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    Alya Life Residence: Central Istanbul Apartment

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    Alya Life Residence project shines like a star in Fikirtepe where urban ‎transformation activities are rapidly carried out. Alya Life Residence is ‎developed on a 3.000 m2 ‎area with 214 residences. In a single block consisting ‎of 19 floors.There are house options of 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1. Alya Life ‎Residence attracts the attention of home buyers with residence alternatives ‎‎suitable for every budget and living standard. The project is designed and ‎developed by Eksioglu Yapi A.S. ‎

    Alya Life Residence: Property Facilities

    Property Features1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1‎
    Property TypeResidence‎
    View    Sea, Islands and City Views
    Location    Fikirtepe ‎
    ‎Indoor – Outdoor Swimming Pool
    ‎Indoor Car Park
    Swimming Pool and Playgrounds for Children ‎
    ‎Sauna, Turkish Bath, Fitness Center
    Security Service ‏‎24‎‏/‏‎7‎
    ‎Sea and Islands Views

    The First and Only Awarded Project of Fikirtepe: Alya Life Residence


    Alya Life Residence has been cautiously designed to provide a privileged life for buyers and to always improve the standards. Alya Life Residence makes a ‎difference with its award in Istanbul. Sign of the City Awards (SotCA) which is ‎one of the important real estate events in Turkey. Alya Life Residence has ‎won the award in the competition in which the most prestigious and signature ‎projects of the real estate sector participated. It stands out as the first and only ‎award-winning project in Fikirtepe. Alya Life Residence is the signature project in Istanbul. It draws attention with its special ‎architectural design contributing to the quality of living in Fikirtepe.‎

    Reinterpretation of Luxury and Comfort in Fikirtepe!‎


    Alya Life Residence, you can choose from different residence options that ‎reflect your culture, personality and standards! If you want a luxurious and ‎comfortable life, Alya projects are just for you! They stand out as accessible luxury with all the ‎equipment and functions, contact us.

    What Exactly Does Accessible Luxury Mean? ‎


    Housing projects which have the concept of accessible luxury develop in ‎proportion to the availability of technological developments and international ‎norms. Factors such as global ‎developments, evolving demands, welfare level and quality of life have all ‎adapted to global changes. In Fikirtepe, the fastest transformation has ‎taken place with the developing conditions. The region has made a name for itself with its ‎privileged opportunities among urban transformation projects. Alya Life ‎Residence has been carefully designed to raise your living standards. It offers ‎affordable payment options to adapt accessible luxury to your whole life.‎

    Your Investment Will be Appreciated With Location Features


    Alya Life Residence stands out with its location which is one of the most ‎important features that increase the investment value of residential projects. ‎Alya Life Residence project rises in Fikirtepe which is appreciated by urban ‎transformation activities in Istanbul and gains value rapidly. With its central ‎location that will raise your living standards, it has a different style among other ‎housing projects. The qualified structure, useful technology and remarkable ‎design are offered to the home buyers. Alya Life Residence changes the face of ‎Fikirtepe.‎

    With its central location in Istanbul, Alya Life Residence provides comfortable ‎living space for housing buyers. Outstanding with its close distance to ‎transportation lines and central location, Alya Life Residence shines like a star in ‎Kadiköy. Kadikoy is one of the most central location of Istanbul. With its close distance to the ‎bridge and link roads, it provides an advantage for you to provide easy ‎transportation on both sides of Istanbul. Located within walking distance to ‎public vehicles, Alya Life Residence provides comfortable travel in the city ‎without using a vehicle. Alya Life which is only a few minutes’ walks away from ‎the metrobus is next to the E-5 Highway.‎

    2 minutes to Uzuncayir metrobus station
    4-5 minutes to Kadikoy-Kartal metro
    6 minutes to Seabus,‎
    ‎3 minutes to Islands
    ‎6 minutes to Besiktas Ferry Terminal
    ‎5 – 6 ‎minutes to ‏Motorway, E-5 Link Roads ve Coastal Road

    Location features that add value to residential projects in Istanbul rapidly ‎enhance the value of the Alya Life Residence project. With its special location ‎that will completely remove the transportation issue in Istanbul, Alya Life ‎Residence will be your dreamy project!

    Your Living Standards Will Improve with Alya Life Residence!‎


    Alya Life Residence offers high living standards for home buyers with its ‎demographic conditions due to its location features. In addition to different ‎types of houses suitable for your budget and living standards, the demographic ‎structure in Fikirtepe swiftly develops. Fikirtepe is rapidly gaining value with ‎its urban transformation activities. And the region is riveting with socio-economic ‎diversity and houses designed for every budget.‎

    The conditions of the socioeconomic situation are related to the ‎culture and welfare level of the population living in the region. The average is ‎rapidly increasing in the region. Data such as population, housing density, ‎welfare level, cultural and educational level indicate that the socio-economic ‎level of the people living in the region is parallel with their life satisfaction. With ‎Alya Life Residence, the transformation activities in Fikirtepe continue without ‎slowing down as living standards are increasing. The quality of life in Istanbul is ‎in balance with international norms. You want a strong investment, high ‎rental income, high welfare level and most importantly, to raise pleasure… So, Alya ‎Life Residence offers you charming opportunities in Fikirtepe! You can find ‎detailed information about alternatives beyond your expectations among ‎Istanbul housing projects…‎

    Expand Your Comfort Area with Social Facilities


    Alya Life Residence is full of privileges for your life with its social facilities. It is carefully developed to expand your comfort zone with physical activity opportunities, interior and exterior features. With having a distinctive architectural structure among Istanbul housing projects, it has a different design with its interior design and social facilities. Alya Life Residence, the award-winning housing project of Fikirtepe, offers privileges to your life with its security measures. You will live peacefully with your family and loved ones. Thanks to the closed-circuit television system and card entry system you will be secured. You will have the opportunity to do sports in your indoor and outdoor swimming pool. You can spend a pleasant time with your loved ones. You will have the opportunity to increase your life quality with facilities such as sauna, Turkish bath and spa.

    You will have parking spaces areas for 2 cars in Istanbul which will eliminate your parking problem. Alya Life Residence of which every detail has been carefully considered for you among Istanbul housing projects will be the first step for a privileged life! You can have your dreamy house without wasting your precious time with our professional consultants.

    Why You Should Purchase This Property?


    Award-winning project

    Advantageous for living and investing

    Walking distance to link roads and central locations

    Numerous social facilities

    Sea view spacious residences

    Central heating, heat share meter and built-in white goods

    Water tank, hydrophore, generator, elevator

    Building audit, investigation of ground conditions are carried out.

    • Developed in compliance with earthquake regulations.