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    2021 Kadikoy Housing Projects | 5 Remarkable Options

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    Kadikoy housing projects are becoming the center of attraction for housing buyers with ongoing and completed houses in 2021.

    If you want to buy an apartment on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, you can buy an apartment that fits your demands among the housing projects options developed in Kadikoy – Istanbul Anatolian Side.

    Projescope will offer the visuals of the sample flats, housing prices, special payment options, discounts, and more in order for you to find your ideal property.

    Examine region analysis, property index data, and return time before buying an apartment in Kadikoy.

    Or, send your contact details to real estate consultants of Projescope with the form.

    Our sales consultants will present the most ideal housing options without losing your precious time.

    5 Remarkable Kadikoy Housing Projects 


    Park Residences Cadde 



    • Residential Type    : Residence
    • Company                : Birlesik Gayrimenkul
    • m²                            : 102 – 350 m²
    • Delivery Date         : Ready

    Park Residence Cadde project which is developed only 2 minutes away from Bagdat Avenue is just for you if you want to buy a luxury flat in Kadikoy.

    The project attracts attention on the Anatolian Side with its luxurious living opportunities in addition to being close to Bagdat Avenue where is one of the most prestigious locations in Istanbul.

    Park Residence Cadde consisting of 4 blocks with 44 storeys attracts attention as one of the highest buildings in Kadikoy.

    The project which includes 341 residences offers high standard living opportunities for homebuyers in Istanbul. Ample social opportunities are offered within the scope of the project which has one of the most prestigious structures among housing projects in Istanbul Kadikoy.

    If you want to buy a luxury flat in the center of Istanbul, you can examine the Park Residence Cadde which is developed on a 44.000 sqm land area. In the project which provides special payment options, there are special offers for our valued customers.

    Send your contact information to our expert sales consultants with the form to take advantage of privileged opportunities. Check out the special residence options for your budget and take advantage of special opportunities for the flat that will add value to your life.

    The project which has the types of

    1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 provides offers a panoramic view. The Park Residence project offers a life full of privileges with the facilities it includes.

    Besides, services such as lobby and reception are offered within the scope of the Park Residence Cadde project. It also stands out with comfortable living areas such as Turkish Bath, sauna, and spa.

    Location Features | Kadikoy Housing Projects 

    The project with the view of the islands also provides a bird’s eye view.

    Park Residence Cadde which is developed in one of the most central locations in Istanbul is;

    20 kms to Sabiha Gokcen Airport,
    12 kms to the 15 July Martyrs Bridge,
    17 kms to FSM Bridge,
    15 kms to Taksim,
    15 minutes to Marmaray.

    Mesa Koz Kadikoy



    • Residential Type    : HomeOffice/Office
    • Company                : MESA Mesken Sanayii A. S.
    • m²                            : 66 – 289 m²
    • Delivery Date         : May 2021

    Mesa Koz Kadikoy housing project is developed on an area of 8279 sqm. Within the scope of the project which is planned to be delivered in May 2021, 280 flats are offered.

    The project which includes

    1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 options is located in Kozyatagi.

    Mesa Koz project gains value with its commercial units. The commercial units offered in the project with a special lighting concept offer spacious areas. Apart from high-ceiled offices, included social facilities stand out as valuable structures to enrich your investment and living conditions.

    The commercial units in the Mesa Koz project are designable. Also, the project has many facilities such as indoor and outdoor pools, a fitness center, indoor parking.

    The investigation of the ground conditions of the flats has been carried out. 24/7 security, have high-level security measures such as a closed-circuit security camera, intercom system, and smoke detector are provided.

    Location Features | Kadikoy Housing Projects 

    Developed in accordance with the seismic regulations, the project also draws attention due to its central location.

    Mesa Koz Kadikoy is developed to provide opportunities to expand the comfort area of home buyers. In addition to its transportation facilities, it gains attraction for home buyers with its proximity to the Istanbul financial center.

    Elysium Elit Kosuyolu



    • Residential Type    : Residence
    • Company                : Beyaz Insaat – Boztepe Insaat
    • m²                            : 67 – 433 m²
    • Delivery Date         : Ready

    Elysium Elit Kosuyolu project is developed on an area of 10.000 sqm on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul and has 86 flats. It is an investment and living project enriched with commercial units that are designed as 15 storeys in A block and 7 storeys in B block within the scope of the project.

    The housing project developed as 2 blocks includes many exclusive restaurants, cafés, stores, and social facilities. The project is appreciated with its open-air shopping center on an area of 6.500 sqm. The apartments are differently-sized.

    Block B which 32 pieces of flats with the types of 1 + 1 and 2 + 1, also has valuable living spaces with home office facilities. Block A which is within the scope of the project is another privileged option of 2 two-storey flats on the last two floors.

    Location Features | Kadikoy Housing Projects 

    In addition to duplex apartments with gardens and terraces, it offers many more designable housing options. The Elysium project which offers privileged opportunities to housing buyers in Istanbul has opportunities in a central location.

    The Elysium  is;

    1 minute to the metro,
    1 minute to Marmaray,
    3 minutes to the Eurasia Tunnel,
    5 minutes to the Ferry Port,
    10 minutes to the 15 July Martyrs Bridge.

    Yenitepe Kadikoy



    • Residential Type     : Apartment
    Company                 : Nuhoglu Insaat
    • m²                             : 73 – 307 m²
    • Delivery Date          : Ready

    Yenitepe Kadikoy project consists of 1100 apartments in one of the Kadikoy housing projects. The project is constructed on an area of 3000 sqm. It is a 21-storey living and investment project in Kadikoy. The project offers special payment terms.

    The apartments with which are 307 sqm and 73 sqm are included in the project which is the first planned urban development project in Turkey. Yenitepe Kadikoy is the only residential project having a LEED Gold Certificate in the district.

    The project includes flats that provide energy savings. In addition to the social facilities, both the interior and exterior architecture of the houses offer several opportunities. Indoor and outdoor pools enable you to swim for four seasons.

    Yenitepe Kadikoy is enriched with sports fields, cycle paths, children’s playgrounds, landscape areas, and many other opportunities… They will all provide privileged and private living spaces for homebuyers.

    In addition to the peace you will have with special landscape areas, it is a distinctive project enabling you to get rid of the chaos of the city.

    Location Features | Kadikoy Housing Projects 

    If you are looking for a housing project that will make you feel special in the city center along with landscape areas, you can examine this valuable urban transformation project.

    In addition to its central location, the project is close to the Medical Park, Acibadem Kadikoy Hospital, Florence Nightingale Hospital, and many other health centers.

    Located close to the educational institutions, the project is within walking distance to the stadiums, marinas, and streets of the city. The project has a privileged location, and it is;

    1 minute to metrobus station,
    3 minutes to shopping centers,
    8 minutes to 15th of July Martyrs Bridge
    8 minutes to the Eurasia Tunnel.

    Alya Life Residence


    • Residential Type : Apartment
    • Company               : Eksioglu Yapi
    • m²                            : 49 -176 m²
    • Delivery Date       : Ready

    Alya Life Residence project is one of the Kadikoy housing projects. It has a land area of 3000 sqm consists of 214 flats on 19 floors. Alya project is developed as a single block which is one of the most glamorous buildings of Fikirtepe.

    The region attracts attention with urban transformation projects. You will have a comfortable life in the most crowded part of the city thanks to the wide-windowed flats where you can watch the city view.

    You can have a privileged life with Alya Life Residence project equipped with several functions. The sea view, indoor sports area, sauna, Turkish Bath and spa center will make you please in addition to the city view.

    Alya Life Residence Kadikoy housing project is a comfortable life project in which security measures are taken 24/7.

    The project grabs the attention of housing buyers with its social facilities, apartment types, valuable location and other opportunities among Kadikoy housing projects.

    Location Features | Kadikoy Housing Projects 

    The project which is enriched with its location features is located right next to the E-5 Highway.

    It is only 2 minutes from the metrobus station,

    and 6 minutes from the Kadikoy metro station.

    Moreover, it is only 5 minutes from the sea bus, Islands, Besiktas Pier and the coastal road.

    You can find more information about Kadikoy housing projects. Just send your contact details with the form, and our expert sales consultants will contact you as soon as possible.