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    Affordable Luxury in Maslak | Istanbul Properties

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    Turkey’s industry and the most advanced in the finance area of Istanbul Maslak district, with luxury plazas and affordable projects have become the center of life. Maslak, known as a life and financial center, is home to banks and corporate companies due to its proximity to the business districts in Istanbul. There are many residential and business center projects under construction and planning.

    We see that construction companies have accelerated their projects due to the rapidly depleting land stock. As Istanbul is a business and financial center, there is a wide range of means of transport to Maslak, and it is possible to reach almost every part of Istanbul. Maslak is one of the most luxurious districts of Istanbul with its affordable housing and business center projects.

    The opportunities you will benefit from while living in Maslak will make your life easier and help you save time. Apart from the conveniences it provides due to its location, it will be provides add sparkle.

    Add Value to Your Investment with Maslak Housing Projects


    Apart from its proximity to business centers, living spaces, educational institutions, Maslak offers affordable luxury, and housing projects in Maslak are running out rapidly. The real estate sector is the area where you can generate profit from your investment in the quickest way in Istanbul. Housing projects, which increased the competition between the construction companies and which have been built rapidly in recent years, contribute to Turkey’s economy and are beneficial for investors for their daily lives, which solidly attract attention.

    We see that affordable housing projects are being built throughout Turkey and that along with conversion projects, they increase the standard of living and open the door to a luxury life. A vital function among features adding extra value to properties in Turkey is transport. It’ll be possible for you to minimize the loss of time you experience at any time during the day due to high population and increasing traffic density in Turkey. Knowing the functions that add value to your investment in Maslak will remove the question marks about the trade to be made. We have compiled the features that add value to your investment in Maslak under 4 headings.

    Get Closer to Life with Its Central Location!


    Rapidly growing population, districts getting crowded due to urban transformation and growth and development of business centers in line with the improving economy have resulted in an increase in the number of affordable projects for luxury life in Istanbul. Everyone goes to sleep dreaming of having a pleasant breakfast after waking up in the morning and reaching the workplace without wasting time in traffic. But when you wake up in the morning, this dream continues to be a dream. Maslak, with its central location, has easy access not only to Maslak but to all parts of Istanbul.

    Maslak, known as the business center of Istanbul, offers the opportunity to facilitate your life while carrying the comfort it provides in terms of transportation to all areas of your life. If you work in Maslak, you can benefit from transport facilities by choosing a property from the housing projects and increase your quality of life with the security measures and spacious living spaces, which are available in all projects. With all these opportunities and evaluations, you will not have a hard time making a decision, and then you will enjoy a peaceful and comfortable life.

    Watch Green and Istanbul from Skyscrapers!


    Although you are among the skyscrapers, you have the opportunity to feel yourself in nature with the housing projects existing in Maslak. Especially in the upper areas of Maslak, you will be able to change your surroundings with a flat you will buy in the areas close to the green areas of Sariyer. In Maslak, where there is a property suitable for every preference, you have the opportunity to reach green areas in a short time on foot or by means of transportation. You can make your life luxurious with Maslak housing projects, which offer affordable options and a new breath in your life in Istanbul.

    If you think you will get tired among tall buildings in Istanbul, we can say that you are wrong. Among the advantages provided to your life of housing projects located in Maslak are the site options that will take you away from tiring crowded areas. Through the windows of tall buildings located within the sites, you will be able to greet the morning sun from your seat and watch the stars from your bed in the evening.

    Continue Your Social Life!


    The proceeds of taking the first step into a luxury life offered by affordable housing projects in Istanbul is the proximity of social life. One of the most important functions that you will look for when choosing from residential projects in Istanbul will be its proximity to social areas. Maslak has a wide range of means of transport so it’s very close to areas of social life.

    The cafes and restaurants located inside the housing estates in Maslak make social life easier. When you come home from work, you can have your meal in venues inside the housing estate and have a pleasant time with your loved ones. Apart from this, due to its proximity to Sariyer’s center, Istinye, Tarabya and the coast, your social facilities are expanding.

    Comfortable and Luxurious Life


    While Maslak provides a comfortable and luxurious life for those who will purchase a property in Istanbul, it offers high standards with affordable housing projects. Apart from their advantages and high standards, almost all residences in the Maslak region offer a spacious living space. In general, large areas that increase as you go upstairs create a spacious area with large windows.

    While the housing projects being built in Maslak, which is preferred as a living space by people on moderate or high incomes, offer a luxury life with their conveniences, they provide advantages with affordable properties and projects specific to any budget. Maslak, which is the address of comfortable life for company owners or people who want a peaceful and pleasant life, apart from white collar people, offers affordable luxury. For more detailed information, just ask our consultants.

    Feel the Comfort of Nature in Your Home: Avangart Istanbul


    Avangart Istanbul, which stands out with its horizontal architecture in Maslak among affordable housing projects in Istanbul, brings luxury life to your home. While your quality of life increases with the opportunities it offers, it is waiting for you to add a new dimension to your life with its strategic location. You will enjoy meeting your needs easily with its proximity to Shopping Centers. You will be overly enjoyed while protecting your health with its units structured for sports as well as social areas.

    Everybody’s dream is to live in a property with an advantageous location for transport. With Avangart Istanbul, built by Gul construction company, you will have easy access to Tem highway, Havaray, Underground and Bridges. As your life gets easier, you no longer have to rush.

    AS | Maslak with a Modern Design


    Among housing projects for every budget in Istanbul, offering affordable and luxury life together, AS Maslak brings together the business and city center. In addition to all the facilities offered by housing projects in Maslak, it offers you a comfortable life with restaurants at top floor, terrace flats and valet service. Apart from this, while reaching all parts of Istanbul easily, you will reach the New Airport in half an hour and you will be able to avoid wasting time in traffic.

    While it appeals to you with its exterior architecture, it has been specially designed to make you feel safe with its solid infrastructure. Measures were taken for emergencies with generator and water tank. The project, which has facilities such as sports grounds, 24-hour security measures, indoor pool, sound insulation, car park and central heating, adds value to the value of your investment and incorporates all features that will add comfort to your life. It will be convenient for you to contact us to get detailed information about the project with 118 flats.