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    Antalya Housing Projects: Turkish Property Market

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    You can access from this page detailed information about the most advantageous Antalya housing projects, one of the most crowded cities in Turkey. Visiting this page for location, price, delivery date, payment plan and floor plans of housing projects in Antalya, which is one of the most valuable regions for Turkish Property Market, will help you make the right choice.

    For you, we have compiled the most detailed and up-to-date information about the housing projects in Antalya and the latest developments in Turkish Property Market on this page.

    Property For Sale in Antalya | 4 Seasons in Nature!


    Antalya housing projects are developing in areas that live and are in use every day of the week and will be one of the best choices in Turkish property market for your investment and life. It is possible to reach all Antalya housing projects that will bring your life to a higher quality standard with their large squares, comfortable transport facilities, social and cultural areas.

    You can find answers to all details that you may have in mind about the housing project you want to use for investment purposes or as a living area on our page or by contact us.

    New Housing Projects in Antalya!


    Antalya housing projects will offer you all the colors of life and make your life beautiful with their features that add value to your home. Projescope will give you a great advantage in reaching more detailed information or getting detailed information about Antalya housing projects while answering all your questions in mind…

    Antalya Housing Project Options


    It’s not a dream to reach one of the housing projects rising in the region with the highest rate of oxygen in Turkey and unique landscapes among the forests! Being a center of tourism due to surrounding ancient cities, having features suited to doing adventure sports as well as having Turkey’s highest trade volume, Antalya is important for Turkish property market due to housing projects.

    You can contact us for the floor plans, payment options and other details of the projects, and have one of the unique options and enjoy your house in Antalya in all seasons…

    Deluxe Antalya | Kepez-Antalya


    Residential Type :
    Company : Gorgulu Grup
    m2 : 112 – 193 M²
    Delivery Date : Ready

    Oxopia Residence | Alanya – Antalya


    Residential Type :
    Company : Oxo Construction
    m2 : 65 – 210 M²
    Delivery Date : October 2020

    Lavanda Houses | Konyaalti – Antalya


    Residential Type :
    Company : Pakstas Insaat
    m2 : 233 M² – 355 M²
    Delivery Date : Ready

    Palm City Modern | Dosemealti – Antalya


    Residential Type :
    Company : Gencer Group
    m2 : 186 M²
    Delivery Date : Ready

    Seleksan Loft | Kepez – Antalya


    Residential Type :
    Company: Seleksan Insaat
    m2 : 50 – 380 M²
    Delivery Date : July 2020

    Fenix 84 | Muratpasa – Antalya


    Residential Type :
    Company : Fenix Yapi
    m2 : 151 – 250 M²
    Delivery Date : Ready

    Tac Premium | Kepez – Antalya


    Residential Type :
    Company : Samut Insaat
    m2 : 60 – 160 M²
    Delivery Date : May 2020