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    2021 Istanbul Halkali Housing Projects

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    Most up-to-date prices, payment plans and project details about Halkali housing projects here, and get free consultancy from our sales experts. You can increase your living standards while taking advantage of the special payment alternatives in 2021. And gain lifetime earnings through strong investment opportunities provided by new housing projects.

    In recent years, the number of branded housing projects is increasing to adapt to the living standards that have been developing with the changing conditions. In particular, the mega projects and urban transformation activities developed in and around the region of Halkali grab attention!

    Halkali Istanbul housing projects and strengthening your investment are the things you want the have knowledge. So, just send your contact information to our sales consultants with the form right away.

    Your professional real estate consultants will provide special offers for you! Before evaluating housing options that will add value to both your life and your capital, examine important data.

    2021 Halkali New Housing Projects


    Halkali housing projects will make you have a fast profit thanks to the options that will strengthen your investment. You can have the opportunity to make strong housing investments along with price information and delivery dates of the housing projects.

    Examine our region analysis and population data of Halkali before examining regional analysis data, housing prices, and the most current data. Take firm steps to determine the home you will buy by having strong estimates, not guessing, and by identifying alternatives that will increase your earnings.

    9 Distinguished Halkali Housing Projects

    • Selekta Yasam         (Detailed Info About The Project)
    • Adres Atakent         (Detailed Info About The Project)
    • Tema Istanbul         (Detailed Info About The Project)
    • Serenity Cadde       (Detailed Info About The Project)
    • TEM Express            (Detailed Info About The Project)
    • Bizim Mahalle         (Detailed Info About The Project)
    • Nivo Istanbul           (Detailed Info About The Project)
    • Istanbul Saraylari   (Detailed Info About The Project)
    • Quality Residence(Detailed Info About The Project)

    Selekta Yasam | Halkali Housing Projects



    • Residential Type    : Apartments
    • Company                : Guney Insaat
    • m²                            : 57 – 131 m²
    • Delivery Date         : Ready

    Istanbul Halkali housing projects present the Selekta Yasam project that attracts attention with its investment value. The project is developed on an area of 3.000 sqm. Selekta Yasam housing project is a valuable life and investment project for capital owners who want to buy a house in Halkali.

    Selekta Yasam which stands out among Halkali housing projects is a special one that stands out to add value to your life as adding value to your capital.

    You will have the opportunity to benefit from the developing regional conditions by purchasing a house from the Selekta Yasam housing project developed in Halkali. Halkali housing projects include private living spaces that will add value to your life.

    The housing project developed by Guney Insaat has apartments whose sizes ranging from 1+1 to 4+1.

    Selekta housing project is developed in the most central part of the city with its magnificent view and superior architectural design. The housing project offers a comfortable living space with its 13-storey block and courtyard at the entrance by reflecting the dynamic atmosphere of the city.

    You can raise your living standards with Halkali housing projects which gain value due to regional features among Istanbul housing projects.

    Adres Atakent Evleri | Halkali Housing Projects



    • Residential Type : Apartment
    • Company               : Maksem Insaat
    • m²                            : 110 – 184 m²
    • Delivery Date       : Ready

    Istanbul Halkali housing projects offer the Adres Atakent Evleri project which provides accessible luxury along with its functional interior and exterior architecture.

    Adres Atakent Evleri project offers comfortable living spaces with 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 apartment types. The project has become the center of attraction with its transportation facilities. If you want to buy a house in Halkali, Adres Atakent Evleri, which is a housing project you should examine, is only a few minutes away from Basin Ekspres Road and TEM Highway.

    Adres Atakent Halkali housing project attracts the attention of housing buyers with its distance to transportation vehicles.

    It provides a location where you can easily reach the Istanbul Airport, Northern Ring Motorway, and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge.

    Adres Atakent houses provide valuable living spaces for homebuyers along with their social facilities. There are wide landscaping areas, walking trails full of flowers and many other private living areas that will add charm to your life. Special areas such as the private fitness center, indoor pool, sauna and Turkish Bath have been included in the project to add value to your life.

    Serenity Cadde | Halkali Housing Projects



    • Residential Type : Apartment
    • Company               : Bakirci Yapi
    • m²                            : 95 – 152 m²
    • Delivery Date       : Ready

    Serenity Cadde project is a 12-storey residential project developed with the assurance of Bakirci Yapi. There are 6 stores / shops in this mixed-use project which opens the doors to a comfortable life for homebuyers through spacey living spaces.

    The project is in great demand as a special option for capital owners who want to invest in Istanbul real estate housing projects.

    The project offering safe living spaces thanks to smart home systems has private living units with 180 apartments. This valuable project stands out with its social facilities, central location and private living spaces.

    TEM Express Residence 116 | Halkali Housing Projects


    • Residential Type   : Residence
    • Company               : Mayra Yapi
    • m²                           : 112 – 126 m²
    • Delivery Date        : Ready

    Halkali housing projects provide TEM Express Residence 116 which is a life project that stands out with its central location. The project which has 5.187 sqm of land area, has 4.863 sqm green area.

    The transportation facilities of the Mayra TEM Express project which has 2 different apartment options are also remarkable. TEM Express project located only 2 minutes away from the metro is located at the intersection of;

    * Basin Ekspres,
    * TEM,
    * E-5 Highway
    * Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and the Northern Marmara Motorway by which you can easily reach Istanbul Airport.

    TEM Express Residence 116 project which is only 4 minutes away from Halkali- Gayrettepe metro line is located in an important area to reach the central regions of the city. The project developed close to the Halkali-Gayrettepe metro line by which you can easily reach Istanbul Airport gains attraction for housing buyers.

    The shopping malls, private hospitals, state hospitals, MASKO and ISTOC located around the TEM Express project have brought prominence. It also gains importance with its distance to big business and trade centers such as Kuyumcukent, Tekstilkent and Giyimkent.

    It attracts attention as an important housing project thanks to its modern structure and social facilities. Big families and housing buyers who want to add value to their lives or who want to live close to Basin Ekspres are interested in the project.

    You can have more detailed information about this valuable living project, which stands out among Istanbul real estate housing projects. It is developed to provide privileged and comfortable living spaces for housing buyers. In order to benefit from special payment options, send your contact details to our sales experts with the form immediately. Take the first step for your housing investment without losing time!

    Bizim Mahalle | Halkali Housing Projects



    • Residential Type   : Apartment
    • Company               : Emlak Konut GYO
    • m²                            : 127 – 189 m²
    • Delivery Date         : December 2023

    Halkali housing projects offer the Bizim Mahalle project bearing the signature of Emlak Konut GYO. This special housing project provides ample opportunities for home buyers with 569 apartments by offering special payment alternatives.

    Bizim Mahalle project which includes residential and commercial units offers privileged living opportunities. Bizim Mahalle housing project offers 107 commercial units and 596 apartments whose types ranging from 1 + 1 to 4 + 1. This valuable life project also includes 3 + 1 duplex.

    Bizim Mahalle housing project also stands out with its valuable location features. It is located at the intersection of important transportation axes such as E-5, TEM, Halkali-Gebze Railway Line. A major transformation will be experienced in the region with 107 commercial units within the project located next to the Halkali Public Garden.

    You can send your contact information to sales experts of Projescope sales experts with the form. Or, you can visit our website in order to get detailed information about the project to be completed in December 2023.

    Nivo Istanbul | Housing Projects



    • Residential Type   : Apartment
    • Company               : Cathay Group – Neba A.S.
    • m²                            : 50 – 147 m²
    • Delivery Date         : Ready

    Halkali housing projects offer Nivo Istanbul which is a special project in which you can feel the dynamic atmosphere of the city. This special life and investment project which is developed by Cathay Group and Neba A.S. takes its place among Istanbul housing projects. The project is developed on an area of 42.000 sqm with 1404 apartments.

    Modern apartments have sizes ranging from 50 to 147 sqm. The housing project is developed in the developing and changing region of Istanbul. Besides, Nivo Istanbul gains importance with its location. It is developed at the intersection of Basin Ekspres, Gunesli, E-5 Highway, and TEM Highway and the coastal road.

    The housing project will enable you to arrive at the Northern Marmara Motorway. It is also close to the projects of the 4th Metro line Gunesli which will be operated soon, metro line, metrobus and rail system. Nivo Istanbul housing project is located at the intersection of not only link roads but also transportation vehicles. It gains value with its elegant architectural structure.

    Nivo Istanbul project which gains value depending on the changing conditions in Halkali consists of 5 residential blocks.

    The blocks in the Nivo housing project have apartments and commercial units. Different living standards are offered in the exterior-facing and interior-facing apartments. Privileged living conditions are offered to housing buyers with the interior and exterior architectural features of the project. Nivo project proceeds its sustainability principles with its LEED Certificate.

    Quality Residence | Halkali Housing Projects



    • Residential Types   : Residence
    • Company                 : Ersa Grup
    • m²                             : 48 – 164 m²
    • Delivery Date          : Ready

    Halkali housing projects offer Quality Residen ce which has gained attraction with its functional residences. The project which is developed by Ersa Group offers high standards for investors.

    The 13-storey housing project offers different opportunities to housing buyers with 156 residences and 65 stores / shops. The housing project developed a land area of 5.535 sqm offers strong investment opportunities for housing buyers. The Quality Residence project which offers special payment options gains attraction due to its mixed-use areas. You can take advantage of the housing project in order to make a strong investment.

    Many social areas around the project provide opportunities to strengthen your life and investment in addition to the location features. You will have the opportunity of a life full of privileges as well as a comfortable life with universities, educational institutions, shopping centers and health centers nearby.

    Halkali Regional Analysis


    You should examine the regional analyzes before choosing the house that will strengthen your investment among Halkali housing projects. You can have a strong investment opportunity with the total population of the region, price comparison, current population data and general data of housing projects.

    You can strengthen your estimates by examining the socio-economic reports of the region. You can make a strong investment and add value to your life. You can evaluate the total population density, housing projects and activity reports of the region.

    Average Housing Prices in Halkali: Starting From ₺503,011
    The average value determined for the minimum housing prices in Halkali is ₺377,258, and the average value of the maximum housing prices is ₺628,764.

    The period of return on investment of Halkali housing projects has been determined as 13 years.

    Rent or other gains by purchasing a house means that you will regain the price of the house you have paid. The average return period in Halkali has been determined as 13 years. Halkali housing projects offer opportunities to add value to your life in addition to the depreciation period.

    How is the period of return time figured? You can calculate your depreciation period by dividing the present value of your investment by your monthly rental income.

    2021 The Change of Halkali Housing Prices


    By examining the monthly and annual sales price changes of the 2021 Halkali housing projects, you can strengthen your estimates for the return period of the house you will buy.

    1-Month Change :      3.2% Increase
    3-Year Change     :   45.5% Increase
    5-Year Change     : 111.2% Increase

    Halkali Transportation Opportunities


    If you want to buy a house among 2021 Halkali housing projects, you should consider the transportation facilities.

    Halkali housing projects provide strong investment opportunities thanks to the transportation opportunities. Both of the link roads and the number of transportation facilities will add great value to your investment.

    You can reach the most important locations of Istanbul by bus from Halkali which is a crucial region in Kucukcekmece. You can also reach important districts such as Beylikduzu by minibus.

    If you want to reach the Anatolian Side by sea, there is no direct ferry access option however, you can easily reach Bakirkoy ferry port from Halkali. Or, you can easily reach the Anatolian Side by metrobus. You can easily reach almost every part of Istanbul by metrobus.

    Besides, the historical suburban train which provides the transportation Sirkeci and Halkali will be an advantageous transportation vehicle as soon it starts to operate.

    Before buying a house, you should analyze the transportation facilities, location features, and the nearby projects developed around in detail.

    Population Figures of Halkali

    Halkali housing projects offer several opportunities for you. Before buying from one of them, you should make a regional analysis. Halkali district is in the county of Kucukcekmece in Istanbul. Buying a house in Halkali where is one of the fastest-growing districts of Istanbul equals experiencing an increase in demand day by day. Because it is one of the most valuable alternatives for your housing investment.

    Investing in Halkali where is appreciated with the housing projects developed in Atakent and Halkali Merkez Neighborhood will provide a big contribution to your life and investment!

    Kucukcekmece Population: 50.18% Male, 49.82% Female

    The neighborhoods with the highest population in Kucukcekmece are respectively;

    Atakent                                          : 98.807 people
    Halkali Merkez Neighborhood   : 80.350 people
    İnonu Neighborhood                    : 73.813 people

    2021 Atakent Halkali Housing Projects Change in Value


    Halkali Atakent housing projects have recently come to the fore as one of the most popular areas preferred by home buyers.

    Investing in housing projects in Halkali Atakent Neighborhood which is appreciated by TOKI projects will be the right instrument to strengthen your capital!

    Average house price of Atakent housing projects: ₺132,892
    Minimum price: ₺549.669 TL and maximum price: ₺916.115
    The return period of the house in Atakent is determined as 19 years.

    You can evaluate the progress of your investment by examining the rate of change in house rental prices. You can know the Halkali region by examining the rental rate of the last 5 years.

    Rental increase rate in Kucukcekmece : 94.5%
    Rental increase rate in Atakent             : 86.7%

    The total population and socio-economic structure will provide a great advantage for home buyers.

    The progress of your investment will change due to changes in annual rental prices, housing prices for sale and population growth! So, evaluating all these data while purchasing a house will be of great importance for your investment.

    Criteria such as easy access by public transport, adequacy of sports and social activity areas in the region or within the scope of the project are of great importance. Before purchasing a house, having knowledge about all these factors will provide a great privilege for your life!

    Halkali housing projects offer important investment offers for home buyers. You can have the opportunity to earn a lifetime income by evaluating alternatives among 2021 Halkali housing projects.