pools or restaurants. Let’s examine ‎the details of the constantly evolving real estate market in Istanbul. Istanbul ‎real estate market mirrors Turkey real estate sector and will be ‎your map as ‎you decide on your demands. ‎

    Types of Istanbul Properties for Sale ‎

    Apartments for sale in Istanbul ‎ have numerous advantages. However, you ‎should be acquainted with the modern and conventional Turkish buildings. ‎Today, thousands of domestic and foreign home buyers look for the ideal ‎property according to their personal needs and budget among Istanbul housing projects.

    ‎Time and budget control can be managed only with correct analysis. Projescope has ‎an expert team that will analyze all your criteria, demands and unforeseen ‎needs for you. Projescope is waiting for you to find the house that best suits ‎your criteria.

    Do not waste your time while finding the right property where ‎you will live or invest! Choose the property which will provide a certain and fast ‎return on capital in Turkey!‎

    Sea-Front Istanbul Residences


    Apartments for sale in Istanbul will definitely present an ideal option for your ‎living standards and budget. Turkey housing sector gains reputation with ‎residential projects rising next to the sea or carrying sea view into your home. ‎Istanbul housing projects offer a dream life for foreign buyers with their ‎captivating sea view properties. The sparkling towers and luxury apartments in ‎the European and Anatolian sides of Istanbul constantly gain value with their ‎distance to the city centers and sea. They will enable you to generate powerful ‎ideas for your new goals, right by the sea!

    Sea view properties that are continuously increasing in number are developed ‎to make you feel the unique atmosphere of Istanbul. Istanbul housing projects ‎will literally be a turning point for your life!

    The radiance of the Bosphorus ‎ will ‎be included in your whole life. You will add value to your social life and have ‎unforgettable memories with your loved ones with the businesses located on ‎the coastline. You will increase your living standards while adding sparkle to ‎your life with the properties with sea view in Istanbul!‎

    Mixed-Use Istanbul Housing Projects ‎


    (Demir Country)

    Apartments for sale in Istanbul are constantly being developed to augment ‎your investments. Thanks to features for your needs such as shops, cafés and ‎offices added to branded housing projects. Among the Istanbul housing ‎projects, there are mixed-life projects developed in line with your demands. ‎Determine your needs! Then, the projects you prefer for your real estate ‎investment for your commercial activities will be determined.‎

    The housing sector in Turkey will be decisive for your future ‎ as well as your ‎business activities and your standard of living. You will strengthen your ‎investment targets with luxury towers developed on both sides of Istanbul. ‎Also, with the mixed-life projects that are rapidly increasing in the most ‎important financial regions of the city.‎

    Luxury Istanbul Villas


    (Kalyon Marina Villalari)

    One of the determining factors when deciding between Apartments for sale in ‎Istanbul is the type of residence you prefer. Before purchasing a property in ‎Istanbul, firstly you must determine your needs and then choose a category. ‎You can find the opportunity to have a comfortable life with luxury villas, ‎private houses with private gardens, short-storey flats.‎

    Riveting villas will make you feel privileged with their privately designed social ‎facilities. They have become a center of attraction in Istanbul. Along with the ‎villas close to the city center, affordable and accessible luxury understanding is ‎developed with buildings that are far away from the city for home buyers. You ‎will be able to find the opportunity to expand your comfort zone.

    With ‎affordable residences known as the address of luxury among Istanbul housing ‎projects. There are villas located in the city center or rising away from the city. ‎So, you will have the opportunity to find a house that suits your budget and ‎standards.‎

    Yali Istanbul Properties


    Apartments for sale in Istanbul offer yali “waterfront mansion” which reflects ‎traditional Turkish architecture with the nostalgic and fascinating atmosphere ‎of the city. Yali-type houses have changed their line to carry the needs of ‎the modern period to the living spaces of the new generation housing buyers. ‎Yali structures are shown among the most expensive buildings in the world. ‎These structures offer unique opportunities for residential buyers. Turkish houses ‎with traditional lines among Istanbul housing projects have a great reputation ‎all over the world. Yali “waterfront mansions” which are the iconic structures of ‎Turkey surround the whole Bosphorus. These magnificent yali structures have ‎a modern style with changing trends. Yali structures which rapidly ‎gain value with the housing prices embellish the dreams of housing buyers. ‎These traditional buildings which generally have very high prices are shown ‎among the most expensive buildings in the world.‎

    Inner-City Apartments ‎


    (Taksim 360)

    Apartments for sale in Istanbul present inner-city apartments with suitable ‎prices which are the first structures that come to mind. Apartments located in ‎areas such as Beyoglu and Cihangir offer affordable apartments. Traditional ‎inner-city apartments in Turkey stand out as one of the most important details ‎that reflect the silhouette of the city.‎

    Today, inner-city apartments that are structurally augmented with urban ‎transformation activities are mostly preferred by low and middle-income ‎housing buyers. However, apartments located in the luxurious districts of ‎Istanbul are also preferred for high-income housing buyers. Apartments are ‎preferred to benefit from the rental income or to live a more modest life. The ‎garden floor or duplex apartments in the inner city are the choices for those ‎looking for comfort. If you want to feel the cozy and traditional atmosphere of ‎Istanbul, you should prefer inner-city apartments. You can add a different ‎energy to your life with this neighborhood culture and flats rising in the ‎historical streets of Istanbul.‎

    How Will You Choose The Right Property In Istanbul?‎


    (Kasr-i Ala Cengelkoy)

    Apartments for sale in Istanbul offer plenty of housing options for your living ‎standards and budget. In order to find the most suitable option, you must first ‎decide which type of Istanbul house you want to live in. You need to follow ‎these steps because housing prices in Istanbul vary greatly over short distances:‎

    1. Make your budget planning,‎
    2. ‎Determine your purpose of property purchase,‎
    3. Tell us about the Istanbul house you want to live in. Benefit from investment ‎opportunities beyond your expectations and own the home of your dreams!‎

    In the Istanbul real estate market, there are houses suitable for every budget ‎and standard. To find your ideal house in Istanbul, you must first do the correct ‎regional analysis in Istanbul.‎

    Before buying a house in Istanbul, you should make your budget planning ‎before regional analysis. Then, alternatives should be determined according to ‎your budget and living standards. Because housing prices in Istanbul vary ‎greatly by region. Properties with the same standards or with better functions ‎cause huge price changes in different regions of Istanbul. Even a street can ‎substantially change the price of properties, even though it has the same ‎criteria. However, one of the most important criteria that adds value to a ‎property in Istanbul is its proximity to transportation lines. For this reason, you ‎should definitely get a reliable and professional consultancy service.

    For you to ‎find the house that best suits your criteria and demands in Istanbul. The ‎consultancy of the Projescope team will help you and you will never feel like a ‎stranger! You will get your dreamy house in Istanbul without wasting time!‎